Zumiez Application Forms & Opportunities

From small beginnings, Zumiez has risen to become one of the premiere fashion clothing stores in today’s crowded and competitive market. Inspiration comes from every direction it seems, and the designs here are no different in showcasing the inspiration that created their brands.

If you have a finger on the pulse of fashion, your talents are in demand! Let’s find out how you can fill out a Zumiez application and what tips you’ll need to get hired and start a career.

This competitive field requires a lot of passion and knowledge, in addition to some tips and tricks that we’ll show you to maximize your chances of success.

Zumiez Products and History

Zumiez is a specialty apparel store that was founded by Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson in 1978. It has been publicly traded since 2005.

According to the company the products they sell are “offering gear and clothing for the skater, snowboarder, and surfer.” In essence, their products are focused on action-sports apparel which includes the above mentioned sports in addition to motocross.

The company is based out of Lynnwood, Washington with the current President and CEO being Richard Brooks. The original name of the company was “Above the Belt” when the store originally opened in the Seattle Northgate Mall.

Over the course of the 80’s, the company grew quickly and expanded into other malls such as the Everett Mall, the Alderwood Mall, the Tacoma Mall, and Bellevue Square.

The late eighties saw the company expanding into areas outside of the original state. This was also when the company’s corporate name changed to Zumiez. There are currently over 600 stores in the United States and Canada. The Coquitlam Centre was the first Canadian shopping center to house a Zumiez location. There is also a Zumiez location Orchard Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The layout of a typical Zumiez store is a theme of “organized chaos.” This theme is meant to match up with the common lifestyle of the teenager. The store locations are also filled with couches and video games which are meant to increase the shopping time of customers and also to encourage interaction with associates at the store.

The most common sized store is 2,900 square-feet. There is a sales floor, a couch, a television, and video games set up as well. In addition there is a changing room and a skate shop included in the floor layout of each store. In some cases the floorplan is changed slightly to account for different spacing restrictions.

The company also hosts an annual “Couch Tour” in which they travel to 12 locations with entertainment in tow. Live music performances are part of each stop, in addition to skateboarding demos, and local talent. The locations for these events are usually inside of the malls where Zumiez stores are located, and entrance to the events is free.

Another interesting aspect of these tours is how the company garners talent for the demonstrations. Specific riders are not sponsored by the company, so instead they partner with popular skaters and offer opportunities for amateur skaters to enter into competitions and contest to compete for sponsorship from a major brand.

ZumiezSince the beginning of the company’s history, they have also purchased two other companies that include Fast Forward in 2006 and Blue Tomato in 2012.

While the term “fashion” may not instantly make you think of active sportswear, Zumiez has been successful in providing various brands and types of this equipment to numerous customers.

The company always looks for opportunities to support charitable causes in the communities it serves. Common pursuits include youth centers, homeless shelters, religious organizations, and other programs. The company makes donations to these various types of charitable groups. These endeavors are facilitated by the Zumiez Foundation.

This same foundation also educates employees by encouraging them to support their own community organizations and to find opportunities to give back. The foundation was started by Tom Campion in 2005 and as of 2012 the company had donated over 180,000 items to over 180 organizations in 21 different states.

If all of this valuable information makes you want to work for the company, read on to find out how they handle the hiring process and what opportunities they have for people seeking a career in this industry.

Direct Competitors

Zumiez is unique in the fact that they sell sportswear and gear, but even these things are a form of fashion unto themselves.

Once you’ve finished applying here, move on to something Aeropostale which sells fashion for young customers that falls into the casual category of clothing.

Another great place to apply at would be Pac Sun which sells similar forms of swimwear and surfing related apparel. Companies like these tend to be hiring constantly so getting your foot in the door with either of the above places, or Hollister for example, would be simple if you apply to multiple locations.

Zumiez Application Online

Zumiez looks for people who enjoy the lifestyle that the company promotes. If you are active and knowledgeable about sports like snowboarding, skating, and the like, you will be a great fit for the company. You can find an online career portal where you can create a profile and submit applications for multiple positions.

Stopping into the store to introduce yourself is always recommended, and if you’re wearing clothing from Zumiez, most hiring managers will take notice. Prior to applying online, be sure to set aside the necessary documents and information so you can fill everything out quickly and with accuracy.

It should only take around twenty minutes to set up your profile and once you’ve filled out the information, you will be able to use that content for each of your online employment forms, so take the time you need to make sure it is perfectly accurate.

You should hear back from the store within two weeks of applying about your candidacy. Interviews are usually scheduled via telephone.

You can also call during slow hours to follow up on your application, but I would recommend only doing that once or twice at the most during a two week period. The best option is to go into the store and introduce yourself in person once you’ve applied.

Benefits When Working Here

Most jobs include a variety of benefits for new-hires and veteran employees. Zumiez is no different, so let’s explore some of the things you can expect from working here:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Sick time and Paid time off
  • Vacation pay

Your Zumiez application is more than just a ticket into a rewarding career. If you are a fan of action sports, it is your opportunity to become embedded in the industry. Knowing about this kind of fashion and gear can elevate you to great opportunities within the industry.

A career is all about finding something that you’re passionate about and seeking out a place where you can take that passion and run with it.

Companies look for people who are willing to put in the effort and the energy to wow their customers and provide a level of knowledge unknown to others within that industry.

Staying on top of the latest updates and continuing to grow within your own passion is what a job like this can offer you.

Don’t wait for another opportunity to come along, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for, so take it and run. Thanks as always for reading, and best of luck in your career.