Employment & Careers at Zaxby’s

Ah chicken, is there anything it can’t do? The phrase “it tastes like chicken” is a clear indicator that this is a versatile dish.

Clearly it is because there are countless restaurants and fast food places that serve it. If you’re looking to join the poultry cooking industry, consider a Zaxby’s application which can score you a great career.

This restaurant operates primarily in the southeastern United States and deals in all things chicken, and salads apparently (which also include chicken).

Let’s take a look at the roots, the culture, and the overall presence of this company. With this information, you’ll have everything you need to win a position and start a career.

A History & Overview of Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is a franchised chain of fast casual restaurants. They serve everything from chicken wings, to chicken fingers, to sandwiches, to salads all somehow incorporating that white meat we all love. With over 600 locations, they are mostly located in the Southeastern United States.

The first location opened in Statesboro, Georgia near the Georgia Southern University campus. It was opened by two childhood friends which is something you don’t hear about every day.

Usually it’s two complete strangers who somehow managed to run into each other. The two founders were Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley.

The food is made-to-order and includes all manner of items surrounding chicken. There are also dipping sauces available that are classified by their spiciness. They include the following:

  • Mild
  • Medium “Zax Sauce”
  • Nuclear
  • Insane

ZaxbyThe interior design of each Zaxby’s location is themed around the location where it is. Objects and signs decorate the walls around the dining area.

Locations based near colleges and universities will sometime put up items related to the local school. A location in Orlando, Florida features circus themed items.

In December of 2013 the company announced that it would start offering Coca-Cola Freestyle machines at each of their locations. This has led to a more prominent presence of the brand throughout their locations.

The first location opened in March of 1990 in Georgia as we know, and the first location outside that state was opened in September 1994 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Currently the company has a presence in fifteen states. Those states are listed below:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia

The company’s culture is centered on a vision of “guest-focused growth” which comes in several forms.

These include loyalty, talent, velocity, and expansion. Those represent the corporate visions for the company. Since each of the Zaxby’s locations are franchised, the focuses branch off from this singular concept.

The company adheres to a set of core values however that are present in every location as part of the brand:

1. Guest Focused

Zaxby’s attributes their success to being focused on their guests and their needs. Everything they do is meant to be laser-focused on the customers that come through their door.

2. Developing talent

The second major value the company pursues is growing their employees and developing the natural talents they possess. As the website states “people are our most important asset.” The goal here is to attract the best possible people and develop a diverse pool of talent.

3. Operational Excellence

Quality is a focus, but the only way to ensure such a thing is to ensure that the operations in place are being performed to the best of their possible efficiency. The idea with this value is to achieve quality through excellence in every aspect of the business.

4. Constant improvement

This final value is focused on exceeding expectations. Zaxby’s wants to meet the expectations of everyone they serve, then go beyond that to shatter those preconceived notions. This also applies to the previous three values in the sense that everything the company does should be constantly improving.


Direct Competitors

Chicken is tough to mix up, but there are plenty of companies who put forth their own iterations of the concept. Take Chick-Fil-A for example who claims that they didn’t create the chicken, just the chicken sandwich.

Bold words, but what about the offerings from other places like Burger King and McDonalds? It’s hard to tell who is best, so just apply to as many places as you’d like. Options are never a bad thing.

Zaxby’s Application Online

Zaxby’s does things a little differently. You can visit their website to help you track down a location, but since each of them are privately owned, there’s no way to apply online. While you may be rolling your eyes, do me a favor and think about the implications here.

If you can’t apply online then you get the opportunity to make a first impression and bring a couple things with you. Before anything though, you should be aware of what job opportunities are commonly available so you can have an idea of what to apply for.

The most common position (and a great entry-level option) is the crew member option. In this capacity, your role will be to participate in the day-to-day activities and tasks of the company. With this position, you won’t need to sweat if you haven’t had any previous job experience.

That being said, if you have any volunteer experience, that can count as a form of prior experience. If you have some experience, you may consider shooting for a supervisor position which could potentially offer more benefits and a higher salary.

When you prepare to stop in for your job inquiry, remember to exemplify these traits:

  • The ability to interact with a variety of people
  • Be able to follow guidelines around health and sanitation
  • For manager positions, the ability to multitask is key
  • Strong communication skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Team-oriented work ethics

The minimum age requirement for working with Zaxby’s is 16 years old. In addition to this position, you may also consider being a cook if you’re inclined to work in that kind of position.

What to Bring With You

It can make you nervous, preparing to go into a potential job to apply. That’s normal, you just need to stay confident and prepare accordingly. Dress nice, nothing that says you just came from your brother/sister’s wedding, but something business casual.

A button-down shirt and khaki pants for men, and dress pants or a skirt and blouse are great for women. Bring a pen with you, preferably black ink, to fill out any forms they may have for you. Put together a resume as well that you can submit with your forms.

You’re probably saying that you can’t put together a resume because you don’t have any previous work experience. Whether it’s Zaxby’s, or any other company in the world, all they want to know is who you are and what you can offer them.

You can put down education, talents, and volunteer experience on a resume just as you would a previous job. The simple fact that you have a resume is enough to impress a hiring manager looking for someone to fill an entry-level position.

When structuring your resume, consider the fact that Zaxby’s probably receives a lot of inquiries on a daily basis. Make sure to structure it with relevant and accurate information so that it’s easy to read and succinct.

The same applies for when you’re filling out the form. Take your time and ensure that every piece of information you provide is both accurate and up-to-date. Other than that, all you need is your positive attitude and a Zaxby’s application to start your career.