YMCA Online Employment Forms & Careers

The YMCA stands for the Young Men’s Christian Association. It is also referred to simply as “The Y.” With roots dating back to 1844, your YMCA application can give you the opportunity to enter into an incredible health and fitness organization that will offer a rewarding career

It is a worldwide organization based out of Geneva, Switzerland with over 57 million beneficiaries and 125 national associations. Today we’ll explore the history, hiring process, and potential career paths you can take.

The Organization’s Historical Roots

The YMCA was initially established as an organization to provide low-cost housing in a safe and Christian environment for women and men who came to major cities.

They painted themselves as places where young men and women could participate in recreational activities that would keep them from other temptations of the time like drinking and gambling.

Ultimately, the YMCA was founded by George Williams who was a London draper during the time of the Industrial Revolution. He and his fellow colleagues saw that there was a severe lack of activities for young men in major cities.

Their current choices were taverns and brothels, hardly any place for young men and women to be spending their time. By 1851 there were already YMCA locations in several European counties and the United States.

The period from the 1870’s to the 1930’s was a major milestone for the YMCA. During these times they promote good sportsmanship in both sports and athletic contests.

Moving into the 20th century, the organization became more nondenominational and instead promoted overall mortality and good citizenship instead of strict Christian values.


Today, the YMCA’s focus is on promoting healthy activities and exercise for their members. Over the years, the YMCA has fulfilled a number of roles including bible studies in the early years, connections with international universities, and of course athletic activities.

In the United States, the YMCA has a focus on promoting health and community service. They engage over 21 million men, women, and children across the U.S.

Here they offer after school programs, daycare, and physical fitness options. The service locations are equipped with gyms and swimming pools. Here sports like basketball and swimming competitions are held.

There’s a strong focus on offering programs to all people regardless of their age, income, or background. The company’s goal is to simply “strengthen communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.”

According to the Y-USA, there are 19,000 employees in the United States branches and over 600,000 volunteers. In total, there are 10,000 service locations in the U.S.

Next we’ll take a look at other potential opportunities you can find in this industry.

Direct Competitors

There are a number of health and fitness jobs out there for those who are interested in helping others seek out healthy habits in their lives. When you’re finished applying here, be sure to check out Planet Fitness as well.

YMCA Application Online

Since the YMCA has a strong focus on community outreach, health, and philanthropy, it’s important that you exhibit similar interests when you apply online at the careers page of the website.

Each of the locations have the typical equipment and facilities you would expect. These range from a gym, basketball court, swimming pool, and studios for yoga and Pilates classes.

The organization offers jobs for those who are as young as fifteen, but the most meaningful jobs are reserved for those who are eighteen or older. Depending on the position, there are various requirements.

Ultimately, the company most values social responsibility, wellness and and the pursuit of inspiring today’s youth. To this end, showing a priority for customer service and satisfaction is key to being considered for a position.

Following up after a few days is another way to boost your chances of being hired. While it can take between one and two weeks to hear back, or longer in certain cases, it’s important to make your enthusiasm known.

Potential Positions and Salary Options

As you pursue a career with the YMCA, you can look forward to several possible career paths:

1. Lifeguard 

The lifeguard position for the center’s pool is something that can be done on a seasonal, part-time, or full-time basis. You’ll need to have several certifications and complete training programs for things like First Aid, and CPR. Lifeguards typically start at minimum wage, with potential for a few extra dollars on their hourly salary.

2. Fitness Center Attendant

This job is synonymous with personal trainers who work alongside customers and offer advice on how to best utilize the equipment. As with the lifeguard position, you’ll need certain certifications. Most attendants will receive their hourly pay based on commissions and the number of clients they have.

Final Thoughts

Your YMCA application does more than offer a job to you. It also provides access to a growing organization with wholesome ties to each community they are a part of. This is one company you can be proud to work for.