Wet Seal Careers & Employment Forms

Clothing and fashion are all about expressing yourself. We wear specific designs or fashions because something about how it’s designed speaks to us in a profound way. We may not realize it, but that’s why fashion has become such an ingrained part of our society.

Like other fashion retailers, you can fill out a Wet Seal application to join this company and start a career selling their brands. Before you dive in though, why not find out more about them? Let’s take a look at their history, culture, and how they hire people so you can be totally prepared to take this leap.

Wet Seal’s Culture and History

Wet Seal is a company focused on innovation. They are always looking to the future of fashion so they can be on the cutting edge. Beyond this, the company is majorly focused on building a deep connection with each customer. Whether she’s looking for something fun and new, or something professional, the company wants to provide any and all options for her.wet seal storefront

This focus extends to customer service. Wet Seal employees listen, they understand, and they build trust with the customers they interact with.

The goal is to provide the customer with something more than a fashion statement. Instead, the company wants their employees to help customers find a style that leaves an impression on everyone they interact with.

Wet Seal dedicates their success to a focus on people. The culture here is that every opinion matters, and respect should be given to each and every person. The company promotes an open and honest environment where people have fun, socialize with customers, and maintain a positive attitude.

These are the values the company focuses on:

  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Drive
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Investment in others
  • Each individual is part of a Wet Seal family

Wet Seal was founded by Lorne Huycke in 1962 in the city of Newport Beach, California. Originally it was called “Lorne’s” but the idea for the current name came when Lorne was at a fashion show and commented that one of the models in a bathing suit looked like a “wet seal.”

The company’s named was changed to Wet Seal and it was incorporated as such in 1990. The company acquired 237 Contempo Casuals stores from the Neiman Marcus Group. As of 2006, the company had 428 total locations in 48 states and in Puerto Rico. By 2014 that number increased to 478 stores in total.

The company operates as a specialty retailer for apparel and accessories targeting women as their primary customers. The stores are located in malls and operate under the Wet Seal, and Blink by Wet Seal brands. The primary line of stores offer apparel and accessories for teenage girls. The Blink brand is composed of denim-based apparel for the same market.

The major difference though between Wet Seal and Blink stores, are the size. The former are usually about 4,000 square feet while the latter is only 1,600 square feet.

Wet Seal also supports educational programs via their Seal’d With Love program. Through this, the company donates money towards school newspapers, publications, fashion programs, and volunteer projects. Donations are also made to places like DIVAS Inc and other programs that are dedicated to promoting leadership and positive roles for young women.

Overall, the company’s head is in the right place if you ask me. I think it’s about time we looked at the hiring process so you can get started on those online employment forms.

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Wet Seal Application Online

Knowing the history and the culture of Wet Seal gives you an edge over the competition in a big way. The company also values diversity so they hire people from all walks of life. As long as you show a dedication for the company’s values, you’ll be highly considered.

With a focus on promoting from within, there’s a lot of potential for a career here as well. The company is always hiring too, especially during the holiday months. If you are eighteen years of age or older, then it’s time to apply. Start by heading to the careers page of the company website.

Here you will find a wealth of information about the company that can supplement what you’ve already read. There are online listings of open positions for your convenience. You can browse them, but to apply you must make an online profile first.

You’ll have the option to upload a resume as well, but make sure you give it a once over before you upload it. You don’t want to upload something with errors after all. Beyond simple spell-checking, you should also take this opportunity to tweak the resume. What I mean by that is placing the most relevant experience you have at the top.

If you’ve ever worked at a fashion retailer before, that’s a perfect example of something to put front and center on your resume. Once you’ve finished applying, you can expect about two or three weeks before you hear back from the company. They may call or email you, so be ready for either.

To increase your chances of being hired, consider dressing up in something professional and heading into the store you applied at to introduce yourself. Ask for the hiring manager and have a short conversation with them where you express your desire to work for the company, and maybe throw down a few facts you learned to impress them.

Final Thoughts

Clothing stores may be everywhere, but with a Wet Seal application, you can join a team of people who are focused on innovation and a level of customer service not typically seen in this industry. Best of luck to you in your career and don’t forget to check out our other pages for additional jobs!