Careers & Employment at Wegmans

So, I’ll admit, I’ve never been to Wegmans. My girlfriend used to live in New York and the instant I brought it up it was like I had asked her why coffee is so great. She went on and on about this magical supermarket and little did I know how accurate she was.

With some thorough research and employee interviews, I found that there are a lot of very compelling reasons to fill out a Wegmans application. In fact, an article I read about the company said that people legitimately love working there. After seeing some pictures of the place, I don’t blame them. It looks gorgeous! So here I am, talking up this family owned supermarket chain, and I haven’t even told you why you should work there. Let me fix that.

Why This is The Career For You

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the finger dexterity to list off every single reason why Wegmans is such a great place to work, but I do have the time to give you several compelling reasons. First, a rundown of the place. It’s headquartered in Gates, New York and with only 85 stores in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States, it’s quite exclusive.

WegmansIt was founded in 1916 in Rochester and Wegmans has consistently appears on the prestigious list of Fortune’s Annual 100 Best Companies to Work For since the list began in 1998. It’s been in the top 10 of said list for eight consecutive years. Even more interesting is that Food Network named it the Best Grocery Store in 2007. More accolades poured in when Consumer Reports ranked it as the best U.S. Grocery Store chain in 2012 and 2014.

Wow, that’s quite an award lineup. So what makes this store so great? Well, here are my top five reasons why this place is awesome and why you should be working here as soon as humanly possible:

  1. The place is set up like a small city

The store in Pittsford is their flagship location, but all Wegmans stores have a variety of departments and selections that not only delight customers, but give you a veritable cornucopia of places to work at under the same room. Each store has a bakery, deli, pizzeria, French patisserie, cheese shop, caterer, butcher, sushi counter, coffee shop, florist, pharmacy, take-out food, sit-down restaurant, home goods store, and of course, plenty of groceries.

  1. Fresh Subs & Sushi

I know that public has these options too, but the fact that you can get all of these things, your groceries, and a cup of coffee in the same place while also sitting down in a fancy cafe/restaurant is simply amazing. Can you imagine your lunch breaks? You’ll never run out of things to eat in a store like this!

  1. Opportunities for Florist and Cake Decorating Jobs

Since Wegmans is chock full of various types of departments, you don’t have to limit yourself to being a cashier or a shelf stocker. If you have skills around decorating cakes or arranging flowers, the company employs people with those exact skills to work in the store every day, creating custom masterpieces for the customers.

  1. You never have to say no when someone asks you for a product

The selection of actual grocery items at Wegmans is staggering. They even carry a wide variety of foreign foods and snacks. If someone comes in asking for a special type of cracker from Cambodia, odds are Wegmans has it and for a great price. Here’s a bonus item: their store brand is also better than most name brands and it’s cheaper!

  1. The company purchases produce from local farmers, and runs it’s own organic farm

Possibly one of the best reasons to work here, is to support the company’s focus on local farmers and possibly get yourself a job at the organic farm they own in upstate New York. It’s gorgeous up there, and who wouldn’t want to work on a farm?

So, are you convinced? Of course you are, I know I am. Let’s find out how to make this happen for me, I mean you, but also me because I’m convinced personally.

Direct Competitors

It’s hard to compete with something this good, but people try anyway. Besides, if you don’t live up north, you have to deal with the hand you’re given. Me personally, I would recommend applying to Publix. It doesn’t have the same level of “wow factor” that Wegmans does, but it still packs a punch in the customer service department. Safeway is another great option, a company that is just beside Wegmans in my book. Finally, apply to Whole Foods, where the atmosphere is similar and the products are 100% natural.

Wegmans Application

Right in line with their already fantastic store layout and options, the process is applying online with Wegmans is equally simple and refreshingly modern.

Despite the fact that the company started in 1916, they’ve managed to keep up with technology extremely well. By heading online to the careers page of the website, you can begin the process of searching and applying.

As you can see on the careers page, the categories of jobs include store opportunities and culinary careers.

If you’re like my girlfriend and you have a knack for cooking, this is probably more enjoyable than working at a restaurant chain. You can also search for jobs by using a map, selecting a store, then selecting a position.

You make an account online and complete the process entirely through the website. The major career opportunities are separated into three areas: store operations, culinary and hospitality, and talent management.

The reason why people enjoy working here so much is the atmosphere. Wegmans supports an air of respect and care for each of the customers and the employees. People enjoy working and shopping there which contributes to a fun and positive work environment overall.

Company Benefits

There’s a reason why Wegmans is at the top of most “best companies to work for” lists. They provide their employees both part-time and full-time with benefits that allow them to live happy and healthy lives. Here are some of them:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • dental coverage
  • pre-tax spending accounts
  • paid time off
  • disability benefits
  • life insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans

For those who are still in school, the company also offers an annual scholarship competition for help pay for tuition.

Final Thoughts

There’s very few companies out there like Wegmans. There are others, so you don’t really have to move up to the New York unless you were planning on it. If you do happen to live in that part of the United States, this is the place to shop, and the place to work.

Benefits are good, the atmosphere is positively electric, and the people who already work there love what they do. It’s truly a winning combination on all fronts.

There are numerous career paths and options for you to take advantage of in this store. You can start out as a cashier and end up being a sushi chef before you know it.

Beyond all of this, the sheer amount of opportunities laid before you are both exciting and waiting for you to take advantage of them. This is the career to be in, and the place to work for, hands down.

Head online and fill out a Wegmans application today, the time is now!