How to Ace Your Walmart Job Interview

Walmart LogoEverybody knows about Walmart. With over 11,000 locations and 2 million workers, this company is always hiring and always looking for good people.

Now that you’ve finished reading the company’s job article, it’s time to delve deeper and find out how to ace your interview.

Every company has a slightly different way of doing these things, so it’s important to know how you can make the most of your time in the spotlight.

Below, you’ll learn about some top Walmart job interview tips and questions that you will be asked. These tools will help you better understand their process and prepare yourself for the big moment.

Whether it’s a group interview, a one-on-one interview, or one of their board game structured options, you’ll be ready to go.

The Company’s Interview Methods

Walmart employs three types of job interview structures. In some cases a store manager will speak with you in a one-on-one setting, while other scenarios will have a group of people speaking with a representative from Human Resources.

The company also has a unique method called the “board game” job interview. This is a variation of the group structure where you move spaces, pick up question cards, or play out job scenarios.

In some cases, the interview will also consist of an assessment that will test your basic math and reading skills in addition to customer service questions.

Regardless of the format, your main goal in any interview will be to stand out and showcase your individual personality and talents in any way possible.

If you are placed in a group interview, remember to speak up consistently and always maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

The same advice goes for a one-on-one structure. Here is is imperative that you keep your energy up and your eye contact consistent.

Don’t allow yourself to “space out” as it were. If you find yourself running out of information for a question, trying segueing to another subject or asking the interviewer a question. This will afford you some time to collect your thoughts.

Walmart Job Interview Tips: Common Questions you Should Know

Prior to your interview, find a professional outfit to wear that includes dress pants and a collared dress shirt.

A tie is optional, and sometimes not needed if it doesn’t match the company’s dress code. Leave early and try to arrive several minutes before the scheduled time to show your punctuality. During the interview, here are some common questions you can expect to answer:

  • Why do you wish to work for Walmart?
  • What is your availability?
  • Do you have any prior experience in retail or sales?
  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • Tell me about a time when you exceeded a manager or a leader’s expectations? What did you do?
  • (The interviewer presents a scenario) How would you resolve this situation?
  • Tell me a little about yourself? What makes you unique?

With these Walmart job interview tips in mind, combined with the information in our full company article, you’ll have no problems winning a job with the company!