Careers & Employment at Walmart

You can’t go five miles in any city or town nowadays and not see a Walmart location of some kind. The massive retailer has grown, evolved, and spread like wildfire throughout the years since its inception.

With so many locations spreading across the United States and overseas, Walmart has become a household name and an unlimited resource for jobs and career opportunities.

As you seek a career that fits your interest and your needs, consider a Walmart application as one to fill out. This American multinational retail corporation is always looking for help in a variety of positions and with over eleven thousand stores in twenty seven countries, there’s no shortage of places to work.

Join us as we examine this incredibly large and successful company. We’ll dive deep into the company’s history and its goals, but more importantly we will give you inside information and valuable tips to apply and start a career with Walmart.

A History and Overview of the Company

Walmart began as nothing more than a dream within a single man’s mind. In 1945 this man, named Sam Walton, who had formerly been a JCPenney employee, purchased a branch of the Ben Franklin Stores from the Butler brothers. He wanted to start selling products at low prices to get higher-volume sales.

He called it a “crusade for the consumer”. He experienced some hardship as the purchase price and the leasing of the location were quite high for the time period.

Despite this, his concept worked wonders as he found suppliers who charged less than the ones other stores used. He took these savings of his own and passed it on to the customers that came into his store.

His sales increased forty-five percent in the first year, where he made the modern day equivalent of 1.38 million dollars. He continued this growth for another five years until he was making the equivalent of 2.48 million dollars a year by today’s standards.

When his leased expired, he was forced to move to another location when he couldn’t negotiate a renewal.

He moved locations and opened a new store that he called “Walton’s Five and Dime.” This was located in Bentonville Arkansas. In 1969 the company incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. It opened a home office and distribution center in Bentonville and is still centrally located there to this day.

Now with a massive global presence and recognition from the Fortune Global 500 as the world’s largest public corporation, Walmart is a part of global society.

It may go by different names in other parts of the world, such as Asda in the United Kingdom, Seiyu in Japan, and Best Price in India, but the company still holds to that original concept of delivering the lowest prices.

Walmart is also the owner of the Sam’s Club chains of stores in North America, in addition the company has a number of variations to their stores that offer a variety of opportunities for employment and careers. One example are Walmart Discount Stores which range in size and possess a number of various department options.

There are the massive Walmart Supercenters which are hypermarkets possessing as much as 261,000 square feet per store and offer everything from electronics, to groceries, to fast food restaurants within the store such as McDonalds, Checkers, and Subway.

Finally, there is the Market variation that focuses on a grocery store setting and aims to fill the space between discount stores and supercenters.

Walmart Application Online

The first step to apply for a job with Walmart, is to visit their careers page online. On this page alone, you can find a wealth of information about the company, its culture, and open job positions. In order to begin the process of filling out the employment form, you will need to register with an account you can use to sign-in to the company website.

Depending on the job, you may need to complete a career assessment test in addition to the online employment form. The test is composed of sixty-five questions divided into four sections.

You don’t need to study for this like it’s the SAT, but it would be a good idea to consider what’s on the test prior to taking it. Below are the four sections and what they include:

  • Section one: This first section is going to have questions about employee and customer interactions. You will be asked how to properly deal with irate customers and how to handle internal conflicts with other employees.
  • Section two: In this section, you will be presented with work-related scenarios and will be asked to rate the outcome of the scenario. Essentially, you will say if you agree or disagree with the scenarios and decisions presented to you.
  • Section three: The questions here also utilize the spectrum of agreement and disagreement. In this section, you will be asked about personal work ethic, decisions, behaviors, and moral issues.
  • Section four: This final section will ask about your experience in previous jobs. Specifically in terms of quality standards and your ability to judge the difference between the times allotted and the quality of work you can deliver within the time frame.

The entire process can be completed online, once you’ve found an open position and you wish to apply for employment If you don’t have access to the internet long enough to complete the process, you can apply in the store.

Usually the application center is located near the Customer Service desk. If you are unable to find it, someone on the staff can assist you.

To learn more, go to the Walmart interview tips page.

Direct Competitors

Although it may seem like Walmart has taken over and sat down upon a throne of its fallen competitors, there are still stores who manage to carve out their own slice of the consumer’s love.

Once you’ve applied for a position with Walmart, look into open positions with Target. When you’re finished there, check out Kmart as another place for possible employment.

Benefits and Salary

Working for Walmart brings with it a number of very attractive benefits for those who have tenure with the company.

These benefits include incentives and bonuses, along with health insurance, profit-sharing, 401(k), education, discounts and more. All associates, be they part-time or full-time, are eligible for insurance related benefits.

Worldwide, Walmart employs over 2.1 million people. Taking that impressive number into account, over 1.4 million of them are in the United States alone!

Most of these positions are going to offer full-time work between thirty and forty hours per week. There are of course some entry-level jobs available that offer part-time hours.

The average full-time hourly wage for Walmart store associates ranges between ten twelve dollars per hour.

How to Ace the Interview

The purpose of an interview is to assess you. More than just your physical appearance though, it’s an examination of you as a person. It seeks to delve beneath your outer shell and truly understand who you are, and what you can bring to the company.

To ace an interview with a Walmart hiring manager, you need to dress for the part. Get to the interview about fifteen minutes early to show your punctuality. Wear something semi-formal, you’re not going to a wedding, but maybe you’re heading to the dress rehearsal? Don’t go full on tuxedo, but a shirt and tie isn’t a bad idea either if you get my drift.

When the questions start coming fast and frantic, remember what you’ve learned in this article. Think about the purpose of Walmart and the ongoing vision to provide low prices and a wide range of selection to the customers.

Remember to be yourself and to answer honestly, that is the best approach to any interview, but especially this one.

Career opportunities at Walmart are plentiful so prepare accordingly and go into the interview with confidence. It all starts with your Walmart Application, so head over to the careers page of the company website and start your path on a successful career with this massive and ever growing company.