Careers & Employment at Walgreens

When I was growing up, I used to live near a Walgreens location. I always loved that store because I could walk up there and buy candy, toys, anything I wanted. I still can, but nowadays I drive, because I’m lazy. When I was sick, we always picked up prescriptions from their drive-thru pharmacy.

The store holds a lot of good memories for me, and to this day I will always stop into a Walgreens when I realize I don’t have a birthday card for my mom, or I’m once again sick with a sinus infection and I need to pick up a prescription. With such a wholesome history, and a great focus on quality and convenience, filling out a Walgreens application is as natural as breathing.

Company Overview & History

Walgreens started exactly how I imagined it would. It’s very rare that stores have one of those classic stories attached to them, but this is the truth, at least according to Wikipedia. Without having to read the pages and pages of history, I’ve boiled it down to the things you’ll want to know when you go in for your interview.

Walgreens started in 1901 as nothing more than a corner drug store where the streets Bowen Avenue and Cottage Grove met in Chicago, Illinois. Sic parvis magna! No, I’m not speaking in tongues, that’s Latin and it translates to “greatness from small beginnings.” I know it’s more of Francis Drake’s motto, but they should consider adopting it.

To continue our story fit for the Hallmark Channel, the store was owned by a man native to the city named Charles R. Walgreen. In just twelve years, the little old store grew to four locations and started increasing exponentially from there. In 1922, the company also introduced a malted milkshake which brought about yet more success, leading to the building of ice cream manufacturing plants. I cracked up when I read this next part.

In the 1920’s Walgreens experienced a massive surge in success. You see, alcohol was illegal at the time. How did this equivocate to success for them? Well, it turns out you could get prescriptions for whiskey back in that time period, and guess who had a pharmacy in the store? Oh yeah, big bucks. I wish I could talk to my doctor about getting a little Jack Daniels, courtesy of my insurance and Uncle Sam.

With over eight thousand stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and it’s own store brand of products entitled “Nice!”, the company is bigger and better than ever. They even sell alcohol and tobacco products now without the need for a prescription! There have also been several acquisitions throughout the years that have expanded the company’s reach. Now is a great time to seek employment with them as business is booming! The company’s transformation from a classic drug store, to a community centered health and daily living store has made Walgreens the iconic friendly neighborhood retailer.

It doesn’t feel like a convenience store, and it doesn’t feel like a place where only business is done. With friendly faces and great selection, it still feels like that classic drug store, even with the modern look and technology applied to it.

 Walgreens Application Online

With the increase in technology and the miracle that is the internet, you don’t need to draft up a hand written letter of inquiry and go visit old man Smithers at the local Walgreens with your cap in your hand and the sparkle of a dream in your eye. I mean, you could, but typically people just apply online, so we recommend doing that.

To begin, head over to the jobs page on the Walgreens website. From here, you can search through several different options:

  • Search by Category
  • Search by Location
  • Search by Groups

Or you can just use the search bar to find specific Walgreens jobs. Everything is very intuitive and easy to use. I tried to apply for a job as a District Manager for example and stopped when I realized I don’t have any of the applicable experience. One thing I did learn is that you’ll need to register before you begin the process of filling out your employment form.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. First find the job and location that works for you and click the “apply now” button. When you register, you will provide your social security number (it’s okay, they’re legit) and create a password. The online employment form is going to request personal information, contact info, references, and gives you an option to upload a resume and cover letter. Well, they may call it option, but I won’t. Upload both. Do it, do it now.

This is followed by a questionnaire that can take a little while to get through. Focus and intent are key here. Don’t let yourself get tired or lazy while doing this, because this is an important aspect of the employment form process. Feel free to take a break, dance around the room to the Rocky theme, whatever gets you pumped. Just don’t let the fire go out. Altogether, you can expect to spend anywhere from two to three hours on the application.

We recommend protein bars, sunscreen, a vinyl camping tent, and a shortwave radio since this is going to be an intense marathon. It may be longer than you expect for an application, but this allows the company to get a very detailed idea of who you are and ultimately gives you a better opportunity to shine.

Within a week, you should hear back about an interview if the employment form shapes up to the requirements of the position you’re applying for. In short, don’t apply for a District Manager position like I tried to unless you have the qualifications. You don’t get those three hours back.

Direct Competitors

Many jobs offer rewarding careers that can help you grow as a person. We all love growing our wallet as well though, so let’s make that happen by applying to Costco as well. Check out our Walmart page and see how easily you can start a career there as well. I worked at Target, and I can tell you it’s a great place to start your career as well.

Job Benefits with the Company

Coming through with a great practice, both part-time and full-time associates receive phenomenal benefits for working with the company. The hourly pay is competitive and fair, and higher positions offer annual salary options. Raises and bonuses are given out based on work performance and tenure with Walgreens. Below are just a few of the benefits you can have working with the company:

  • Profit Sharing Programs
  • Employee Stock Options
  • Personal Leave
  • Paid Vacation time
  • Medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans

Some of these benefits listed above are only available for full-time employees, but that just provides additional incentive to work hard and grow within the company. For me, Walgreens will always be that classic drug store that opened on the street corner in Chicago all the way back in 1901. When you go in to apply, be sure to bring chocolate, old man Smithers loves that stuff.

Or, you can go online and fill out the Walgreens application, starting your path on a career with a company that still manages to feel the same way it did over a hundred years ago while embracing change and technology. It’s a very tight rope they walk upon, but after shopping for a graduation card there just last week, I can safely say the store has kept the spirit intact.

A final note, I really would like to know where those famous malted milkshakes went. When you get hired and you learn the secrets of the company’s success, look me up and tell me where my milkshakes went. In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck with your Walgreens career! Thanks for reading.