Urban Outfitters Careers and Employment Opportunities

Fashion is something that comes in a wide variety of types and styles. That being said, many of the fashion retail stores out there are similar to one another. Sure, they cater to specific ages, but ultimately you can always find common ground between them. Not so with Urban Outfitters.

With a selection of very niche style fashions, you’ll find everything from hipster, to vintage styles here. It’s really a unique clothing chain in that regard. Sound interesting? It’s time to fill out an Urban Outfitters application then!

Today we’ll look at the history and brand image of the company before showing you how to apply. You’ll be selling all kinds of interesting clothing options before you know it!

The Brand Image and History of the Company

On paper, Urban Outfitters is a described as an American multinational clothing corporation. The headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are locations in the United States, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

I think it’s safe to say you probably won’t have any issues finding a location near you. There are both men’s and women’s clothing options here, in addition to footwear, beauty products, accessories, activewear and gear, and housewares.

Where Urban Outfitters differentiates itself is in the styles it offers:

  • Bohemian
  • Hipster
  • Ironically humorous
  • Kitschy
  • Retro
  • Vintage

Not since writing about Hot Topic have I seen a list of styles like that is one store. The main age group here is young adults between the ages of 18 and 28. There have also been instances in the past where they collaborate with designers and luxury brands as well.

Urban Outfitters manages five separate brands, including the store brand. They are as follows:

  • Anthropologie
  • Free People
  • Terrain

All together, there are 400 retail locations worldwide. Urban Outfitters also sells its brands to 1,400 specialty stores and department stores. Other avenues of commerce include websites, mobile apps, catalogs, and customer support centers.

As of January 2015, there are 238 Urban Outfitter stores worldwide. 179 are in the United States, 16 are in Canada, and 43 are in Europe. All of this started in 1970 when the company was founded by Richard Hayne, Scott Belair, and Grabriel Tham-Morrobel.urban outfitters store front

It was renamed to the current title and incorporated in 1976. When people describe the company, they usually words like “hipster,” “stylish,” “irreverent,” and “retro.” Some examples of how the company differentiates with its fashion are shirts with the words “Jive Turkey” printed on them or shirts that have the retro game company Atari’s logo on them.

Urban Outfitters is known for catering to the hipster culture, which draws inspiration from past decades. In house brands include the following labels:

  • Kimchi Blue
  • BDG (Bulldog)
  • Pins & Needles
  • Sparkle & Fade
  • Silence & Noise
  • Coincidence & Chance
  • Deena & Ozzy
  • Ecote
  • Staring at Stars

According to the Urban Outfitters website, the company’s success is based on how they “established an ability to understand our customers and connect with them on an emotional level is the reason for our success.”

The website goes into more detail, explaining this concept of emotional connection using their products as the medium:

“The reason for this success is that our brands… are both compelling and distinct. Each brand chooses a particular customer segment, and once chosen, sets out to create sustainable points of distinction with that segment” and that “the emphasis is on creativity. Our goal is to offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand and is persuaded to buy.”

The company’s goal is to create a shopping experience that establishes an emotional bond with their customers.

Direct Competitors

Fashion is an ever-changing field where everyone has their own opinion on how it should function. Luckily, this gives you the unique opportunity to browse from a wide variety of options in terms of your career. After you’ve applied here, check out Charlotte Russe for a similar age range. After that, try Forever 21. Finally, check out the options over at Citi Trends.

Urban Outfitters Application Online

In keeping with their unique culture and brand image, applying to Urban Outfitters has a distinct “hipster” feel to it. Once you land on the company’s career vacancies page, you’ll understand what I mean. The page layout is simple and easy to understand, with neon colored hand-drawn graphics everywhere.

When you find a position you’re interested in, you can submit your information via email by clicking the “apply to this position” link at the bottom of the job description. If you decide to apply using this method, be sure to send a cover letter and a resume to the email address.

In the cover letter you will provide a little background information about yourself, you’ll showcase what you know about the company and the brand, and you’ll present a case as to why you should be hired.

In your resume you will provide your personal contact information, in addition to your skills, your previous experience, and any references you have. Once you’ve sent these off, it’s a good idea to check out the FAQs page on the Urban Outfitters website.

Here you can find answers to many of the common questions people ask when applying for the company. For example, you can find out that applying to multiple positions is not only easy, it’s recommended!

Other key information here states that you will receive an email confirmation when your application is received. It also provides a 2-week period from which you will hear back from them. If you don’t hear back within this time frame, you should submit forms for another position that may suit you better.

You will also be notified if there is anything you need for your interview. This is on a position-by-position basis, so they will reach out and contact you if you need to bring anything or complete any assessments prior to your interview.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a chance to work in the niche world of fashion, then an Urban Outfitters application is your ticket to success! Be sure to check out our other fashion retailer pages, and best of luck to you in your career!