Careers & Employment at Toys R Us

Toy stores still get my blood flowing to this day. I play a lot of video games, and I own a significant amount of figurines and statuettes so walking into a place like Toys R Us really gets me pumped. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I do in fact have a girlfriend despite these facts about me. No, she’s not imaginary, and yes she’s human! I am aware that feeling the need to justify such things is a strong indicator that I don’t have a girlfriend. You know what? Let’s move on.

Ignore my nerdy interests for a moment, because we’re here to talk about your Toys R Us application and how to start a career with the company. I don’t care if you’re a scrawny Dungeon Master, or a Linebacker built like a freight train, everybody loves toy stores, so why not work in one of the best? Put aside your pride and let the inner child out for a second so we can remember what makes us imagine and wonder about the world around us.

A Brief History and Overview of the Company

The name Toys R Us is purposely stylized to represent the way a child would write it out. Frankly, with the keyboard here it’s hard to truly capture the handwriting that should go along with it. I would write it myself, that would do the trick with my horrible handwriting, but I’m just going to leave it in this font.

Despite the interesting approach to their logo and style, the company has found a lot more success than my childhood lemonade stand, which is good, because I barely had any sales back then. Toys R Us is a toy and juvenile-product retailer that was originally founded in 1948 and has their headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey. Currently, the company operates 872 stores in the United States, and another 715 stores internationally.

Another interesting fact about Toys R Us is that they also exclusively operate the FAO Schwarz brand and the main location in New York City. The company has a collection of e-commerce sites as well including,,, and

When the company began, it was started under the name Children’s Supermart in Washington D.C. The man who started it has the most awesome last name in existence. Charles Lazarus started this first store during the post-war baby boom era in 1948 and sold baby furniture. People started to get picky though. They were like “Charles, why don’t you sell baby toys?” and he’s all like “Okay, fine, good.” and then everyone’s saying, “Now we want toys for older children!” Charles was probably pulling out his hair at this point while screaming, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH CRIBS?!”

At least that’s how I imagined it. As the demand increased for toys, the focus changed and Toys R Us was born in Rockville, Maryland as a result. When the store reached its peak, it received the epic title of category killer. This meant that the store had become the terminator of toy stores. They were so perfect and efficient at what they did, that they pushed out other competitors and discouraged major retailers from competing with them in their market.

So, whether you live in Orlando, or Timbuktu, there’s a location near you, and they’re probably hiring. Let’s talk about how to access and fill out the Toys R Us employment application.

Toys R Us Application Online

Toys R Us employs 70,000 people around the world and seeks to improve and enrich the lives of children and families through their products and services. On the careers page of the company website, it reads “Be Part of R Future” which I felt the need to mention because that’s hilarious. The company emphasizes that employees are their greatest asset and commits themselves to developing “high performing, highly engaged, and diverse talent.

The company is seeking talent to help them further the vision and mission of Toys R Us, which is: “We will be the EASIEST place in the world to find solutions at FAIR prices for kids and babies because we are EXPERTS and understand the challenges of parenting.” The capital words are like that on the website, because those are keywords to remember when you go in for your interview. The ideal candidate will embody those three things.

Because it is a little hard to navigate to the hourly positions job search page, you can click here to be taken directly there. You’re quite welcome, now once you’re here you can use the various search fields to narrow down the job openings. Applying online will require a username and password, so be sure to pull out the old rolodex and put together your hexadecimal encrypted password which can only be cracked by the light of a full moon with the cipher you keep in the center of your rolodex.

Sorry, but it was obvious. That joke was meant to encourage you to make up a unique password and store it somewhere safe in case you forget. Once you’ve applied online, brush up on the company’s history, which I’ve conveniently placed above for you, and head on in to follow up on your Toys R Us job application. Having some prior knowledge of the company will always set you apart and make you stand out.

On a quick side note, the company also offers internships for those still in school looking to jumpstart their career. Undergraduate opportunities allow for participation in a ten-week programs with full compensation. These programs provide experience working alongside company executives in the home office at New Jersey. There are also internship opportunities at the distribution centers and select stores across the company to help candidates prepare for store management.

Direct Competitors

Remember when I said Toys R Us was a category killer? Yeah, well luckily that has faded a little, otherwise you wouldn’t have any other options. Check out our page on Walmart to apply for one of the largest companies in the world. Target has kept up with the toy industry fairly well, so be sure to apply there as well. If you’re most about those sweet, sweet video games, then check out GameStop.

Benefits and Salary Information

Besides the obvious benefits like working with toys, seeing children smile, and being in one of the most fun-filled industries, there are indeed more traditional benefits for the entry-level and salaried positions with Toys R Us. Some examples are listed below:

  • Future planning assistance
  • Health and wellness plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans with company match
  • Vacation days and sick time
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Medical and life insurance plans
  • Over 529 college savings plans.
  • Complimentary and discounted uniforms
  • In-store discounts
  • Paid training

The company provides regular promotions to hard working individuals and constantly facilitates growth both personally and in the employee’s respective careers. The best entry-level position is the cashier option. You must be at least sixteen years old to apply and have a great personality, but this starts you out at minimum wage with the potential to make as much as $11.00 per hour.

Sales Team Members work on the store floor assisting customers and answering questions. They will work in multiple positions across registers and stocking shelves. This position starts out around $8.00 per hour. When you make your way up into management you can attain a salaried position making between $20,000 and $70,000 a year based on the level of leadership and the experience you’ve had in the position.

Head online and start filling out your Toys R Us application today, and see how amazing it can be to work in a toy store.