T.J. Maxx Online Job Form

Discount department stores, despite the name, make a lot of money, and save you some money in the process. The concept is positively mind-boggling, but it has resulted in a number of stores opening throughout recent years that take the idea and run with it. T.J Maxx is one of these stores, and while they name may sound like an air force pilot or some sort of playground kingpin, neither of these things are reminiscent of the store’s origin story.

Stores like these are always huge and looking for help constantly to keep things running smoothly. Stick around, and I’ll show you why filling out a T.J. Maxx application is the smartest decision you’ll make today. This is a great company to work for now, and through your career.

Company Overview

T.J. Maxx is an American Department store chain with over 1,000 locations. The company is a major retailer of clothing in the United States and operates under the name T.K Maxx in stores throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Poland. The company is a subsidiary of TJX Companies which also owns HomeGoods and HomeSense, as well as retail chains Sierra Trading Post and Marshalls, and Winners in Canada.

The store sells men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel as well as shoes. Other departments in the store include toys, bath and beauty, accessories, and home products that range from furniture to kitchen utensils. The T.J. Maxx website provides a detailed explanation of how they run their business, and if you’re like me, you’ll like what you see.

1. “Real Designers, real savings, really”

The first entry on the T.J. Maxx page entitled “How we do it” talks about their method of selling. There are no sales, no gimmicks, and no fluff. Instead of trying to lure you in on a specific day for a specific hour, they always sell brand name and designer fashion products for 20-60% off regular department store prices.

2. “We’re Smart Shoppers, just like you”

The second entry speaks to the company’s hunt for the newest and hottest brands for the season. They spend 40 weeks per year on this endeavor to bring everything from dresses to handbags into their stores from designers that are in touch with the modern fashion. To this end, the website also speaks to their selection, and how it changes not with the seasons, but every week. Imagine as an employee how refreshing it must be to see new products come in multiple times per month.

3. “Two great ways to score, our shoppers mean the world to us”

With their 1,000 locations in addition to tjmaxx.com, the store is always open for business in one way or another. Luckily, you will be able to sleep at night while sales continue through the company’s website. Finally, the company seeks to constantly connect with its customers through multiple avenues of social networking like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Direct Competitors

This company may have an iron grip on the discount department store concept, but there others out there who seek to dethrone them. Take Ross for example, which makes a ludicrous amount of money each year despite their steep discounts. There’s also JCPenney who always seems to be holding a sale of some kind. Try applying to Costco as well, where the prices come with items in large bulk.

T.J. Maxx Application Online

The company does indeed have an online application, but the process is not completed online. When you arrive on the T.J. Maxx career page, you can search for open positions, but to apply, you will need to access the online application pdf and print it out. The application itself does not specify the minimum hiring age, but it does as the question “If you are under 18, can you provide a work permit?” Keep this in mind if you’re below the age of 18 and applying here.

Here is a quick overview of the online employment form and the individual segments that it entails:

1. Personal Data

This first section is standard affair. You will provide your name, address, and previous address along with fields like your phone number, email and a preferred name or nickname if you have one. While it may seem like a good idea to use the clan name of your guild in World of Warcraft, or your fictional character/king/warrior princess from Dungeons and Dragons as your “preferred name”, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The last portion of the personal data section asks about any prior experience you have with the company or if you know anyone who works there. You’ll be asked about how you were introduced and about proving your eligibility to work in the United States.

2. Employment Desired

This is where a little legwork is needed. I would recommend looking up the official position names on the T.J. Maxx website. Place your desired position in the proper area and set your availability and start date as open and soon as possible. Specify if you’re willing to travel and if you’re willing to relocate. Be as flexible as possible here in this section of the application. The more available you are, the more enticing you will look to the company as a potential employee. You may need to cut into your social life, but remember that this job could easily become a full career for you.

3. Experience, Education, and Skills

These next three sections are self-explanatory, but they need to be addressed regardless. For the experience section, there are plenty of slots, so put in every job you’ve had, even going back to those three weeks you worked at Old Smokey’s BBQ Pit, of which the only location was in your home town in the middle of nowhere. The more experience you have, the better it looks for you on the application.

For education, the honest truth works just fine here. When you reach Skills and Qualifications, there are a large number of checkboxes allowing you to select everything from “typing” to “Fork-Lift Operator” so be honest here, but also be confident in your skills.

Wrapping up Your Form and Turning It in

Once you’ve finished your T.J. Maxx employment form, the real fun begins. Whether you’re applying for an entry level store associate position, or the store manager, you need to bring a resume with you first and foremost, and you should dress to impress. Since this is a paper form, you’ll have to bring it to the store in person. When you’re there, ask for a manager that you can hand it to personally.

Make a good first impression, smile, and offer a good, firm handshake that doesn’t last too long or squeeze too hard. Talk about some of your knowledge of the company, and maybe add in how excited you are to work for them. This kind of first impression is hugely important when applying for a job anywhere, but especially in a retail setting like T.J. Maxx.

With your T.J. Maxx application, you have the power to start an exciting career selling new and fresh products that are constantly changing in the field of fashion and other areas of the store. This kind of opportunity isn’t always available though, so be sure to head online today and print out your employment form. Your career is waiting for you, but don’t let it pass you by. Thanks as always for reading, and best of luck to you.