Texas Roadhouse Online Employment Form

This is one of those restaurants where I feel like I’m not allowed in unless I drive a Harley Davidson motorcycle, I own no less than three leather jackets, and I have a beard that is no less than three inches long. Turns out they’re a little more open than that, they’ll let anyone in. Still, this is Texas Roadhouse.

We’re not talking about a little baby of a restaurant; we’re talking a place whose size is only matched by the state itself. Feeling a little intimidated, like you’re facing down a biker gang wielding plates of various steaks? It’s alright, I feel it too.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a rancher or a ten ton motorcycle gang leader to fill out a Texas Roadhouse application. This is a true western style family restaurant that embraces the spirit of the Wild West while also keeping the southern hospitality that Texas is known for intact in all that they do. I seriously want a steak right now, but first, let’s get you a job at this respectable and oh so enticing establishment.

Company Overview & History

Texas Roadhouse sets the table right as an American chain restaurant that specializes in steak and promotes a Western style theme. The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and operates over 400 locations in 46 states of the U.S. When I said they set the table right, I meant it, because they always leave a free bucket of peanuts at each table. I’m also told they have the best rolls, but I have yet to confirm.

The company was founded on February 17th, 1993 at the Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana which is located across the Ohio River from Louisville. The founder was Kent Taylor, a man who lived in Colorado and worked in various nightclubs and restaurants there as he chased his dream of attending a culinary school. Back then, Texas Roadhouse was just a twinkle in his eye.

Texas RoadhouseIn 1990 he returned to his hometown of Louisville and started working as a manager for Kentucky Fried Chicken. He had a new dream to open a Colorado-themed restaurant. The former Kentucky Governor John Y. Brown Jr. helped Taylor to see his dream through by giving him $80,000 to open his restaurant. In 1991, Kent Taylor opened the Buckhead Hickory Grill which would eventually become the Buckhead Mountain Grill.

Brown wanted to open another location, but complications caused the partnership to fall apart so Kent Taylor sought out a new partner and started from scratch with a new name. A year later he sold his shares in the Buckhead restaurant and opened Texas Roadhouse.

The second location opened in Gainesville, Florida and signaled the beginning of a massive expansion throughout the 1990’s. The company supports several philanthropic causes as well, such as the Habitat for Humanity International, a road cycling team, and Willie Nelson tours. In 2002 the aforementioned celebrity became the spokesperson for the chain and promoted them through a special on the Food Network.

The company is no longer affiliated with the celebrity, but they did open their first international location 2011 which was in Dubai actually. Texas Roadhouse is also a common place for couples to celebrate their anniversary, which gives me an idea, but I’ll keep that a secret in case my girlfriend reads this.

The menu at Texas Roadhouse consists of American Cuisine including steak, ribs, chicken, and seafood. The main suppliers are Tyson Foods and Smithfield Foods. The menu follows several themes around mushrooms, cheese, and barbeque. There’s a children’s menu as well that includes mac & cheese, hot dogs, and applesauce. Besides this kids menu, everything else on offer is made from scratch which is a nice touch.

The Texas Roadhouse slogan is “Legendary Food, Legendary Service.” They even have a mascot which is an armadillo named Andy. Wow, is there anything this company doesn’t do right? Free peanuts, a menu made from scratch, and an awesome Western theme? You need to work here, this place sounds great!

Direct Competitors

Restaurants and fine dining are what life is all about. Working in one can be incredibly lucrative, especially if you’re an energetic server who gets a lot of great tips for your customer service. Consider applying to Red Lobster where the seafood is always fresh from the sea. If you’re in an Italian kind of mood, Olive Garden is the place for you. If you have your heart set on the southern feel, check out our article on Cracker Barrel.

Texas Roadhouse Application Online

If you’re at least sixteen years old, and you’ve got a passion for old fashioned things like good food, and great people, head online to the Texas Roadhouse careers page. Here you will find some key information about the kinds of careers that the company offers. Even more so, you’ll also find positions to apply for, and an option to join their talent network, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Here’s a fun fact: the team members at Texas Roadhouse are known as Roadies and they are the main focus of the company. The goal of the company is to create an experience for their guests that has them bragging to their friends about the experience they had. The page describes the company as a place with a dynamic work environment, great benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

The company’s core values, something that I always recommend to keep in mind as you fill out your employment forms and when you introduce yourself to a hiring manager, are as follows:

  • Passion
  • Partnership
  • Integrity and FUN (it’s in caps on the website)
  • All with a Purpose

Simple, yet effective. You can use the search tools to find an open position, or browse them yourself. Either way, you’ll eventually reach a job description page where you can select the “Apply Now” button and begin filling out the employment form online. Most of these will first ask you to join the talent network of the company.

Why Do I Have to Join The Talent Network?

While it may seem odd that you’re forced to do this while filling out forms for a Texas Roadhouse job, it is actually there to benefit you. Joining the talent network of the company puts you in a pool of candidates that leaves you open for any and all opportunities that you may not even be aware of.

Say you apply for an hourly position, but you have some past experience. Well, the hourly position may fall through, but joining the talent network could open a scenario where your resume is selected from the network to be interviewed for a higher position as a result of your experience.

Think of it like a backup for the employment forms you’re already filling out. One thing I should mention though, there is an option to attach a resume to your talent network I.D and if you want to stand out, it is imperative that you attach something because this will allow you to stand out as more than just contact information in a sea of other names. A solid resume is your ticket to getting noticed.

Once you’ve completed the five-step online Texas Roadhouse application process, the final step is to stop into the location that you applied to and introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Dress to impress, wear a smile, and make a great first impression. With all of the information packed into this article, and your winning personality, nothing will stop you from starting a career with this company.