How to Prepare for Your Target Job Interview

Target LogoYou may not know this about me, and if you do, then you’ve read plenty of my articles. Either way, the truth here is that Target was my first job. Yep, imagine sixteen year old me waltzing into one of these stores, long before I was the successful slice of awesome you see today. It seems like an eternity ago, but I still remember vividly the process. It’s changed a bit since then, but the principles of nailing the interview haven’t wavered.

Read on as we explore some Target job interview tips that can really help you put on a great first impression for the hiring manager.

Target Job Interview Tips: Say’s and Do’s

It used to be that Target did their employment forms in store on small kiosks. I remember I filled out mine and suddenly the red phone on the desk started ringing. Next thing I knew, I was sitting across from a manager in the back room wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt. So here’s the thing, uh, don’t do that. Luckily, I was still able to get the job, which begs the question of how that was possible given my attire.

It’s all about the pitch folks, and your confidence of course. I recommend wearing something nice to the interview, maybe a khaki pants and a collared shirt. You don’t really need a suit and tie for an entry-level interview. You don’t want to overshoot the expectations too much. Believe it or not, hiring managers can consider you overqualified.

So, something nice and simple will do just fine. When you go in for the interview, always show up a few minutes early. Five to ten minutes should do just fine. During the course of the interview, maintain eye contact and never let your mind go blank. I know, easier said than done, but don’t let an awkward silence fester.

I was interviewed by two people extensively before finally being awarded the job that day. Circumstances notwithstanding, I was very grateful. Those tips will help get through the interview, but just so you’re prepared, here are some common questions you’ll encounter:

  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • What experience do you have in sales?
  • Describe a customer situation you experienced and how you solved it
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Describe your ideal version of customer service
  • When was a time you exceeded expectations, what did you do?

Remember to stay calm, cool and collected. These Target job interview tips will give you the rest of the boost you need to nail that interview and start your career.