Careers & Employment at Target

It’s hard to find a company that cares about its employees as much as it cares about the customer. As a former employee of Target, I can safely say that this is a corporation worth working for. With a strong moral code and a focus on ensuring its employees are happy and healthy, the experience goes beyond simply providing great customer service. If you’re considering one of the many Target careers available, don’t wait to submit your Target application, do it today!

Target, to me, has always been a place where I feel I can find great choices of products in a variety of different departments, and feel like I’m shopping in a safe and clean environment. The setup of the stores all has a very inviting feel, and the selection has never been a slouch. The people working there are always willing to help and provide service with a smile.

Our comprehensive overview of the company, and step by step explanations for applying and acing the interview will give you the edge you need to confidently apply and begin your career with a high level of success.

Company Overview and History

Like most modern day discount retailers, Target had humble beginnings and started as the vision of a single individual. What began all the way back in 1902 as a dry goods company started by George Draper Dayton, expanded and grew into the middle of the century. The company was originally known as Dayton’s Dry Goods, but in 1962 John F. Geisse who had spent some time developing the concept of discount retailers.

On May 1st, 1962, the Dayton Company took Geisse’s ideas and opened the first Target discount store. It was located in the suburbs of Roseville, Minnesota. The name actually came from the Dayton Company’s publicity director, Stewart K. Widdess and it was designed to be a name that would keep consumers from associating the new chain with the old department stores.

In the beginning, Target was losing money, but they stuck with it and began to expand. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that the company expanded across the United States. With a new logo, the time came in January of the year 2000 for the company to officially change its name from the Dayton-Hudson Corporation to the Target Corporation.

The company has seen changes to react with other competitors. In one instance, they were forced to close their garden centers after a stiff competition from home improvement stores overpowered them. On the other hand, they also began offering produce in their stores and expanded their grocery sections. There are also hypermarket stores known as Super Targets that almost double the square footage of regular stores and provide expanded versions of the original store’s concepts. Other concepts like CityTarget and Urban stores have been implemented, providing larger and grander expansions of the original concept.

Target differentiates itself from the competition by offering discount merchandise in a upscale and trendy setting. Without sacrificing the things that make upscale shopping fun and comfortable, Target provides modern products at competitive prices to stay in stride with the other discount retailers out there. The way they achieve this sense of upscale shopping is through a number of design choices throughout the stores.

Things such as wider aisles, and attractive presentation go a long way towards making customers feel fancy and luxurious, without raising prices accordingly. The company offers a unique culture where they call their customers “guests”, their employees “Team Members” and their managers “Executive Team Leaders”. Through this terminology, they provide a less coarse method of describing positions that most would immediately recognize.

Target stores are present across the United States, and in Canada, as well as international locations. The company is expanding and always looks to hire good natured people to provide a similar image to the one the company has. Currently, the company has stores in forty nine of the fifty states in the US. You would think the missing one would be Hawaii, but they do indeed have Target stores. It’s actually Vermont.

Another interesting aspect of the company’s culture is that stores do not sell tobacco or firearms. In the 1990’s they even limited the sale of toy guns to those that didn’t look realistic. In addition, the company has exclusive arrangements with various designers and name brands that give them an edge when it comes to selection. A final fun fact, Target is also the number one seller of company gift cards in the United States.

Target Application Online

Now that you have a detailed knowledge of the company’s culture and its roots, you can find a place on their growing team and become a part of history. To fill out a Target job application online, head to the company’s careers page. This simple and elegant page will allow you to search for locations with job openings.

The employment process begins by going through the in-depth evaluation process. Target takes special care to fully understand a person and their personality before moving forward with an interview. The process is easy to follow however, here is how it works:

  • Once you found a suitable position and location, you will begin filling out the employment form with your address, your mother’s maiden name, and your social security number.
  • Next you will utilize an e-signature program to sign agreements on the hiring terms, the drug-free statements, agree to a background check, and verify your citizenship.
  • The next step is providing contact information, previous job experience, education attained, and personal references.
  • The final step is to fill out a fifty question test that provides multiple choice questions about your personality, customer service skills, and team cohesiveness.

After you’ve done these things, you can submit your completed application. The entire process can take around an hour and a half. At any point you can stop and save your progress to continue later. You have a two day window to complete the employment form so if you do decide to take a break, remember to come back soon.

If you don’t hear anything in a week, you can call and speak to the Executive Team Leader on duty about your application status. Keep in mind, they hear this a lot, so make sure you’re pleasant, but brief so you don’t take up too much of their time.

To learn more, go to the Target interview tips page.

Direct Competitors

Target has a great culture and a positive outlook on their business. It’s never wise to place all of your eggs in one basket though, so apply to Walmart as well. When you’re finished there, check out Kmart’s employment forms, and because the best thing comes in threes, apply to Costco as well.

Potential Positions in the Company

Each Target store can have anywhere between 150 and 200 Team Members on staff. There are a number of options for positions. These are divided between the following categories: front area, food service, the sales floor, supervisory, price and presentation, logistics and asset protection. The most common positions are listed below:

  • Cashier
  • Food Service
  • Sales Floor
  • Fitting Room/Clothing Team Member
  • Backroom Team Member (Stocking/inventory)

Most positions work just before, during, or slightly after the store’s normal hours. Sometimes you will be required to work late, but breaks are always given every few hours, including fifteen minute breaks and full half hour lunch breaks.

Job Benefits

For starters, Target tends to pay more than more other retailers for a starting salary. Yearly raises are always available and reaching certain goals can provide you with special bonuses. There are a number of benefit packages on offer that include medical and dental coverage. Higher positions offer full benefits in addition to paid time off and 401(k) retirement plans.

There are plenty of opportunities for recognition, growth, and of course all employees receive a ten percent discount on all items in the store. Knowing the uplifting culture and stance of the company, in combination with these great benefits, you’re probably itching to go fill out your Target Application. Not a problem, head to the careers page and remember to answer honestly and truthfully. You’re a great person, and that’s what Target wants and needs.