How to Nail Your Subway Job Interview

subwaySubway can make a sandwich faster than any restaurant I know, and it always comes out perfect. I guess that’s why the employees there are called Sandwich Artists. Lucky for you, the hiring process here is just as fast and efficient. Now that you’ve filled out an employment form, it’s time to give you some Subway job interview tips that you can take with you.

This company moves fast, so you’ll probably hear about your interview within a couple of days at the most. by the time a week or two goes by, you’ll know if you’re hired or not. It’s very nice and refreshing honesty to have a company be so up front with you.

Interview Structure and Process

Now that you’re getting ready for the interview, it’s time to consider how Subway conducts their own. Usually it’s in a one-on-one setting with you and the interviewer. There’s no specialized room or place they go to for interviews, usually it’s an informal affair in the dining room of the restaurant or somewhere close by.

No, that doesn’t mean you can dress in shorts and a t-shirt. Show up in professional clothing, but don’t feel like you need to brush up on your tie tying skills. This is more of a khaki and button up dress shirt kind of thing. Ladies, dress pants and a blouse works or a professional skirt. You may interview with more than one person on the staff such as a store manager, then the assistant manager or vice versa.

The entire interview process can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour depending on how long the conversations last. Don’t feel bad if things get cut short or if you think you should have said more. If anything, keeping your responses to the point and concise will elevate your chances of being hired.

Common Interview Questions

Subway is looking for good people, like any other company. What matters is that you’re someone with a positive attitude and a good mindset. If you answer all the questions truthfully and keep a smile on the whole time, you’ll nail this interview. Here are some questions to expect:

  • Have you ever worked in fast food before?
  • How do you perform under pressure?
  • What would you do if you saw an employee stealing food?
  • What are your long term career goals?
  • How do you handle rude or angry customers?
  • Are you available to work on nights and weekends?

That’s really all there is to it. Just remember to dress nice, smile, and maintain eye-contact. Before you know it, these Subway job interview tips will get you on board with a job making those amazing made-to-order sandwiches in no time!