Employment & Careers at Subway

Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, all of these people were great artists. Their paintings are still cherished and adored by the world, but do you know what these great visionaries lacked? You could stare and stare at their works of art, but no matter how much you lathered them in toppings and condiments, they would never taste like anything more than canvas with paint, or pastels, or watercolor.

Now, we have achieved a method to create equal works of art, with bread as the canvas, toppings as the detail, and condiments to give it that final coat of paint. Become a sandwich artist yourself by filling out a Subway application. Unlock your potential to bring both beauty and sustenance to the world.

The people are hungry, and you shall bring them food that brings a tear to their eye as they simultaneously devour and admire your work. Your art may not last through the ages, but it will bring happiness and joy to those who consume it. The greatest stars live half as long, but burn twice as bright. Join us, as we teach you how to become a part of this elite group.

Valuable Information About the Company

Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise that sells submarine sandwiches, salads, and recently they added flatbreads to that list. We all know it’s more than that though. This is a place where you can have a vision of the perfect sandwich, and through the masterful hands of the employees, or “sandwich artists” as they are known, your vision can become a reality.

A beautiful pursuit, a noble one as well, as one of the fastest growing franchises in the world, the company has 42,252 restaurants in 107 countries as of this year. It is the largest single-brand chain and the largest operator of restaurants in the world. The international company headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut. There are also regional offices located in various areas around the United States and overseas.

Now we know where they are, but how did they possibly get there? Would you believe me if I said it all started with a thousand dollars, and a dream? Would you believe me if I told you I did my research and it’s true? The year was 1965. Fred DeLuca, who may or may not have been part of the mafia (he wasn’t), borrowed a thousand smackaroos from his friend, Peter Buck, to open “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

It’s no wonder they changed the name to Subway, why would I want to go to a place that makes underwater vessels for the military? In the next year, they formed “Doctor’s Associates Inc.” to handle the franchises as the company expanded. The name was purely derived from the fact that DeLuca wanted to pay for medical school, and Buck had a doctorate in physics. The association was never actually meant to be affiliated with any medical organizations.

In 1968, they changed the name to Subway. The company expanded to the West coast in 1978 with a store opening in Fresno, California. In 1984, the company opened its first international location in Bahrain. Starting in 2004, locations began opening inside of Walmart stores as well.

Now, Subway locations are everywhere, and they continue to innovate the submarine sandwich, or sub as it is more commonly called. The chain offers various types and templates for their sandwiches, all of which can be customized with the customer’s choice of bread, toppings, and condiments. The sandwich artists worked tireless to create the sandwich as the customer describes it to them.

Together, the artists and the customer take a journey across the store, watching as their sandwich comes together, culminating in a final transaction that forever sends that sandwich into the world. Below are just some of the options one can find on the menu:

  • Italian B.M.T.
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Subway Club
  • Tuna
  • Meatball Marinara
  • Subway Melt
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Steak & Cheese
  • Veggie Delite

In addition to these, there are other types of sandwiches that grace the menu; they are the ones that customers can create themselves. The tools are all there, it’s just a matter of putting the brush to the canvas, or the knife to the bread as it were.

Subway Application Online

To begin this journey into greatness, you must first be sixteen years of age or older. Once you’ve occupied your mortal coil for this long, you possess the wisdom and the skills to become a sandwich artist. There are two ways to apply. The first is to apply online at the careers page of the company website. There is also a Subway Employment form PDF version that you can download and print out to submit in person at a location.

As always, whether filling it out online or by hand, be certain that all information you provide is current and accurate. As an entry-level sandwich artist with Subway, you won’t need any prior experience, but having a high school diploma or GED is recommended. You will also need to possess the ability to stand for the duration of your shift, and lift up to thirty pounds. Time to hit the gym, I suppose.

The other half of the job involves speaking directly with the customers, so practice your best smile and be prepared to chat as you make the sandwich for them. If you’re the next Marc Chagall, and you have some experience, or maybe a college degree, then you can apply for Subway manager role. In this capacity, you should be able to interact naturally with co-workers, vendors, higher ups, and customers on a daily basis.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or a new member to this world, submit your Subway employment application online or in person and introduce yourself as a future sandwich artist. Passion, excitement, and fervor will give you an edge over the competition.

To learn more, go to the Subway interview tips page.

Direct Competitors

Subs are a beautiful thing, but an artist should spread their wings and see who else may wish to receive their talents. Apply to McDonalds to craft burgers, salads, and more. If you love your bacon, and who doesn’t honestly, apply to Wendy’s. If you’re feeling spicy, check out Taco Bell and unleash your inner fiesta.

Benefits and Salary

Subway is unique in that each location is individually owned and operated by a franchisee. Because of this, individual hiring specifications and pay varies from place to place. When working part-time, sandwich artists can start out at minimum wage, but the average is closer to $8.00 an hour.

As a manager, you can start out with hourly pay between $10.00 and $11.00 an hour. Becoming a store manager however will unlock a salary for you that can range between $30,000 and $35,000 a year. These fair wages come with several benefits for working with Subway as well. For starters, employees will have flexible schedules, and paid training. With tenure and advancement through the ranks, Subway offers medical, dental, vision, and life insurance options. Salaried positions will also carry a 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, meal discounts, and credit union memberships. These benefits represent great incentive to stay with the company long term and build a career for yourself.

The greatest companies of this world provide benefits like these to their employees, rewarding them for continued service and growth within the company. Subway continues to grow, and with your talents, it can become that much better at creating beautiful works of art that also serve to feed their customers.

Fill out your Subway application today, and join a team of artists simply looking to feed the world, and look good while doing it.