Six Flags Careers and Online Employment Forms

The Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, otherwise known as Six Flags, is the largest amusement park corporation in the world based on it’s number of locations. It ranks fifth in terms of attendance as well. With a Six Flags application, you can join this massive movement.

Today we’ll look at the history of Six Flags, followed by their hiring processes and what you can expect in terms of pay and benefits while working here.

The Company’s History and Culture

In total, there are eighteen Six Flags locations throughout North America. In 2009, the company has over 23.9 million guests throughout the year.

The company was founded in in Texas and took the name from their first location which was called Six Flags Over Texas. This location represents the flags of the six nations who once governed Texas throughout history.

There is a corporate office in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The headquarters is located in Grand Prairie, Texas. The original park was built with the six governing countries in mind and to this day the park is still organized as such.

The chain began in 1959 when The Great Southwest Corporation was formed by Angus G. Wynne and other investors. The construction began in 1960 when the park was named “Six Flags Over Texas.

The original design has a Native American village, a gondola ride, a railroad, and some shows with a Wild West theme. There was also a pirate-themed attraction called “Skull Island.”

Besides the railroad, the other attractions were replaced as time went on. Roller coasters, swing rides, log flumes, and other rides replaced these original attractions.

In 1984, after much growth, the company acquired the rights to use Warner Bros.’ Looney Toons character in their properties. Over time, Time Warner bought more and more stock in the company. In 1993 they changed the name to Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.six-flags-storefront

In 1998, Six Flags was purchased from Time Warner by the Premier Parks company for $1.86 billion. Once the purchase was complete, Premier started rebranding some of their current parks with the Six Flags brand.

Fast-forward to 2010 and the company managed to come back from bankruptcy. Thus far, 2016 has been very good to Six Flags. In January the company confirmed that  they have a spot in China picked out for a new location.

In February, the company also acquired Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec. It used to be a water park that went bankrupt in 2011. It spans across 76 acres in total.

In March of 2016, the company also announced a partnership with NaVI entertainment to build both a Six Flags amusement and water park in Vietnam. Furthermore, the company announced that the previously cancelled Dubai location is now moving forward to be opened in 2019.

The company’s culture focuses on making it fun to work for them. They want you to enjoy coming to work each day. Six Flags offers a fast-paced environment for you to work in and looks for people who have a friendly and engaging personality.

You’ll get to work with a diverse range of people, and with a wide range of customers as people come to Six Flags from all around the world. Now that you’re familiar with the company’s history and culture, let’s talk about how you can start a career here.

Direct Competitors

There are plenty of opportunities in amusement park jobs for you to choose from. Once you’re finished here, be sure to check out other possibilities like Disney World or Universal Studios.

Six Flags Application Online

Six Flags brings in over 25 million guests each and every year. There are job opportunities in food stands, game areas, ticket booths, rides, and more.

When working here, you’ll be interacting with guests on a daily basis. Many entry-level positions offer a quick and simple way to start a career. You can start by heading over to the career page.

There are also opportunities for more specialized jobs if you have credentials for them. Options like engineering and maintenance are two examples. Seasonal positions are also available during the summer months.

You’ll need to be at least eighteen years of age to apply for a position here. Wages range from minimum options, to $10.00 per hour depending on where you are working and what level your position is in the park’s corporate ladder.

Benefits Information

Since most workers are in a seasonal position, standard benefits are few and far between. That being said, there are full-time workers who qualify for health insurance and stock options.

Workers in general also receive discounts up to 35% off by working in the park. With the prices of tickets these days, I’d say that alone is a great benefit.

Final Thoughts

A Six Flags application opens the doors to a wonderful career or simply a great summer job. Either way, working in an amusement park is a unique opportunity where you can have fun while you work.