Careers & Employment with ShopRite

Is there truly a way to shop right? Hard to say, I always seem to get mixed up somewhere between the aisle with the chips, and the one with the frozen pizzas and next thing I know my grocery bill is through the roof and I’m left wondering how I’m going to pay for it. Unfortunately, there aren’t any ShopRite locations where I live; otherwise I could probably save some serious dough.

These stores may not be everywhere, but if you have one close to you, stick around and learn about the ShopRite application process. Who knows, you may also learn how to shop right in the process. Okay, I’m not using that joke again, I promise. As with all of the top quality articles on here, this meaty pack of knowledge will give you an overview of the company, a walkthrough of their hiring process, and maybe a few bonus sections. You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

Company History & Overview

ShopRite Supermarkets is a retailers’ cooperative chain of supermarkets in the northeastern United States. There are locations in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The company is based out of Keasbey, New Jersey and consists of 48 individually owned-and-operated affiliates with 296 stores under the corporate and distribution arm called Wakefern Food Corporation.

In 2011, ShopRite became the largest seller of food in Greater Philadelphia, which pushed the long standing Acme Markets to second place and dethroned them from the top spot. The company began in 1946 when a Del Monte Foods representative talked to independent grocers in Newark, New Jersey. These guys were having some problems finding decent prices for wholesale goods.

The mysterious and enigmatic Del Monte representative suggested the grocers try their hand at cooperative buying. Seven of them agreed, and I can only assume there were ten total. They each put in 1,000 and formed Wakefern Food which was incorporated on December 5, 1946. For a while, they each advertised under their own names, but then they realized that they should be bragging as a more cohesive whole about their sales price. That was when the name ShopRite came into use.

While it’s not completely pertinent information, the company has had a lot of slogans over the years. If you meet someone that’s been working there for several years, throw one of these classics their way. Don’t use the oldest ones though unless you want to insinuate that they’re old.

Here are the slogans that have been used by ShopRite over the years:

  • Why Pay More? Shop at a ShopRite store!
  • Hey, Mom, what’s for dinner? ShopRite has the answer! (1970s – 1980s)
  • ShopRite Does It Right (1980s-1994)
  • ShopRite does the Can-Can, Selling lots of brands
  • We Save You (more) Money! ShopRite Does it Right!
  • ShopRite and Always Save (1994–96; alternate until 1999)
  • What’s for Dinner? ShopRite Has the Answer! (1996–99; is still used, even with the current logo, on sale tags for Meats, Seafood, Delicatessen, etc.)
  • Always Fresh…Always for Less! (1999–2009)
  • One Place. Your Place. (2008–2012)
  • It Makes a Difference Where You Shop (2012)
  • We’re All About Food. We’re All About Savings. We’re All About You. (2012–present)

The company serves over five million customers each week nowadays, but they still have their roots in the simple things. The various retailers under the name ShopRite have their own standards, but many of them have been run by generations of the same family. I’ve always appreciated the homegrown Mom and Pop stores that seem to be less and less prevalent these days.

The ShopRite website states that “We are Partners in Caring for our neighbors’ families, homes, and communities.” They declare that associates working with the company are the most important part of the business because they work with customers and vendors every day. They are absolutely right, and the sad part is that most companies fail to truly exemplify the importance of their employees.

ShopRite has some interesting services that make it stand out from other stores. For one, the company offers an online catalog where customers can browse the selection and place orders for pick-up in the store, or delivery straight to them. Hand delivered groceries you say? Now that’s awesome.

There is also a free digital receipt program where customers can track their savings, set budgets, and avoid all the nasty paper. Printable coupons and online rewards can also be found on the website. Finally they have a “Meal Ideas” section of the website where you can find recipes.

ShopRite also does a lot for the communities that it serves, beyond feeding them. The company’s Partners in Caring initiative works with more than 700 food industry manufactures to provide two million dollars to qualified charities in their community and the region. The program began in 1999 and has since donated over $15 million to 1,400 different charities.

ShopRite loves its employees, and loves the communities it serves. What more could you ask for? Oh, a job? Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Alright, let’s see what we can do about that.

ShopRite Application Online

Everyone from a battle hardened warrior, to a starry eyed youngster can apply for a job at ShopRite. What I mean by that is you can apply as young as sixteen and as old as you like. Start by heading to the jobs section of the ShopRite Website. You can select from the states that have store locations and more specifically by city, or you can enter your zip code. Once you’ve narrowed the search down to a single store, you select from open positions to apply. The process is divided into several sections:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Resume
  • Personal Information
  • Disclosures
  • Pre-Employment Questions
  • Application Information
  • EEO Questions
  • Review Your Application

Set aside some time to finish all the fields in one sitting if you can. It’s better to get it all knocked out so you don’t leave and forget to come back. Yeah, yeah, I know you won’t, but let’s be honest here: you will. If you absolutely have to leave and come back, there’s a sign-in you can use in the top right corner to pick up where you left off when you come back.

Direct Competitors

Nothing like a good old Mom and Pop grocery store that loves its employees as much as it loves the money it makes. When applying to ShopRite, be sure to check out our article on Publix, which is an equally rewarding place to work. Apply for a position with H-E-B, another successful chain who rose from small beginnings. Finally, become king or queen of the jungle by applying to Food Lion.

Salary and Benefits with The Company

ShopRite is constantly hiring for entry-level employment positions like cashiers and clerks. Salary is based on the location of the store and how much experience you have in your given field of work. At the entry-level, employees enjoy paid training and career development options that can raise their pay level. Raises are also awarded as employees gain tenure with the company.  As a clerk with the company, you can earn between $8.00 and $11.00 an hour. The position of meat wrapper, which doesn’t require a lot of experience, earns $10.00 an hour based on the average.

Managers earn between $45,000 and $60,000 annually, but can also receive bonuses for store performance, overtime, and customer satisfaction ratings. Full-time employees who work forty hours a week or more are qualified for benefits packages. The parent company, Wakefern Food Corporation provides some benefits to part-time employees as well. In order to qualify for either set of benefits, the employee must first pass a ninety day probationary period.

These job benefits include health care coverage, paid-time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and insurance options. All employees also enjoy discounts on products and services throughout all of the store locations.

It is time my friends. Head online to the job page of the website and begin filling out your ShopRite Application. You know it’s the right thing to do, see I found a way to use that joke again. Best of luck in your career.