Shopko Careers & Online Employment Forms

Working for a company like Shopko is something I think everyone should strive for. A lot of companies get tied up in various policies and confusing tactics, but this company takes a very simple and effective approach to doing business. That’s probably why they’ve been so successful.

Today we’re going to look at the company’s history and how they do business before going into detail on how you can apply and start a career. Ready to get started?

The Company’s History and Culture

Until May of 2007, the company spelled their name with a capital “K” so it looked like ShopKo, but this was changed to a standard spelling. This company is a chain of retail stores based out of Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1962 by James Ruben who opened the first store in Green Bay.

Between 1991 and 2005, the company was publicly held under the New York Stock Exchange ticker SKO. In December of 2005, though, the company was purchased by Sun Capital Partners and became privately owned again.

Shopko purchased Pamida in 1999 which is a regional chain of discount stores that focus on smaller communities with a population between 3,000 and 8,000 people. In 2012 the two companies merged and Pamida stores were rebranded as Shopko Hometown.shopko-storefront

This entire dream started when James Ruben moved to Green Bay after previously working as a pharmacist in Chicago. The first location he started was on 216 S. Military Avenue and it opened in 1962. He wanted to create a large retail store that also offered health care services.

Part of this innovation shined through in Shopko being one of the first retail stores to offer a pharmacy and an eye care center as well. By 1969 the company crossed state lines and opened its first store in Michigan on Washington Street.

By 1977, the company has twenty-one locations and was bringing in as much as $100 million sales annually. Fast forward to 1988, and Shopko has 87 stores and $1 billion in sales! Today there are over 300 stores in twenty different states.

Shopko locations are usually found in small to mid-sized communities. In most cases you’ll find these stores in shopping malls, strip malls, and power centers. There are also freestanding locations.

The company also partners with Bellin Health and other hospitals to offer FastCare walk-in clinics within Shopko locations. That in and of itself is a unique quality for any store chain to have.

While there have been numerous slogans over the years, the current one that was introduced in 2015 is “The Stuff that Counts.”  On the company website it talks about how the company doesn’t perceive itself as a big box store, but instead as a better box.

The stores are designed to be simple and clean. Products are chosen by trusted brands and are priced fairly. This clean and simple approach makes shopping and working here a pleasure.

Direct Competitors

While there aren’t many stores that can boast a walk-in clinic, there are other places you can apply to when you’re finished here. After applying with Shopko, head on over to our Fred Meyer page. From there, give the Nordstrom page a visit. Finally, be sure to check out our information on Five Below.

Shopko Application Online

In total, Shopko has over 17,000 employees across its 300 stores. You’ll need to be at least sixteen to apply for a job here, but once you’ve hit that age, you’re good to go! Much like other stores in this category, the company typically hired people for day-to-day tasks like assisting customers and running the business.

Each store also has a large team of managers who work to hire and train new associates. They also handle customer situations, scheduling, an other major corporate initiatives.

Since there are multiple departments in each location, there are plenty of entry-level options for those who want to acquire experience. To start the simple and easy process of applying online, head over to the careers page on the company website.

Here you’ll be able to browse and apply for open positions. If you’re not sure what you want to do just yet, you can also simply submit your resume and have it considered for any position the hiring manager believes your skills fit into.

As always, make sure you fill out the forms with as much detail and accuracy as possible. One mistake can spell doom for your chances of being hired. During the process, you can expect to complete assessments and fill out various requests for information.

Once you’ve finished applying, keep in mind that it can take up to four weeks for someone to contact you. This company receives a lot of inquiries so they are often backed up with forms to review.

Final Thoughts

Your Shopko application is the only ticket you’ll need to start a fun and rewarding career. Remember to stay positive and don’t be afraid to visit the store and check on the status of your forms in person. Best of luck!