Shaw’s Employment Forms and Careers

Shaw’s and Star Market are both grocery store chains based in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In total, the company employs around 30,000 people across 154 stores. Most of the locations operate under the Shaw’s banner, but 22 stores in Massachusetts.

If you live in this area, you owe it to yourself to fill out the Shaw’s application so you can start working with this amazing company. Today well cover the company’s history, followed by their hiring process so you can have an edge over the competition!

The Company’s History and Culture

Shaw’s and Star Market are both owned by the same company which is Albertsons. The company has 154 stores in total with 132 of them operating in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The Star Market chain of stores, which was purchased in 1999, is a companion chain with 22 stores in Massachusetts.

As of 2011, Shaw’s is the only supermarket chain with stores in five of the six New England states. The company is owned by Albertsons which is based out of Boise, Idaho. This company’s story began in 1860 when George C. Shaw opened a tea shop in Portland, Maine.

Maynard A. Davis simultaneously made a group of small downtown grocery stroes in Brockton and New Bedford, Massachusetts called the Brockton Public Market (BPM). In 1919 Davis bought out the George C. Shaw Company and made it a subsidiary of BPM. shaws-store-front

The company continued to grow until it became apparent that a central warehouse was needed to support the two companies. In 1961 they purchased a warehouse in Brockton. The company began expanding upward in 1965 toward New Hampshire.

Distribution centers were opened, followed by an additional warehouse in Wells, Maine. In 1978 the BPM stores became Shaw’s Supermarkets to maximize the advertising. It was also the first step towards merging the two companies.

Shaw’s was sold to Albertsons for $2.48 billion in 2004. The company has long had a goal of following through with their social responsibility and sustainability. The company supports the communities it works in, but they also want to affect the world in a positive way.

As the website states: “it’s about making responsible choices and decisions, and offering what our customers want. It’s a simple philosophy and it works.” These are the company’s respectable sustainability goals:

  • Build a “green” culture with our associates through education, communication, and engagement.
  • Provide “green” products and services to our customers that support them in meeting their personal environmental goals.

In 2007, the company began looking at the waste that came from their stores. This led to a series of events that turned the company’s focus on waste reduction. Since 2007, the recycling income has exceeded the company’s garbage hauling expenses.

By changing the mindset in the store leadership, the company has managed to take 90% of the daily waste from the store and reuse, recycle, or donate it to food banks. To further drive down the waste production (with the ultimate goal being zero waste), the company has removed non-recyclable materials from their packaging.

Shaw’s also invests in energy and water conservation efforts through finding solutions that can be applied across the company. Low-wattage and LED lighting is one such example. On top of this, the company is even supporting a commitment to sustainable seafood.

Shaw’s only purchases seafood from sustainable fisheries or ones that are on track to be as such. Finally, the company is also looking into reusable bags that come in a variety of design options and are made from recycled materials.

Direct Competitors

Supermarkets are all over the United States. Once you’re finished here, check out Piggly Wiggly for one of the first supermarket chains. Once you’re finished there, the next step is look into Stop and Shop. Finally, we suggest you give Wegmans a try.

Shaw’s Application Online

A store like Shaw’s is always going to be busy, that’s just a fact. In order to keep up with business, they need to hire new people in entry-level positions. There are no requirements for these positions here, save for the age limit of sixteen or older.

If you have previous experience in a grocery store, then you’ll be glad to know Shaw’s likes to hire people in supervisory positions provided you have experience, a high school diploma, and you are eighteen-years-old.

To apply online, simply head to the Shaw’s employment page. Here you can click the “apply now” button to be taken to the proper job search area. You’ll need to create a profile and sign in to apply for positions, but the tools here will help you find the best options in your location.

Once you’ve applied, be sure to stop into the store and introduce yourself. This shows determination and a desire to get the job that most people won’t show. With this kind of initiative, you’re sure to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Final Thoughts

With your Shaw’s application, you can join a company that is on the forefront of building a grocery store that is both respectful to the environment and provides a sustainable approach as well.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you in your career at Shaw’s!