Sears Online Employment Form

Is it just me, or does it seem like Sears has been around since the beginning of time? There was the sun, the Earth, and then there was Sears. The chicken, the egg, all that stuff came later. Turns out I wasn’t entirely wrong, since the company started in the late 1800’s.

What? Anything before 1901 is the dawn of time in my opinion. All kidding aside, Sears has proven to be one of the most long lasting businesses in recent memory. Job security is the name of the game, so fill out a Sears application to join this immortal company. Where other stores are closing, consolidating, or just disappearing, something we call “pulling a Blockbuster”, Sears stands tall as a company that has evolved and persevered over the years.

You may have been to Sears plenty of times over your life, or you may be looking at me like an old man ranting about the golden oldies. Either way, we’ll teach you everything there is to know about the company and how to get yourself hired with them.

A Company Overview and History

In the beginning, there was darkness. Sears began as a mail order catalog started by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893. In 1925, it became an American multinational department store chain, and began opening department stores and business grew exponentially during the 50’s and 60’s. In 1973, they opened a new headquarters in the Sears Tower.

This baby was a 108 story 1,451 foot tall skyscraper. A monument to the success of the company thus far, and at the time, it was the tallest building in the world. You know how these things go though, it was beat in 1998. Sears was the number one retailer in America for some time.

It wasn’t until October 1989 that the company was surpassed by Walmart in revenue. The year 2005 marked an interesting turn of events, as the company was purchased by Kmart and the corporation was renamed Sears Holdings. In 2012, the company still remained the fourth largest U.S department store in sales and the twelfth largest retailer in the United States.

Not bad, considering how long it’s been around. What is that, three, or four billion years? Okay, I’ll stop with the time jokes. So what is this company all about? What do they sell? I don’t know, stuff I guess? Don’t worry, I did my research, you can just relax and read along.

The company is a broad line retailer that provides both merchandise and services to their consumers. The stores offer home merchandise, apparel, and automotive products. There are over 2,700 Sears stores and affiliated locations in the United States and Canada.

The company also offers a wide selection of merchandise through their website, and specialty catalogs. Brands such as Kenmore, Craftsman, DieHard and Lands’ End are all offered through Sears. In terms of services, the company also offers automotive repair and maintenance and service calls for their appliances. There are over eleven million service calls made annually.

With so many options in terms of merchandise and services, working for Sears will offer you a multitude of choices in terms of positions, and broaden your horizons. Now that you know a brief history of the universe, and Sears, we can dive into the things that will get you hired.

 Sears Application Online

First of all, you can be 16 and apply for a position with the company, but for anything supervisory, 18 is the minimum. There are two ways to submit your employment form through Sears. The easiest way is to apply at the company’s career portal. You can also throw on your best job interview clothes and head into the store to submit your resume in person. If you go the online route, you need to create a profile and register before filling out the application.

When you’re filling it out, be in a Zen mood. Don’t try and do this with rock music blasting or Jay-Z telling you that you’re forever young. Focus, separate yourself, and go into a meditative state if that’s what it takes. You’ve got 99 problems but soon a job won’t be one if you fill out the forms with accurate information.

There is a benefit to applying in-store, if you know what you’re doing. As I said earlier, dress like you’re going to an interview, and ask for a manager to present your resume and employment form to once you have it filled out. The benefit here is that Sears is known for performing on-the-spot interviews. My first job happened because I applied in the store and got interviewed that day.

Once you’ve applied, follow up with that same manager or a different one within a week or two at the most. Don’t harass them, but show them you’re interested, that’s if you don’t get an interview prior to that point. It never hurts to go into the store and introduce yourself, especially if you applied online, having a face to the name is huge when employers are deciding to hire.

Here’s something most people don’t think of: try going right when they open, or in the middle of the day. If you visit the manager during slow hours, they will have more time to dedicate to you. If you stop by and it’s busy, you won’t get their full attention, and they won’t appreciate you trying to take them away from the business. Trust me, as an ex-manager in retail, this is a huge piece of advice.

Direct Competitors

Sears was, and continued to be a titan of industry. Still, it never hurts to apply to multiple locations. Submit your employment form to JCPenney as well. Go big or go home by applying to Walmart. When you’re finished with those two, show Target some love, they would be lucky to have you.

Benefits and Salary Working With the Company

There are a number of benefits available for those who have obtained employment with Sears.  Benefits like vacation time, personal days, and holidays are available. There are also health benefits available like disability, dental, and vision plans. As an employee, you will also enjoy store discounts, paid training and a flexible schedule.

There are even retirement plans like 401(k), stock purchasing options, and prescription discounts for those who are eligible. The most common positions with Sears are outlined below, along with salary information.

1. Sales Associate

Most employment in this position is part-time, but this could lead into many other Sears careers for you. In this capacity, you will provide customer service, solidifying sales in one, or multiple departments, and process various types of transactions such as returns, sales, and exchanges. In addition, you will also be called upon to setup and takedown marketing, answer phones, and restocking merchandise.

As a Sales Associate, you can expect to earn minimum wage starting out, but this can grow into $9.00 an hour with tenure. Some Sears locations will also offer commission for sales associates, adding incentive to their position.

2. Cashier

As a cashier with Sears, you will be in a more focused role. These employees will complete transactions with speed and accuracy to ensure ultimate customer service. Without sugar coating it, you’re going to run into customer issues eventually, so cashiers should always keep a cool head and remember that customer satisfaction is the top priority.

Cashiers will also employ sales techniques to add additional items to transactions through up sales and enrolling customers in the various rewards and credit card programs the company offers. Cashiers earn minimum wage starting but can make up to $8.00 an hour. Sears promotes from within, so if you’re bumped up to lead cashier, you can make $11.00 an hour.

There is plenty of growth from here, but these positions represent some popular and always needed part-time work for candidates seeking employment. Whether you apply online or you go into the store, remember the advice you’ve received here and always remain honest and concise in your answers both on the application and in your interview.

With our help, your completed Sears application will net you a career with the company that you can be proud of.