Careers & Employment at Sam’s Club

Once known for his incredible twists, M. Night Shyamalan has fallen from grace, especially after his recent debacles that he had the gall to call films. Well, as a far superior writer I have a twist for you that’s going to make your head spin. You’ve heard of Sam’s Club, right? Of course you have, they are everywhere! You probably wonder how they became such a prevalent company, maybe they just got lucky, maybe they started out back in the 1800’s and just grew over time.

Here comes the twist: Sam’s Club has only been around since 1983, and they are owned and operated by Walmart! What?! I know, pure insanity, but it’s true. What does this mean for you, and for your Sam’s Club application? Well, since this massive chain of warehouse club retail stores, is in fact owned and run by an equally large chain of stores, you can’t drive five minutes down the road without seeing. Therefore you’ll have a lot of options. Not to mention, you’ll also have a front row seat for the ultimate takeover of Earth by the forces of Walmart.

Company Overview & History

I still can’t believe that Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart. That’s like a “Luke, I am your father” level of just, WHAT?! Pick up the pieces of your mind, which was just blown into smithereens, so we can get you on the path of a career with this huge company, which is owned by an even bigger one. Operating as a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs, this company was founded in 1983 and was named after Walmart’s founder Sam Walton.

So that’s where the Sam comes from? The plot thickens. As of 2012, Sam’s Club is the 8th largest retailers in the U.S. and serves over 47 million members in both the states, and in Puerto Rico. In terms of sales, this company ranks just behind Costco with 57 billion in annual revenue despite having more locations than their competitor.

The first Sam’s Club opened on April 7th, 1983 in Midwest City, Oklahoma in the United States. In 1989, the company expanded into New Jersey with a location in Delran, marking the first location in the Northeast. In 1993, Walmart acquired PACE Membership Warehouse from Kmart and converted many of the locations into Sam’s Clubs. Currently, the largest location in the company resides in Pineville, North Carolina with 185,000 square feet of retail space.

The company originally targeted small businesses, since they sold items is such large quantities, but in 2007, they changed their slogan from “We Are in Business For Small Business” to “Enjoy the Possibilities.” Even this slogan eventually went the way of the Dodo Bird, but the company has opened itself to more individual customers. Currently, there are 615 Sam’s Club locations in 48 of the U.S. States. The only places they don’t have a location are Oregon and Vermont. The company even has stores in Puerto Rico, Brazil, and China.

The design of each store is a warehouse filled with pallets of products that are sold in bulk to customers. In order to shop there, customers must have an active Sam’s Club membership which has a yearly subscription fee. The products available for sale range from jewelry, to designer goods, electronics, food, meals, and more.

There are services such as automobile maintenance and repair, a pharmacy, and a floral department. In the spirit of most warehouse stores, the services are far and wide in their variety and the selection is huge. Working in a place like this gives you a lot of freedom to move around the various departments, it affords you massive growth opportunity, and with the company being owned by Walmart, your opportunities are doubled if not tripled.

Direct Competitors

Well, they may be owned by them, but Walmart is a great place to apply as well, since you’ll already be on their doorstep while applying here. Check out the main competitor, Costco, and our in-depth article on getting hired there. It may be slightly smaller, but Target is also a great place to work, with plenty of options for growth. Working in a retail setting like this is always rewarding, and the benefits are very enticing.

Sam’s Club Application Online

When you head over to the careers page from the Sam’s Club website, you may be a little confused to find yourself on decidedly Walmart looking careers page. As I mentioned in my incredible opening twist, they do own this company, so you will be going through a joint controlled hiring center that actually allows you to apply for either store, or for both. You can select from hourly jobs or management options, and from there you’ll be directed to the page where you create your account.

You’ll have to navigate through several pages before you reach this, and here you can make a mandatory account to go further into the process. Once you have a login, the next step is to search for open positions in your area. The entire process can take up to an hour, so pack a lunch if need be, maybe bring some water and camping supplies. As you’re filling out the online employment forms, remember to stay focused and provided accurate answers to each of the questions.

Most candidates will hear back from a manager within a few days. The hiring process here is fairly quick, so be prepared to get tossed into the whirlwind as it were. If you don’t hear back within a day or two, stop into the store and introduce yourself to the hiring manager. A firm handshake, a smile, and a great attitude go a long way toward making a fantastic impression on the manager.

When you head in to check on your job status, always dress to impress. Many managers will throw out a few random interview questions to applicants who go the extra mile and follow-up on their employment forms. You never know, you may find yourself walking out of the store with a job if you put in the extra effort to follow up on your status.

Benefits and Salary Information

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve become a full-time associate at Sam’s Club, there are a number of benefits and perks that you’ll receive for gaining tenure with the company. Here are the ones you can expect:

  • Competitive Hourly Rates
  • Yearly Salary Options for Full-Time Associates
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Paid Training
  • Dental, Medical, and Vision Coverage
  • Accident Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Short and Long-Term Disability
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holidays Off
  • Vacation and Personal Days

In terms of salary, cashiers start out at around $8.00 per hour, and work solely at the front of the store, processing transactions and assisting customers. With many stores and chains only offering minimum wage, this is a great way to start out with a higher pay that only has potential to improve as time goes on.

As an Overnight Stocker, you can work some intense hours, but you’ll be making $11.00 per hour, which isn’t bad considering you have the days to yourself. You’ll need to possess the ability to lift at least forty pounds though, so if the interviewer asks (he/she won’t) “Bro, do you even lift?” you should answer “Yes, yes I do.”

As a Sales Associate with Sam’s Club, you’ll provide customer service, organize displays, and keep the store’s presentation up to par at all times. Starting pay for this position usually rests between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour. Finally, working as a manager in the store is going to earn you a salary that can range from $30,000 to $60,000 a year.

Feeling good about your Sam’s Club application? You should be, you have all the information you need to head online and apply today, so set aside an hour and make it happen! You’ll have a rewarding career on your hands before you know it. Be sure to check out our other employment articles for information on all kinds of companies. Thanks for reading!