Jobs in Retail

This is one of the biggest industries to work in right now. With an estimated 4.7 million jobs in the United States and a growth rate prediction of ten percent over the next ten years by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has never been a better time to start a career in this industry. With opportunities for part-time retail jobs in addition to seasonal and full-time work, there are a lot of reasons to pursue the various retail jobs out there.

With no need for advanced education, and companies that hire ages as low as fifteen, the range of people who can attain a job in retail is practically limitless. Retail companies often offer hourly jobs that can expand into traditional salaried positions once the candidate has climbed high enough on the company ladder.

Retailers are unique in that that provide products from various manufacturers and sell them to the consumer for a profit. Through this, people can find specialized products and services based on the company that sells them. This can include everything from fashion to electronics retail jobs.

Retail Jobs: Careers and Employment Forms

Working in retail is hectic, there’s no doubt about that. What can make it such a rewarding career is the constant customer interaction, and the ability to specialize in a certain type of product. With this kind of flexibility in your working environment, you can become an expert in your own regard. It feels good to hear questions from customers and instantly know the answers.

Some great examples of retail companies are Family Dollar, Old Navy, GameStop, Radio Shack, Dollar General, and Claire’s. Because retail is so widely varied, and the types of positions are vast, we’ve compiled a few for you here, but there are many more across our site.

1. Sales Associate

Depending on the company, you will be performing a myriad of tasks. Depending on your skill level and your position, you may be ringing up transactions in addition to helping people on the store floor. You may also be responsible for stocking and organizing the products. This is all dependent on the size and structure of the store, but it is worth knowing that the title of sales associate can carry a number of responsibilities.

2. Mystery Shopper

Many retail companies have very detailed expectations from their employees. Since companies hold their employees to a certain standard, mystery shoppers are employed to go to certain stores and pose as a customer.

During their visit, they will assess the employees for certain criteria and provide a full report to the company. In this position, you will have to be excellent at acting and pretending to be a real customer, while still assessing the employees and his/her abilities.

3. Seasonal Positions

Many retail companies will hire during the holiday seasons as well. These positions are very open to a wide variety of people with different levels of experience. In a seasonal position you may be relegated to being a greeter or someone who works entirely on a register.

These positions will technically last for the holiday shopping season, but exceptional employees will be kept on board as part-time associates. This flexibility will give you the option to try out the job and potentially be offered to stay when the season ends.

Thanks as always for reading. Retail is a great way to begin a fun and rewarding career in the field of your choice, so don’t hesitate. Check out our company pages for more information about specific companies and their hiring processes!