Popeyes Careers & Employment

Fried chicken is just, I don’t know it’s like chicken infused with magic. The crunch, the rush of flavor, all of it combines to create something truly magical. I haven’t had Popeyes nearly enough in my lifetime, and while I need to remedy that, I can save myself some bad chicken voodoo by helping you get a job with the company. With a Louisiana twist on chicken, biscuits, and other classic Cajun delicacies, this is the place to be.

With my help, you can bring forth the ultimate Popeyes application and achieve ultimate status as a cultivator, nay, an enchanter of the sweet, succulent and crunchy fried chicken. We are lords of the day, the night, and of dinner. Let the big brass and swinging jazz play folks, because it’s time to enjoy some old fashioned New Orleans cooking. Join me friends, it’s time to become legend.

Company Overview & History

Popeyes is an American chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The company has over 1,800 restaurants in more than 40 states and in other places around the world like Puerto Rico, China, Iraq, Panama, South Korea, Arabia, Canada, and more. When the first store opened in 1972, the company’s history states:

“We sold traditional mild fried chicken, but business was slow, and the chicken team realized that they would need to sell a spicier alternative to the standard chicken recipe if they wanted to impress flavor-seeking New Orleanians.”

popeyesThere were some disputes and court cases surrounding the recipes and spices with the company that purchased Popeyes. In the end though, as of June 2014, the company reacquired control of the seasonings, recipes, and other proprietary techniques from Diversified Foods and Seasonings. The name of the chain comes from the fictional detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle in the movie The French Connection, and not the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor.

The chicken dishes on offer come in mild and spicy flavors. There are sides as well, including red beans and rice, Cajun fries, mashed potatoes, and Cajun Rice. There is a chicken-and-sausage jambalaya and po’ boy sandwiches. Combo meals come with a side order, a drink and a biscuit.

The company’s style includes a distinct red-and-yellow color scheme. The original locations have a black exterior with a red shingled roof. The TV and radio ads use New Orleans style music along with the Love That Chicken jungle sung by New Orleans funk and R&B musician Dr. John.

Popeyes continues to expand and it is always looking for good people to fill the ranks. Entry-level workers are constantly needed to fill the hourly positions on the crew. The company is continuing to expand and you can also find locations where the building is shared between Popeyes and another restaurant. Talk about two birds with one stone, am I right?

The important thing to take with you throughout this article is that there are no requirements for working at the entry-level of Popeyes, other than having a great attitude, work ethic, and strong communication skills. Let’s find out how we can get you in on the ground floor and give yourself opportunities to rise in the ranks.

Popeyes Application Online

To become a crew member at Popeyes, all you need is strong communication skills and the ability to stand on your feet for long hours. You’ll also need to lift up to 25lbs on a regular basis. If you have these things, and you show a strong work ethic, that’s all you need to start working with the company. You can get hired as early as sixteen, and while the careers page of the website offers information about the company and the values it encompasses, there is no option to apply online.

You will need to find your local restaurant location and head in to apply. You can find job vacancies on third-party websites, but ultimately you’ll need to go in to apply. When applying, be sure to go in wearing business attire and ask for the manager. If you go in during slower hours, the manager will most likely be available to speak with you.

When you head in, be ready to provide your basic information and availability, along with work history and experience. If the location is hiring, you may be subjected to a short hiring session that day, which honestly, is a good thing for you as long as you’re prepared. Remember, once you apply, to be patient in waiting for the response.

Usually you will hear a reply within a week of turning in your application. This industry is fast and furious so it may take some time to hear back from the manager. Some managers appreciate follow-up calls, but remember to be tasteful about it, and don’t pester them.

Direct Competitors

Chicken is an art, and like art there are a lot of artists. Check out Chick-Fil-A for the best take on the chicken sandwich there is. Bojangles knows that they are doing, and they have their own spin on the concepts of fried chicken in regards to the southern style. As always, if you’re more in the mood for beef, you can apply to Burger King or McDonalds.

Job Positions and Benefits

There are both part-time and full-time positions available at Popeyes. Entry-level positions work part-time, which involves basic tasks across shifts that encompass the hours the restaurant is open. Upper level jobs require closer to 40 or more hours per week. Here are the major job titles the company is typically hiring for:

1. Team Member

As a team member, Popeyes just needs people who are courteous and attentive to customers. You’ll take orders, ring up transactions, and prepare food items from the menu. You will also clean restaurants and maintain stocked areas. You’ll report to the manager and carry out tasks delegated by them. Team members start out at minimum wage, and peak around $10.00 per hour.

2. Management

If you have strong leadership and organizational skills, a management position could be for you. You will seek to increase profits and adequately lead your staff by delegating tasks and specific duties. You will handle customer situations, and maintain proper levels of workers by crafting efficient schedules. Managers can make between $25,000 and $50,000 a year.

Popeyes seeks to provide their associates and eligible workers with a wide range of benefits. At the entry-level you will make competitive hourly pay, receive a free uniform, and have a flexible schedule. Full-time employees have high salaries as well as health and insurance benefits. There are profit-sharing programs, 401(k) retirement plans, and bonus incentives. There is also paid time off, holiday pay, and sick leave.

The Future of the Company

In 2008, Popeyes underwent some massive changes. They pushed for growth by paying off previous debt and created a strong business plan for the future. They pioneered new menu items as well and sought for advice from strong corporate leaders. This business plan has resulted in a large increase of franchise openings. This plan has been working beautifully and growth is happening on a daily basis.

All of this boils down to more job opportunities. The fast food chain is exploding with potential for you to start your career. All you need to do is find a local location, dress to impress, and head on in to apply. The chances are all in your favor, you need only take the first steps toward your goal, and before you know it, you’ll have the career you want and deserve.