Online Employment Forms & Careers at Plato’s Closet

Plato’s closet has the unique business model of purchasing second-hand clothing and reselling it in their stores. What makes it unique though, is the precise styles and fashions they will buy and sell. Think of this like a high-end thrift store where the options are all modern brands and styles, but for a fraction of their usual price.

It’s a model that clearly works, and they’re always looking for fashion connoisseurs to join the team, so today I’ll show you how to fill out a Plato’s Closet application so you can get started! First we’ll check out the company as a whole, and then we’ll talk about their hiring process.

The Look and Feel of The Company

Founded in 1999, Plato’s Closet is a division of the Winmark Corporation, which was started in 1988 with the Play it Again Sports retail chain. This store was similar to the one we’re discussing today, only with sports equipment instead of designer clothing.

Other stores within this umbrella are the Once Upon a Child, Music Go Round, and Style Encore chains.  The first Plato’s Closet location opened in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded by Lynn and Dennis Blum, both of whom were experienced business owners. They were known for creating unique methods of recycling. They even asked their son to come up with the name for the business.

The teenage son of the Blums got the idea while working on a school project. He learned a great deal about the Greek philosopher, Plato. This philosopher had a lot of theories on reusing and preserving items, which created a great parallel to his parent’s love of recycling.

He combined this with the word closet, since it was clothing, and came up with the name. At Plato’s Closet, the company purchases and sells gently used brand-name clothing and accessories for both teens and young adults. The pricing on these items is usually 50-70% off the original cost as well.

platos-closet-store-front-min-minThe company purchases a wide range of clothing ranging from jeans, to hoodies, to dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, athletic wear, and more! They also purchase and sell a variety of accessories like belts, hats, jewelry, purses, sunglasses, and scarves.

It doesn’t stop there though, they also purchase and sell a wide range of footwear ranging from boots to sneakers, wedges, and sandals. On top of all this, they’ll even take books, Cds, and DVDs. Items range in appeal for both women and men as well.

Some of the top brands Plato’s closet likes to purchase and sell to their customers include the following:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Aeropostale
  • Affiction
  • American Eagle
  • Billa Bong
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Forever 21
  • Hollister
  • Guess
  • Express
  • Steve Madden
  • Wet Seal

When customers bring in clothes, accessories, and footwear to sell, the associates will look through and choose items that fit what the company is current looking for. Trends will dictate what Plato’s Closet will and will not buy from customers.

To give you an idea of what these trends are like, here are some of the current ones (keep in mind these always change):

  • 70’s Apparel – bohemian styles items like tie-dye, watercolor, and fringe
  • Shirt dresses – button down and t-shirt style dresses
  • Prints – floral, stripes, and tropical style clothes
  • Gladiators – gladiator style shoes and sandals
  • Military inspired – army style clothes and accessories

Now that you have a good feel for the company and its culture, let’s find out how you can apply!

Direct Competitors

Fashion is a ruthless world where everyone is in competition. Lucky for you, that means there are plenty of options for you to submit your employment forms. When you’re done here, check out Aeropostale. From there, head on over to Hollister. Finally, give Charlotte Russe a try.

Plato’s Application Online

There are a variety of responsibilities for Plato’s Closet employees. Opportunities are present at the part-time and full-time level as well. You’ll need to go into this job with a keen fashion sense, and the ability to keep up with the latest trends.

There are roughly 400 Plato’s Closet locations in the United States and Canada. High school and college students frequently flock to the store to shop and look for jobs. Ultimately, you’ll need fashion knowledge, but you’ll also need a strong work ethic, and the ability to transport yourself to and from work via car or bus.

When you head over to the Plato’s Closet Careers page, you’ll see a small quiz of questions to ask yourself:

Career Match Quiz
  1. Do you go through your friends’ closets when they aren’t looking?
  2. Do you check the person’s shoes before saying “Yes” to a date?
  3. Do you know what A & F, LEI, and AE stand for?
  4. Do you enjoy working alongside like-minded, interesting, fun people?
  5. Do you like getting great discounts on cool stuff?

Once you’ve finished doing this mental prep, you’ll find a download link where you can print out and fill out the employment forms. There is no online option, so you’ll want to make sure your printer is full on ink and you have a black pen to fill out the form with.

Printing out multiple copies is never a bad idea either. You can have backups if you misspell something or you need to start over. Once you’ve filled out the form, be sure to dress appropriately and head on in to present it to the hiring manager.

When you’re there, strive to make a great first impression by looking them in the eye, expressing your interest in the company, and showcasing some of your fashion knowledge or knowledge of the company.

Benefits and Salary Information

When you join the Plato’s Closet team, you can expect to start at roughly minimum wage. Entry-level positions can make as much as $9.00 per hour and as you rise up, so too does this number. Managers will make salaries up to $35,000 per year.

Benefits include flexible scheduling, in-store discounts, and insurance plans with tenure. Paid vacation and retirement plans are also available to experienced employees with higher positions.

Final Thoughts

Have fun selling all sorts of modern fashions when you fill out a Plato’s Closet application today! Thanks for reading and best of luck to you in your career!