Jobs in Pharmacy

It’s funny how quickly we went from medicinal herbs, to prescription drugs, then back again, and now we’re somewhere in between. Why can’t we decide on one type of medication? Honestly, I think it’s the diseases’ fault. Think about it, they’re always mutating and evolving to the point where it takes something stronger, or something different entirely to eradicate them. Honestly, I’m surprised that we’ve managed to keep up this far, but that’s where pharmacy jobs come in, isn’t it?

You and those doctors have some kind of weird language where the doctor scribbles something that’s barely English on a page, and then you manage to correlate it with some pills and suddenly I have an orange bottle of miracle cure. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m sure glad that you do. Let’s find out what kind of jobs are out there waiting for you. Next time I have some sort of life threatening disease (like a cold) I’ll be glad you’re there to help.

What is Pharmacy?

PharmacyThe concept of pharmacy is the preparing and distribution of drugs and medicines. It is considered a health profession that combines health sciences and chemical sciences in the hopes of creating safe and useful pharmaceutical drugs.

With today’s modern health care, there is a heightened scrutiny on the cost and effectiveness of pharmaceutical medicines. That being said, they are also the first and last line of defense when it comes to recommending, bottling, and distributing medicine.

There are multiple levels of jobs in a pharmacy. Some require little to no experience, while others require significant amounts of training and possibly a degree in medicine. Ultimately, pharmacists have to be 100% accurate in their medicine distribution, or they could cause a significant reaction to the medicine. Not only is this job important, but it’s also very important that it is done accurately. No pressure though.

What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

pharmacy jobsWithout going through four years of college courses, the easiest way to break into the pharmacy industry is to become a pharmacy technician.

This entry-level position can sometimes be easier to gain with some kind of formal training, but unlike a licensed pharmacist, it is not required that you have any specific training. At the very least, a high school diploma is needed, but nothing more is required.

The basic skills you will need as a pharmacy technician would be the following:

– Customer service skills
– Strong communication
– Basic math skills
– An attention to detail

You will be assisting the pharmacist in this capacity, which means your responsibilities, while important, won’t carry the same weight. If you like the prospects of the job, obtaining your degree and becoming a licensed pharmacist can really bring you some tempting salary options, and your continued experience as a technician will only increase your chances of getting a better paying job once you have your credentials. Your responsibilities would include the following:

– Examine prescriptions for accuracy and completion
– Prepare prescriptions by counting, pouring, measuring and weighing the medication
– Handle medication used to treat cancer
– Maintain patient records, package medications, and place orders

Becoming a pharmacy technician opens a lot of opportunities for full-time and part-time work. You can expand quickly in this field. The health services industry currently employs 11 million people, in addition most jobs require less than four years of college education.

There are other positions available as you begin to explore other possibilities. In the meantime, be sure to check out our pages on CVS, and Rite Aid. More are coming soon, so keep our website bookmarked to keep up with the latest job opportunities in this industry!