Employment & Careers at Party City

Here’s the thing about parties: you can’t nail them down and put a price tag on them. They’re parties! As unpredictable as the shifting desert sands, louder than my dad’s snoring when I was a kid and filled with enough people to make a sardine can look like a roomy living situation. That’s a party, the music and the drinks and all the other stuff is just icing on the cake. You get a bunch of people together in one place and you’ve got yourself Party City.

The only time I will accept a place of order with party in the name is Party City. These people have the supplies, the tools, and the know-how to bring a party to life. This is where moms with little kids, college guys with a house full of dudes, and club hopping DJ’s go to find what they need. Your Party City application is waiting for you, like the girl across the floor you want to ask to dance with you, but you’re scared because you don’t know anything about her. Relax tiger, I’ll tell you how to get this job, and simultaneously talk to the metaphorical girl.

Company Overview & History

Party City is an American retail chain of party supply stores based in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. These guys are the largest retailer of party goods in the United States and Canada. I guess with a pedigree like that you have the right to call yourself a city. The company owns and operates over 750 franchise outlets including the aforementioned name, Halloween City, and Factory Card & Party Outlet.

party cityThe first Party City opened in East Hanover, NJ in 1986 with the simple goal of becoming the number one stop for party supplies. Two years later, the first franchise location was opened in Hazlet, NJ. The company expanded in 1992, opening stores in Georgia and Tennessee. Shortly after that, the chain went nationwide with locations ranging from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. It only took until 2004 before the company was making a billion dollars each year.

Several acquisitions later, the company purchased iParty, along with Party Packagers, and now operates in New England and Tampa Bay as well, with these last two locations opening in 2013. You know the history, but that’s not enough to ask the metaphorical representation of Party City to dance with you. Let’s learn about her, and by her, I mean the company’s culture.

As the company culture page of the Party City website states: “Party City loves to celebrate. We pride ourselves on making it easy and fun for our customers to celebrate the special times in the lives of their family and friends by offering a complete selection of fresh and exciting merchandise at great value in a fun shopping environment.”

The company sells all manner of party supply products for the following occasions:

  • From Super Bowl parties to New Year’s Eve
  • Celebrating a new job, promotion, or retirement
  • Bachelor, engagement, and wedding parties
  • Cinco De Mayo parties, Christmas parties, and office parties
  • Halloween!
  • Anyone who wants to turn up the music and roll out the food.

Well, they really made that list comprehensive. I don’t think there’s a single other reason why someone would throw a party, I really can’t. Whatever you’re celebrating, including the party I throw when this article is done, Party City has you need. Also, imagine the jealous looks you’re going to get when you tell your friends that you work for a place called Party City.

Direct Competitors

The only way to compete with something like this is to have a job environment that is akin to a party of its own. Lucky for you, such things do exist. Apply to GameStop, because after working there myself, I can tell you it’s quite the shin-dig. Check out our article on Toys R Us because no matter how much you want to grow up, your inner child will thank you. Finally, check out Family Dollar, because the math is absolutely easy since everything costs a dollar.

Party City Application Online

Looking to join the celebration? Head on over to the Join Our Team page of the Party City website to get started. You can apply online through a third-party website, or you can stop into your local store to pick up an employment form in person. They both have their pros and cons. You see, applying online will allow you to submit your online forms to multiple locations at once. Pretty sweet, yes, but the paper form will give you the invaluable opportunity to introduce yourself in person and meet the hiring manager.

It’s always better to put a face to the name, instead of mysteriously submitting your employment form online. If you have any previous retail experience, be sure to highlight that in your forms. When it comes to retail, the less training you need before you can start the better. The entire process should only take about a week total. When it comes to seasonal positions, something I’ll get to in a moment, these can only take a couple of days since the process tends to move quickly.

If you don’t hear back in a few days, it’s customary to stop in, or place a quick phone call to the location. It’s very important not to pester the hiring manager with constant phone calls, so don’t be the guy who calls four times a day. Once is enough, and be sure to sound excited and enthusiastic, because it will set you apart from other candidates.

Seasonal Hiring Practices

Party City becomes incredibly popular and busy during certain times of the year. These holidays include:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Patrick’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • July 4th
  • The Super Bowl

Near these holidays, Party City does seasonal hiring. What makes this important is that season hiring is more lenient than a typical hiring period. What I mean by that, is seasonal hires are only guaranteed a set amount of time before they are let go. In this way, they are not a long term investment, at least not right away. The company will probably pick up a decent amount of people for seasonal with little to no interviews.

If you get swept up in the seasonal group, this puts you in a position to shine. Many times, if a seasonal hire shows potential, they will keep them on as part-time. Just like that, you can skip all of the interviews and the forms because you went from seasonal to part-time. It may seem too good to be true, but this really is a great way to put your foot in the door, and find yourself a great opportunity to stand out from the rest.

Benefits When Working with The Company

Working at Party City will grant you competitive pay and attractive benefits packages. In-store employees are given store discounts, paid training, career development opportunities, and complimentary uniforms. Qualified employees also get 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, health care coverage, and life insurance. These benefits may vary slightly at franchised locations.

That’s all there is to it folks. I would recommend inquiring about seasonal positions first, since those are easy to get into and offer you the chance to really prove yourself during the time period that you’re working. Of course, if the location is already for part-time positions, you should go for that. You have the option to do your Party City application online or in-store, so the choice is yours. I recommend the in-store approach, but if your handwriting is anything like mine, it may not be so bad to apply online. Either way, be sure to follow up and show excitement. Best of luck, and thanks for reading!