Nordstrom Careers & Online Job Forms

Nordstrom is known for being an upscale fashion retailer based out of Seattle, Washington. If the words “upscale fashion” get your blood pumping, then you should consider a career with this company.

If you’re interested, then you’re about to experience everything you need to know to fill out a Nordstrom application. We’re going to cover all of the information you want and need. Let’s get started!

The Company’s History and Style

Nordstrom was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. The headquarters for the company is based in Seattle, WA. It started as a shoe retailer but quickly expanded into clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and even fragrances!

Select stores will also carry wedding and home furnishing items in their respective departments. In total, there are 323 stores across 38 states and Canada.

All of this began in 1887 when 16-year-old John W. Nordstrom immigrated to the United States with the hope of finding new opportunities. Originally John was born in the village of Alvik Nedar Lulea in North Sweden.

He started off working small jobs across Michigan as he made his way across the country. He was swept up in the Klondike Gold Rush in Canada and went prospecting for gold. He managed to find some, but he sold his claim for $13,000.

He went back to Seattle and married Hilda Carlson. He started looking for a new business venture. He opened a shoe store in 1901 with Carl F. Wallin. With his wife he had five children, three of which joined the family business.

By 1958, Nordstrom has eight stores in two states. Both of the original founders had sold their shares to Everett and Elmer Nordstrom to carry on the family business. The company started offering apparel in 1963 after they purchased Best Apparel of Seattle.

Everett and was approaching retirement in 1968 and it was then that he and brother considered selling the company. The third generation Nordstrom children convinced them not to, and instead take the company public while offering to let the cousins take over.nordstrom-store-front

In 1999 the company was public and traded stock under the ticker symbol JWN after the founder’s initials. In 1975, the company expanded into Alaska by purchasing Northern Commercial Company. At this point, Nordstrom has a strong presence in the northwest with $250 million per year in sales. This put it third in the top specialty retailers of the U.S.

The stores continued to grow in size. In 1979, the company srtarted adding restaurants in their stores. The Westfield San Francisco Centre in California had four restaurants and an English pub to boot. Smaller locations still have an in-house cafe with a full menu and seating.

In 2012, the company expanded into Canada after a 170 million dollar buyout to make Sears vacate the area. There’s are plans to build a fifth store in Toronto. In March of 2015, Nordstrom opened a 138,000 square foot, two story, full-line store in The Mall of San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Typically the company holds five sales events each year. They are typically split up by department and take place in May and November. The Anniversary sale, held in July, is the largest event that the company holds. Merchandise that typically gets sold that fall is sold early in limited quantities and for a deep discount.

Rewards members can even schedule appointments to shop the sale early during the Early Access event. During this time, shoppers also get double rewards points.

There was a rumor at one time that the Nordstrom employee handbook was a single gray with seventy-five words on it. This isn’t true, the handbook is twelve pages. It includes a no-smoking policy, drug testing, a social media policy, and a workplace relationships policy.

In December of 2013, WWD found Nordstrom to be the top fashion retailer after a study they conducted. Are you excited to work for a company like this? Let’s find out how you can start your career!

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Nordstrom Application Online

With departments for men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, along with jewelry, beauty products, home furnishings, and footwear, Nordstrom has a lot to offer. Not only do customers enjoy a varied shopping experience, but you have a lot of choices as well.

Today the company generates over $8 billion in revenue and has 50,000 members on its team. There are several entry-level positions available that require little to no previous experience. All you need is to be sixteen years of age, or older.

To start, you’ll need to head to the company’s career page to make a profile. This profile allows you to apply for more than one job fairly easily. Once you’ve finished creating your account, you can search for positions at a location closest to you.

If you decide to print out the online employment forms, be sure to fill it out legibly and free of errors. When you go to turn it in, ask for a manager that you can introduce yourself to and give the forms to as well. Once you’ve applied online or in person, be sure to keep yourself in the loop.

If you haven’t heard anything within two weeks, call or stop into the store to speak with the manager. Inquire as to the status of your employment and remind them how excited you are for an opportunity to work at Nordstrom.

It is also possible that the hiring manager may want to hire you on the spot when you turn in your forms at the store. To prepare for this, be sure to wear professional clothing (preferably attire from Nordstrom) any time you go into the store.

Final Thoughts

Nordstrom is a huge fashion retailer that is growing exponentially with each year. A Nordstrom application can grant you entry into this incredible company, even if you don’t have any previous experience. Apply today!