Michaels Online Employment Form

If you’re someone who wants to help others hone their skills in this department, it’s time to fill out a Michaels application. Despite the fact that I’ve never been one to go out and seek arts and crafts, I was submersed in the hobby for a good long while growing up.

My mother was always into things like macaroni frames and beads strung together to resemble animals. It’s a cool hobby though, and it leads into various forms of artistic expression. It just takes a heaping helping of patience as well, that’s all.

Here you can work with all manner of various materials, items, and services in the world of arts and crafts. For someone who is submersed in this hobby, working here is a dream come true.

Let’s explore this company’s purpose, goals, products, and most importantly, how to get hired with them as soon as possible!

Michael’s Company History, Culture, and Products

The first step in getting hired at any location is knowing something about the company. You can’t walk into your Michaels interview and not know a single thing about them, it just doesn’t look good. That’s why I always provide you with the most in-depth examination of the company this side of the CEO.

In the spirit of knowledge, Michaels is an arts and crafts retail chain that has over 1262 stores across both the United States and Canada.

They also operate under the name “Aaron’s Brothers” which those stores are included in the above number. There are 10 exclusive brands held by the company:

  • Recollections
  • Studio Decor
  • Bead Landing
  • Creatology
  • Ashland
  • Celebrate It
  • Art Minds
  • Artist’s Loft
  • Craft Smart
  • Loops & Threads

Michaels-storeThe company’s corporate headquarters in located in Irving, Texas. A typical location contains over 40,000 products within 18,200 square feet of store floor space.

As the largest chain of its kind in the United States, Michaels does face some competition, but not much when it comes to stores in the same market of products.

The story of Michaels began in 1976 when a Dallas businessman by the name of Michael J. Dupey opened the first location in the Northtown Mall. In 1982 another businessman by the name of Samuel Wyly bought the company when it was making roughly $10 million per year.

Dupey went on to from MJDesigns after he sold his company, but even this too was bought out by Michaels.

In 1984 the company began publically training on the stock market with 16 locations under their belt. The company continued to purchase smaller businesses and chains to expand their influence.

In 1994 they purchased Treasure House Crafts, Oregon Craft & Floral Supply, and H&H Craft and Floral. Later that same year, they also purchased Leewards Creative Crafts which had 101 stores in their chain.

This acquisition placed Michales more prevalently in the midwestern and northeastern areas of the United States. Further acquisition came in 1995 when the company purchased a specialty framing and art supply chain called Aaron’s Brothers Inc. By the time 1996 rolled around, they were making up to 1.24 billion dollars and had a total of 450 stores.

In 2003, the annual sales exceeded 3 billion per year. Michaels was purchased by Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group for $6 billion which isn’t too shabby. A major milestone came in 2008 when the company opened the 1000th location.

A popular feature of the store was brought back in 2010 which was a classes program where people could learn arts and crafts skills like beading, knitting, painting, cake decorating, and more.

There were also two do-it-yourself classes each month where customers could bring in their projects and utilize tools provided by Michaels to work on their crafts.

In terms of products, Michaels carries a variety of items for a number of different arts and crafts fields:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Beading
  • Knitting
  • Rubber Stamping
  • Home Decor
  • Floral Items
  • Paints
  • Framing
  • Greenery
  • Baking
  • Other Seasonal Items

Now that you’re an expert on the company, let’s find out what other employment forms you should target, and how to apply.

Direct Competitors

While Michaels is unique in their approach to arts and crafts, they are competing with several other retailers that carry some of the same products. Once you’ve finished applying here, check out our article on Hobby Lobby for a wider mix of products. The same goes for Sears, which we also have plenty of information on.

Wrap up your spree of job forms by reading into the opportunities available to you at Big Lots. Arts and crafts come in a number of different forms, so be sure to mix things up when you’re applying!

Michaels Application Online

One of the best thing about applying to Michaels is that your experience doesn’t need to be in other jobs. Since this is an arts and crafts store, all you need is some experience in a field of arts and crafts.

Most people are exposed to these kinds of things and if you were not, it doesn’t take much time or money to gain some experience in this field.

The careers page offers some interesting facts about the company that can help you refresh your memory before you apply. Applying is a smooth process that includes a registration where you create a username and password for your online employment forms.

It’s smart to familiarize yourself with the management and staff of the location you’re applying to as well. Trying stopping in and shopping around prior to submitting your forms. Introduce yourself to some of the employees and strike up a conversation about your passion for arts and crafts.

This kind of first impression is key to making yourself known. When you apply, people will remember a face more than a name, and if they recall their conversation with you when you apply, you’ll have even more of an impression on them before they even look over your experience and information.

Don’t forget to check in on the status of your forms after you’ve applied. It’s good to check in with the hiring manager a few days after you’ve applied to see how things are progressing. It’s important that you don’t pester or push them as this won’t do any favors for you. Keep in mind too that Michaels hires at 18 years of age before applying.

Final Thoughts

Working in an arts and crafts store like Michaels is great for someone with a creative personality and someone who is looking to start a career in a company that offers plenty of potential for growth. The price of admission is low, seeing as how the only experience you’ll really need is with arts and crafts themselves.

Your Michaels application is a ticket to a future career working in a field where you love what you’re doing and you work with familiar and exciting products that keep you fulfilled and satisfy your creative side.

Remember to create a resume and update your LinkedIn account once you’ve finished applying. Having a strong online presence and network will benefit you greatly when the company begins researching you as a person and looking for elements of your experience.

Possibly the best advice I can offer though is just to relax, smile, and be yourself. Thanks for reading and best of luck to you in your career!