Careers & Employment at Marshalls

A lot of stores will claim to have “everything” and while many will wow you with their selection, most won’t truly deliver on that promise. I had the pleasure of exploring a Marshalls store recently and I have to say, they had everything. Imagine a department store, one that sells all manner of clothing, jewelry, cologne and perfume, along with other hodgepodge items. Now drop the prices like they just got hit with a right hook from Mike Tyson and you may have an idea of how low costs are.

With a huge selection that borders on the true meaning of the world “everything” and prices that make your jaw drop, you’re probably wondering where you can fill out a Marshalls application so you can start spending your paycheck there. Understandable, so let’s see what this company is all about, and how you can get yourself into a career that also puts you in the center of the greatest selection on the planet.

Company Overview & History

Marshalls is a chain of American off-price department stores owned by TJX Companies. There are over 750 locations, including a larger variety called Marshalls Mega Store, located in 42 states of the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. Behind its sister company, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls is the second largest off-price apparel and home fashion retailer. Looks like the parent company must be proud of its kids since they represent the top two chains of their kind in the U.S.

The story of Marshalls began in 1956 when Alfred Marshall brought together several entrepreneurs including Bernard Goldston and Norman Barren. They were later joined by Frank Estey and Bernard Ribas, who purchased Goldston’s shares in 1960. Together they created the “Brand Names For Less” concept and sought to come up with a way to meet the postwar boom and suburban growth with a profitable concept.


Marshalls-Store-Front-minThe entrepreneurs opened a self-service department store in Beverly, Massachusetts and offered apparel and home wares at incredibly low prices in an attempt to lure customers in. Spaces in the store were also “sublet” to other sellers who sold shoes, hardware, and sporting goods, though the customer was unaware of the distinction. The first location also held grill restaurant within it, known as the A & M Luncheonette.

After ten years, Marshalls became the number one off-price retailer in the nation. Even with the shifting economy, the off-price concept remained viable and strong throughout the 1970’s. The company would consistently buy the post-season, overrun, and close-out stock products from other retailers and sell them to customers at prices that were 20% to 60% discounted from the normal price. In 1995, after massive growth, the company was purchased by TJX, the parent company of their main rival T.J. Maxx, for $606 million.

Now that TJX Companies has consolidated the two largest off-price retailers in the nation, Marshalls continues to see consistent growth year-over-year. With so much money coming their way, the company has also seen fit to partner with several charitable organizations to which is makes consistent donations. The partnerships include:

  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • United Way
  • National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital

These partnerships are described as a “social responsibility” on the company website, which I find to be a refreshing perspective on the concept of a big-box company. They have money on top of their money, but they are using it for good causes instead of hoarding it like Smaug from The Hobbit. That’s a quality characteristic in any company.

Direct Competitors

Despite playing for the same team, you should apply to T.J. Maxx as well, if only because the store’s online employment forms follow an identical process to this one. If you’re looking to stir the pot a bit, check out our article on Ross which takes a similar approach. Finish up your spree by checking out our information on Target, which has a great track record of quality benefits and competitive pay rates.

Marshalls Application Online

You can visit the parent company’s job website to apply for a position with Marshalls. Once you’re here, you can search for open positions with any of the parent company’s stores. The actually employment forms are not completed online, however. Once you’ve located a viable position at a location that works for you, you will need to print out the form and turn it into the store of your choosing.

With many companies offering an online application, this may seem a little odd, but it’s actually a benefit to you as an applicant. When you apply online, you’re just submitting some information to a database. There’s no face to the name, and therefore no impression to be had. I would recommend finding an opening that caters to your interests, and then head to the page where you can download and print the employment form.

Keep in mind, there is a specific form for a list of specific states, and another version of the form for all other locations. Here are some helpful tips for you when filling out, and submitting your employment form with Marshalls.

  1. Take Special Care When Filling out The Form

As tempting as it may be to just scribble down your information and turn in the employment form, don’t let temptation get the best of you. Find a nice pen, either in black or blue ink, and fill out each field with precision and accuracy. I know you’ve written your name a thousand times, but this time, write it better. Spell it the same way, but write it like you’ve already got the job. The same goes with every other aspect of the form.

Make it easy to read, concentrate on providing all the right information without any errors in spelling or accuracy. Print out a few copies so you can have a practice run before the real deal. No scribbling, no white-out, keep at it until it’s perfect.

  1. Dress To Impress, Talk Like You Own The Place

Confidence is huge, as is presentation. Dress in something nice, something your mother would approve of, and head into the Marshalls location of your choosing with your form in hand. Ask for the hiring manager and greet him/her with a firm handshake. Keep a smile plastered on your face like you just won the lottery and maintain eye contact throughout the conversation.

I didn’t write out the company’s history for my health either, throw out a few facts about the company, maybe mention your respect for their charitable efforts, and you’ll stand out as someone who did their research. Having that background information and a deeper understanding of the company is going to put you ahead of the competition in a big way.

  1. Don’t Leave Your House Without a Cover Letter and a Resume!

Since you’re going into the Marshalls location to apply, you’re going to need a few extra documents: namely a cover letter and a resume. Why you ask? Well, these two items are the icing on the proverbial cake that is your career. A cover letter gives you an opportunity to make an impression and showcase your relevant skills before the manager even sees your employment form. The Resume provides a more detailed explanation of your experience and talents, beyond what the application will show. These two bonus documents represent a great method of adding to your already impressive presence in the hiring manager’s mind.

That’s the best advice I can offer folks, so head online to the parent company’s page and find out what positions are available. From there, download and print the Marshall’s application so you can begin a rewarding and fun career with this caring and growing company.