Lids Careers and Online Employment Forms

Every fashion statement needs a hat to be complete. Whether it’s for shielding your head from the sun or letting people know which team you support, hats are an integral part of it all. Lids is the place to go for hats all of kinds. Imagine, an entire filled with hats on every wall.

It’s a great place to shop, but it’s an even better place to work. Today I’ll show you how to fill out a Lids application so you can join this growing team of passionate people. We’ll talk about the company’s culture and history then go through the process of applying with the company.

The Company’s Culture and History

Lids is part of the larger Hat World Inc. It operates several chains of stores and websites where it sells a variety of headwear options. The company is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. There are a total of 1,000 locations based out of malls, airports, street level stores, and factory outlet locations.lids-store-interior

There are locations in America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Lids locations sell officially licensed and branded headwear for collegiate teams, major professional teams, and other specialty fashion categories. The spin-off location, known as Lids Locker Room, sells apparel, accessories, and novelties in addition to the iconic headwear.

In the early 1990s, Glenn Campbell came up with the idea for Hat World, Inc. He described his idea:

“Everybody either went to college, or follows a college or professional sports team. Likewise, everybody as $20. A hat is clearly an impulse buy, but one that people can afford,” he said. This was the way he described his idea, along with partner, Scott Molander’s idea.

Both men worked as store managers in athletic retail stores. They both decided to start their own business after they found that baseball-style hats were a valuable niche in the mall retail scene.

“When we spoke with shopping mall executives about how we were convinced everybody needs or can be persuaded to buy a hat, we were told that we were nuts,” Campbell said. “But if a cookie shop can just sell cookies or a pretzel shop can just sell pretzels, why not hats?”

It wasn’t until they visited a shopping mall in Lafayette that they were given the opportunity they needed. During their first holiday season in 1995, they managed to sell over 6,000 hats. This early success gave them the means to open five more stores over the next year. Five years later Hat World grew to 157 stores and acquired its largest competitor, LIDS Corporation in 2001.

After this purchase, the number of stores surged to 400 locations. The current Lids President, Ken Kocher, says that “The idea for Hat World was just that, an idea. Our success stems from assembling a team of first-class professionals who stay on top of the wants of the consumer and put customer service first.”

Direct Competitors

Lids has a lot going for it, but if you’re looking to expand into other forms of apparel, try applying to  Kids Foot Locker. If that’s still not enough, check out one of the Nike stores. Finally, consider diversifying with an application an apparel store like the Gap.

Lids Application Online

Since most Lids locations are inside shopping malls, the company is constantly hiring people during the busy seasons. The sheer volume and size of business at a store like this demands people who work well under pressure and during intense situations.

The ideal candidate for a Lids career is someone who embodies the qualities above, while also showcasing a knowledge around sports and popular products that the company carries. Finally, any customer service experience will also boost your chances of being hired.

Managerial positions are available when you visit the company’s career page. An upper level position like this one will require great communication and leadership skills, along with the ability to work alone for periods of time depending on the level of business and the payroll that is available.

Once you’ve finished applying online, you can expect to hear from a hiring manager within a week in most cases. You can expect a phone call, but if you’d like you can call yourself to check on the process after about four or five days.

Keep in mind that busy seasons will slow down the hiring process as managers will be swept up in other duties beyond hiring new individuals. If you do decide to stop in or call, consider doing so when business is slow, so you don’t interrupt a hiring manager during peak business hours.

Final Thoughts

Working with a company like Lids can be rewarding and fun all at once. Start by filling out your Lids application online, and then prepare for a new career working with a company that wasn’t afraid to take a simple idea and run with it.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you in your career!