Labor Ready Employment & Career Forms

Labor Ready is a temp service agency based out of Tacoma, Washington. They specialize in recruiting, screening, hiring, and assigning temporary workers. The Labor Ready application is a door to hundreds of potential jobs for you.

Today we’ll look at the company’s working environment and how they assign people to various roles with companies they work for. After that, we’ll look at their hiring process and potential salary options.

Working With This Temp Agency

Labor Ready is part of a larger parent company called TrueBlue who also owns CLP, Spartan Staffing, Plane Techs, and Centerline Drivers. It is a public company that trades under the stock ticker TBI on the NYSE.

Labor Ready was founded in 1989 in Kent, Washington. The two founding members were Glenn Welstad and two other partners. There are 600 total locations in the 50 U.S. states and Canada.

Labor Ready hired employees to fulfill general labor positions that require basic skills. The pay rates will vary from job from job. The majority of position pay around minimum wage, but some are higher.

Fortunately, pay rates are shown to workers before they accept the position. Most of the branches open their doors at 5:30 AM to start sending out workers for various shifts. Labor Ready will typically assign shifts a few days in advance so workers know where they should be.

During the course of a normal week, anywhere from zero to a hundred workers can be send out by the company on a daily basis. Labor Ready uses a text messaging system to contact workers and notifies workers of potential job openings.labor-ready-storefront

When a notification is received, the person can reply “YES” to sign up, but the jobs are not on a “first come, first served” basis. Instead they are offered based on a system called “Right Match Dispatch.”

Workers can use this same system to check in once per week to offer their availability to work during that time period. Payment is issued via direct deposit or a debit card provided by Global CashCard. Safety equipment is offered, but employees are encouraged to purchase their own.

Transportation  is not provided. Workers are responsible for travelling to and from the job site in any manner they choose. If you do not have a car, you can request jobs that are within local bus routes.

The common skills you’ll need to employ during a job are bending, stooping, lifting, pushing, pulling, balancing, climbing, raking, and digging. Many of the jobs will be outside and require you to work in a variety of weather conditions.

Safety equipment such as helmets, hardhats, vests, gloves, and eye wear are typically required as well.

Next we’ll take a look at other temp service jobs, and how Labor Ready conducts their hiring processes.

Direct Competitors

There are plenty of temp service jobs out there for individuals that are seeking work quickly. When you’re finished looking at the options here, be sure to check out our page on Manpower which is another major temp agency with plenty of opportunities for hard workers.

Labor Ready Application Online

Finding short-term work is simple with Labor Ready. Individuals who apply will be offered work that involves physical labor and typically falls into the category of entry-level positions.

Common work involves roles like landscaping, auto sales, logistics, warehouse, storage, moving, vehicle detail, and payload associates.

Applicants can find work with over 100,000 companies in both North America and Canada. Work positions are temporary and can last a few months or more. That being said, there are year-round and seasonal positions to choose from.

You can apply online at the Labor Ready website. You’ll find that these types of jobs are perfect for those who want to find quick and temporary work that pays the bills.

The actual hiring process can take as little as a few days, and as long as a few weeks. Once you’ve been selected, you’ll receive a phone call inviting you to an in-person interview. You can also check online at any time to see what your current status is and where you stand.

Benefits and Salary Information

Depending on the jobs, you will earn a certain hourly rate or salary during your time on a job. Certain companies also offer benefits packages that include vacation time, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare coverage, and even life insurance options.

If you work as a recruiter, you can expect similar benefits from Labor Ready itself. In terms of pay scales, some jobs will pay minimum wage, but others will offer as much as $60,000 in annual salaries.

There’s always the possibility that you’ll be asked to stay on for a full-time career, which is a huge benefit of working in these various jobs.

Final Thoughts

Your Labor Ready application opens a lot of doors for your future career. The experience alone is going to benefit you going forward, but the potential to find a full-time career is also huge. So, go out there and find your new career!