Careers & Employment at Kroger

I can’t decide if it is genius, or pure laziness that drove us to create stores that incorporate everything single thing we need under one roof. I think the latter motivated us, and the former made it happen. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the store that has it all. Kroger is a massive supermarket chain that combines multiple aspects of other stores into one incredibly comprehensive location.

In terms of revenue, it is the second largest general American retailer behind Walmart. Yeah, if I’m not mistaken, that probably got your attention, didn’t it? Now is the time to jump into this growing business, by filling out a Kroger application and we’ll show you how. You can walk the long and lonely trail to a successful career, or you can hop on the rolling snowball and reach your destination a whole lot faster.

There are various layouts to the stores and spinoffs that have a more singular selection of products, but the overall feel of the main stores is one of incredible variety and choice. We’re talking jewelry, clothing, medicine, produce, meat, you name it. This company is all about satisfying the customer, so you should go into this with your head held high and a smile on your face, ready to do what needs to be done.

Useful Information About The Company

You know, I’m pretty proud of my ideas, but it takes a special kind of courage to bid everything you have on a single concept. For Bernard “Barney” Kroger, all he had in 1883 was $372 to his name. Nowadays, that amount would be worth about $9,415, so he wasn’t poor, but he wasn’t filling his bathtub with pure gold coins either.

He used all of this money, everything he had to his name, to open a grocery store in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Cincinnati. Kroger was the son of a merchant himself, and he had a simple motto, on that he carried with him into his company. The motto was: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” Simple, yet elegant.

Kroger tried to please his customers in as many ways as possible. For example, he tried making his own products, like bread, so people wouldn’t have to go to a bakery to get it. In 1930, it became the first grocery-chain to test and monitor the quality of food before it was put up for sale. Another innovation was parking lots on all four sides of the store.

Over the years, Kroger has continued to innovate the industry, introducing the first electronic scanners in 1970. The most recent addition to their repertoire is a new program they call “Friendly and Fresh”. This new initiative dictated that employees should greet each customer as they enter the store or come across one of them, in an attempt to make them feel welcome and gain a customer for the company.

Kroger Application Online

Are you at least sixteen years old? What, you’re seven, and you’re looking for a job with Kroger? Oh, you think smart kids should begin planning their careers early, well that’s smart. Oh, you wrote a symphony and a thesis on the art of applying for jobs? Oh, you’re me at that age, well now it all makes sense.

So, assuming you’re not having a conversation with yourself at age seven, and you’re at least sixteen years old, you have what you need to apply for a position with Kroger. With stores that are open twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week, they can fit you in whenever you’re free.

When you arrive on the careers page of the website, the page informs you that a Kroger store locator is available to find a location nearby and view open positions. By making an account on the website and signing up, you can specialize what kind of alerts you receive around different job openings and potential opportunities. You’ll need an account to fill out a Kroger online application anyway, so we recommend doing that first to save some time.

Paper Kroger job applications are also available in-store if you would prefer to do the entire process in person. Regardless of what method you utilize, always stop in the store and introduce yourself to give a good first impression. People who take the time to introduce themselves will always have a higher chance of being called in for an interview or receiving a job offer. It’s never a bad thing to keep up with the status of your application, but space out your trips to the store so you don’t appear desperate, or get on the bad side of the hiring manager.

Direct Competitors

Everybody needs food, and there’s plenty of ways to get what you need. Try applying to other stores, filling out employment forms online, or at the location, to see what other careers are available to you. Begin by applying to Food Lion, experiencing the king of the jungle. Publix is always looking for good people to join their ranks. If you have a location nearby, check out our page on Safeway and apply there as well.

Job Positions and Salary Information

Entry-level positions are always available in supermarkets like Kroger, because the amount of customers they receive each day is absolutely staggering. Whether you have a degree in business, or you’re just finishing high school, this company has opportunities for people in all levels of their careers. Below are some of the popular positions and their respective pay:

1. Clerk

This is a great entry-level position because all of the training is provided when you’re hired. As a clerk, you will manage various areas of the store, maintaining cleanliness and organizing products on the shelf. You will provide customer service when needed, and at time you may also work as a cashier to support the store in times of intense business. The pay rates for this position depend on previous experience, but they tend to range from minimum wage up to $10.00 per hour.

2.  Bagger

While this may sound like an easy job, bagging is an art. You need to know how to organize items, and what to double bag so it doesn’t rip on the way out. As a bagger, you will separate and store items in bags for the customer to carry out. In some cases, you will escort them to their vehicle and help them load the groceries and items into their car. This is all part of the Kroger promise to maintain ideal customer service.

When it is slow in the store, you may be called upon to assist clerks in the store with clean-up and stocking shelves. The hourly pay for this position starts at minimum wage and goes up to $9.00 when it peaks out. This is a great way to get your foot in the door though.

3. Management

The levels of management in Kroger stores range from floor supervisor, all the way up to the store manager. As a manager, you will delegate work and oversee entry-level team members, ensuring that everything moves smoothly throughout each day. Depending on your level of management, you may also be responsible for writing schedules, hiring and training, and resolving conflicts both internally and externally should they arise.

Management salary starts around $10.00 an hour. As you move up through the ranks though, you can make up to $70,000 a year as a store manager. Experienced managers can earn up to $90,000 a year, which is definitely something.

With so many options and opportunities, now is the time to head on over to that careers page and start on your Kroger application.