Careers & Employment at Kmart

There are certain stores that have just always been there it seems. Unless you’re immortal, or you’ve discovered the secret to living until you’re a few hundred years old, you probably don’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Kmart store around. I mean, it hasn’t been around since the dawn of time or anything, but it was around before Walmart people, which is saying something.

If you do remember it, you can skip past this opening part, also why are you looking for an entry-level job there if you’ve had all this time to apply? For shame immortal reader, for shame. For those of us that age at a normal rate, let’s talk about the Kmart application and how a career with this company can bring about great things for you.

Company History & Overview

The company didn’t begin with the name Kmart, in fact when the first seeds were planted for this tree to grow, it was 1912 and the company was named the S.S Kresge Corporation. They never start out with a catchy title, that’s something I’ve noticed. By this time, Kresge was already rolling in dough. The guy was worth a modern day equivalent of 5.16 billion dollars. Yeah, sorry Donald Trump, you’re fired.

With the onset of the Great Depression, things had to change for old money bags. There was a lot of downsizing and consolidating. Customers moved out of cities and settled down in suburbs, so the Kresge Company followed suit and closed a number of stores. Here’s the kicker though, see an executive named Harry Cunningham helped the S.S Kresge Corporation open their first Kmart store on March 1st of 1962 in Garden City, Michigan.

This was four months before the first Walmart opened! Wow, talk about winning by a nose. Nice one Kresge, I’ll give you a point there. The company grew quickly and put plenty of other stores out of business in its climb to greatness. In 1977 the company changed its name from something they would name an aircraft carrier, to the more modern Kmart Corporation.

Walmart had its vengeance in November 1990 when they surpassed Kmart. Even so, our little store that could was still the second largest retailer in the US. In 1995 the company introduced its original Blue Light Special, a sales program that has come and gone multiple times over the years. In recent memory, the special came back as an hour-long special on Saturdays for select merchandise.

The company operates through three different categories of discount department stores. These are divided into the standard stores, the large Kmart Super Center variety, and the Big Kmart stores that focus on fashion, children’s apparel, and pantry consumables. There are other varieties and spin-offs of these concepts throughout the country. The company has found success through exclusive merchandise lines supported by people like Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland, Jaclyn Smith, and more.

Kmart also gained popularity through its spokespersons which included the likes of Rosie O’Donnell and Penny Marshall. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in the Hoffman Estates building in Greater Chicago. The headquarters were moved here after the company was acquired by the Sears Holdings Corporation.

Kmart Application Online

Even though Kmart started back in the early 1900’s, the company has become more modernized as time went on. There is no paper application, everything is done online. Because the company is owned by the Sears Holdings Corporation, you can apply online through that career portal. This career page connects you to all of the stores and chains that the corporation owns.

When you arrive on the page, you’ll find that it’s very inviting and well structured. You can select a career path from several different options. There’s also a handy career path finder that allows you to have a recommendation formed based on your personal experience and goals. Through this fantastic and detailed resource you can fill out your employment forms and submit them online.

Most positions that become available will include entry-level jobs in various areas of the store. The company focuses on the customer’s experience, so you should apply and interview with that focus in mind. Show off your friendly personality and your ability to go above and beyond for the customers you interact with and that will provide the hiring manager with a great first impression.

There are also management positions which will require some experience and a high school diploma. You can increase your chances of receiving employment in this kind of position by having a higher education or at least five years of work experience. Specifically, you should also possess skills around organization, leadership, and motivating others.

Direct Competitors

The art of selling many types of items under one roof is a delicate one. Once you’ve applied here, see how others have made a successful go of it. Apply to Costco for the warehouse vibe. Fill out an employment form for Walmart, and if you feel like working in a mall, JCPenney is the next place to check out.

Typical Jobs and Salary Information

You only need to be sixteen years old to apply for a job with Kmart. At this age of course, only entry-level positions will be available. Higher positions will tote a minimum age requirement of eighteen. If you’re looking for a first time job, or some experience in this industry, Kmart will offer you a fantastic opportunity to develop and hone your skills.

The average salary for these positions depends on the level of experience. We’ll go into more detail specifically for each position, but always remember that experience and dedication will give you a better salary. We’ve put together a list with descriptions of the jobs you will typically find with Kmart:

1. Cashier

As a cashier, you are the one who handles all transactions, but more importantly you are the opportunity to provide exceptional customer service before the customer leaves the store. You want to focus on accurately ringing up the sale, but don’t forget to smile, ask how their day is going, and so on. There’s a reason they came to you instead of going to the self-checkout lane, I’m just saying. Salary for cashiers starts at minimum wage and leaves potential to make up to $8.00 an hour.

2. Associate

This title covers a number of positions on the store floor. Some examples include stocker, customer service desk, hardline and softline departments. Working as an associate will have you going where you’re needed typically and you will be cross-trained in multiple departments. You will be required to also assist customers and handle any issues that arise. Positions like this one start at $8.00 an hour and can go up from there.

3. Management

There are assistant and store manager positions in each store. As a manager, you will supervise the store, overseeing the daily operations and make split-second decisions. Things like store promotions, employee relations, and leadership will all be a major part of your role as a manager. Because of this, experience in retail management is a must, and candidates should possess a high school diploma. Assistant managers can make up to $45,000 a year, and store managers can make up to $70,000.

Tips for Applying, and Nailing the Interview

There are some basic things you should keep in mind as you go into your Kmart application, keyboard at the ready. First of all, keep in mind that if you have an open availability, that’s a huge plus. Being able to work at any hours of the company’s operation means you’re going to get good hours, and be considered more so than other candidates.

When you’re filling out the employment form, take special care to keep everything accurate and up-to-date. Errors will slow down your hiring process and make you look less prepared. When you’ve finished applying, it also wouldn’t hurt to stop by the store location and introduce yourself to a manager there. You should hear from Kmart within a week after submitting your employment forms.

For the interview, the biggest thing is to go in with confidence and understanding of the company’s values and purpose. With all the incredible information we somehow managed to contain in this single article, you have what you need. Dress nice, just under Sunday Best level, and answer all the questions honestly and concisely. We know you’ve got what it takes, so head over to the career portal and show them what you can bring to the company.