Kelly Services Online Job Forms & Careers

Kelly Services, Inc. is globally operated temporary staffing agency. They employ over 530,000 people in forty-one different countries. The Kelly Services application holds open the door to a world of potential employment opportunities for you.

Today we’ll take a look at the company’s history, working environment, and various potential employment opportunities that they offer. We will also look at their hiring process and different potential salary options for some of their available positions.

The Company’s History & Overview

Kelly Services is a publicly traded company in the industry of Professional services. The company was founded in 1946, by William Russell Kelly. It was originally called Russell Kelly Office Services.

Today they employ people in many different fields of employment, such as engineering, law, information technology, sciences, marketing, office services, accounting, healthcare, creative services, education, and more.

After the company was founded, they provided office services at their Kelly’s office instead of sending employees to the client’s offices. As clients began to request employees for temporary office work at their offices, the temporary staffing agency concept was created.

These temporary office workers were typically women, these women became known as “Kelly girls”. The first “Kelly girl” was Adelaide Hess Moran. The company changed its name to Kelly Girl Services in 1957, and the term “Kelly girl” was used for a temporary worker regardless of gender.kelly-services-storefront

The name was once again changed in 1966, it was changed to its present day name of Kelly Services, Inc. Kelly Services, Inc. services office all around the world. They are currently in forty-one countries worldwide.

Kelly Services has the unique ability to provide employment opportunities in several different fields and locations. Responsibilities and job descriptions will vary based on the position and field of employment.

Creative jobs may require deadlines with more flexible hours, while corporate office jobs may offer positions with weekends off and a set Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm schedule. Other positions may require years of experiences, and some jobs will be perfect for an entry-level position.

Kelly Services acts as an employment core center, which allows employers to find the best fit for their company’s needs. While also providing job seekers with a place to apply for several different jobs that they are well suited for.

Direct Competitors

Temporary service jobs are widely available for job seekers searching for work quickly. After checking out the job options offered with Kelly Services, Inc. Check out our pages for Labor Ready or Manpower, which are other major temporary staffing agencies with great opportunities for job seekers.

Kelly Services Application Online

Kelly Services makes finding a job simple with a well organized and easy to use career network. As well as offering many opportunities in different fields across the United States and throughout the world.

Common job postings involve work in the fields of customer service, accounting, technology, and education among others. Job seekers can create an account and set up job alerts for jobs similar to their desired position or field of employment.

You can apply online at the Kelly Services website. You’ll have access to thousands of job opportunities nationwide. You will be able to apply to temporary staffing jobs, temporary to permanent hire jobs, as well as direct hire jobs.

Job seekers can search open positions by location, category, career level, employment type, education requirements. This online career network allows job seekers to online to positions online and submit their resume.

Well-suited job candidates may receive callbacks or emails regarding the employment opportunities in as quickly as two to three days. Job seekers have the option of contacting the agency directly if contact is not made in regards to a job.

Recruiting agents may also contact job seekers in regards to other positions available that they may be well suited for. Job seekers also have to option to apply to more than one position, furthering their chances of finding employment.

While Kelly Services does offer several opportunities for temporary staffing, they also do offer employment opportunities for direct hire and temporary to hire positions.

Benefits and Salary Information

Since Kelly Services offers many different types of employment and in different fields of employment pay scales and benefits will vary based on positions.

Different employment opportunities can range from entry level pay rates of $8.00 to $10.00 an hour, to salary management positions with annual salaries of $40,00 to $70,000.

Many companies offer healthcare coverage or other insurance options to qualified temporary service employees. Some companies also offer floatable 401(K) retirement plans and bonus incentives.

Jobs positions with Kelly Services, Inc. offer competitive pay rates and employee benefit packages. Some positions offer life insurance, healthcare benefits, 401(K) retirement plans, and vacation time.

Final Thoughts

Your Kelly Services application can open a door to a world of employment opportunities. Whether it is a temporary staffing job or a direct hire job for your future career, Kelly Services can help find you the perfect fit.

So take advantage of their awesome career network and find your perfect new career!