Jobs in Fashion Retail Stores

Clothes, shoes, and jewelry; to some people these are just a means to an end, but to others the science behind their design and combination is a way of life. Yes, I’m talking about fashion, the world behind these articles of clothing and accessories. Are you interested in one of the many fashion retail jobs out there? You’ve found the right place to look then.

Here on EApplicants, we’ll bring you all of the latest news on these jobs and how they hire their associates. Whatever your place in this industry, one thing is for certain: the industry is always changing as I’m sure you know.

The Fashion Industry: A Brief Overview

pacsunBetween the various facets of the fashion world, there are over 1.5 million people currently employed across the various outlets, chains, and designer stores. In some cases they work on the floor interacting with customers but in other scenarios they work behind-the-scenes as well.

Here’s an overall breakdown of the total employees in this industry:

  • 70,000 people work as cashiers
  • 160,000 are supervisors or managers
  • 70,000 work in a stockroom or inventory management role
  • 10,000 are tailors

The most popular roles, especially for entry-level associates, tend to be the sales associate or salesperson responsibility. In this role you can expect to earn an average of $12.00 per hour based on your experience and tenure.

If you find yourself in a management position, the average hourly rate tends to be about $16.00 per hour in this capacity. Depending on where you work, there are also opportunities for commission based on your sales numbers. This can offer a great boon to your current salary if you are skilled at sales.

Qualifications and Typical Job Descriptions

For employment at an entry-level position, whether you’re looking to work for PacSun or Hot Topic, you most likely won’t need to have any higher education under your belt. In most cases, these positions will require a high school diploma or GED at the most.

For those who have aspirations for supervisory or management level positions, you may need to have a diploma or relevant college degree to be fully considered for a higher role in the company. Again, with entry level positions you also won’t need to have any previous experience. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park though.

For those without any prior job experience, you will need to be on your toes and constantly look for ways to showcase your personality and customer service oriented characteristics.  A knowledge of the fashion industry will go a long way in this type of scenario as well. Displaying the ability to make recommendations and showcase modern styles will negate any need for prior experience.

Your role in this position is going to be satisfying your customers and keeping them loyal to the brand while also hitting your sales goals for each period. It can be a balancing act but if you know about the brand and wear their clothes, you’ll already be on the right path toward closing those sales.

When working in fashion retail jobs, you will also need to possess a few other qualities. Being able to stand on your feet for long periods of time is one, as well as having availability to work on evenings and during major holidays when business is booming. It requires sacrifice to an extent, but it’s a rewarding career and one I recommend for those who are passionate about fashion.

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