Careers & Employment at JCPenney

I used to have this mall that we went to a lot when I was kid. I even worked there for a few years. Every time we needed new clothes, or we wanted to hang out or anything in between, we always went to that mall.

Of course, they had all those random clothing stores where they all seem to look the same to me, but we always shopped at JCPenney.

I considered filling out a JCPenney application, I honestly did. It was always clean, and the people were helpful. All my shirts, shoes, fancy ties and suits that I got from there were always great articles of clothing.

My mom used to go on and on about their deals and the coupons she could use there. You know how it goes, but this place has it down to a science.

Life had other plans for me.  However, I’ve come full circle it seems, to tell you about this company that has literally provided me with the clothes on my back for as long as I can remember.

I distinctly remember getting jewelry and cologne from there as well. Man, they sell everything! Join us as we learn about JCPenney’s unique American mid-range department stores. By the time you’ve heard what I have to say, you’ll be online filling out an employment form before you can say “clearance sale!”

A Company History & Overview

I’ve always believed that you should know who you’re working for. If you know the history and vision of the company, it makes it far easier to get into your job and let the passion come from there. It’s not enough to just come in and collect a paycheck.

As a nominee for one of the coolest names in retail founders, James Cash Penney was the founder of this chain of retail department stores. This was a guy who got his hands dirty, working in retail for years and relocating just to please the big wigs in the high rises. Eventually he broke free and opened his own store, taking what he had learned with him. By 1912, he had 34 stores in the Midwest Rocky Mountain area of the United States.

In 1913 the company incorporated under the name “J.C. Penney Company” and by 1917 the company had 175 stores in twenty-two states. Not even fire spreads that fast. A funny fact, in 1940, Sam Walton worked in a JCPenney store for several years before he went on to found Walmart. Clearly these stores train the best.

Today, JCPenney is one of the largest apparel and home furnishing retailers. With an ever evolving selection of top brands and a wide variety of products on offer from home appliances, cologne, perfume, jewelry, and apparel, the store has something for everybody.

Stores even offer optical centers and portrait studios. I’m fairly certain we had a few family photos done there; they looked good, though I’ve never felt that I was very photogenic.

While most JCPenney locations operated as anchors in suburban shopping malls, there have been some standalone locations, typically in power centers near other competitors. Not afraid to change, and not afraid to stare the competition in the eye. A JCPenney job application is your ticket to success with this company.

Direct Competitors

While JCPenney may be a fantastic place to work, the competitive job market practically dictates that you submit multiple employment forms to various companies for the best results. Given this, you should also submit an employment form to Walmart, which was started by an ex-JCPenney employee. Don’t forget Kohl’s, another similar company. My old mall still has both a JCPenney and Sears in it, so apply there as well as most malls will have both.

JCPenney Application Online

Following the trend of most modern companies, and saving a lot of people headaches trying to read the increasingly horrible handwriting that people are using nowadays, JCPenney has a jobs page on their website where you can fill out forms for employment.

You can search by location, or keyword. You can start applying at the age of 16, but higher level positions will require candidates to be 18 or older.

Once you’ve applied, this page also has an option to put in your email and be notified when new jobs become available. Even if you’re absolutely positive you’ll get the job (you should be after reading this), a resource like this could prove useful.

When applying, you will be asked about your work availability. As tempting as it may be to say you don’t work weekends, try to make your schedule as open as possible.

The more available a candidate is, the higher the consideration they receive. In addition, if you are in college, I’ve got a great opportunity for you to consider. On the college careers page of the company website, you can view careers and internships in the following fields:

  • Stores
  • Supply Chain
  • Corporate

You can send JCPenney your information, including your GPA, and be considered for some very lucrative careers and internships that can lead into successful jobs when you’re finished with college.

Knowing this option, even if you’re in school and you’re worried about getting a job, this is a great way to make your school work for you.

The entire applying process can be done online, but don’t stop here. Just because you put together this amazing application with completely accurate information, doesn’t mean you’re finished.

The ones who go above and beyond are the ones who get hired. What does this look like? Well, I suggest starting by memorizing the item catalog which is like a billion pages.

Oh, they don’t have those anymore? Well, the next best thing is to stop into the store you applied to online. Seek out a manager and introduce yourself, mentioning that you’re seeking employment and you’ve already applied online.

Drop a name, maybe a phone number. If you have a business card, not only are you awesome, but give them that. On second thought, if they are business cards that say something stupid like “Bikini Inspector” then leave them out.

Benefits and Salary Information

From your first day with the company, you’ll notice how well they treat their employees. With generous starting pay, plenty of growth opportunities, and discounts on store items, the benefits begin from day one. As you gain tenure with the company, you get to dip your hands in the ol’ benefits package pot.

Qualified workers will also have access to 401(k) retirement plans, medical, dental, and vision coverage, in addition to life insurance options. Time with the company will also give you the chance to gain some paid time off.

Let me tell you something, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, more satisfying that spending an entire day doing nothing or going on vacation and knowing that each and every day is paid for.

In an entry-level position, you will receive minimum wage to start, but there are additional chances to get some extra dough through performance incentives and commission on sales. In loss prevention or management jobs, the pay increases significantly. LP positions offer between $9.00 and $12.00 an hour, while managers can earn annual salaries up to $100,000.

Thank you as always for reading, and don’t forget to check out our other job pages, once you’re finished filling out your JCPenney application. If you need to come back here to refresh on the wealth of information I just provided to you, feel free. You’re always welcome here.