Jack in the Box Online Employment Form

When I think of a Jack in the Box, I’m not thinking about burgers, tacos, or even eggrolls for that matter. I’m not even thinking about food frankly, but apparently someone was when they started the company. Known primarily for their hamburger and cheeseburger options, this fast food chain has been around for quite some time, and with such a varied menu, it’s amazing you haven’t filled out a Jack in the Box application already. Whatever the reason for the oversight, I will show you how it’s done, and throw in a few valuable tips because I like you.

Let’s start off by running down the procedure here. We’re going to delve into the company’s history and learn about who they are, how they started, and why you should work there. Then, we’ll talk about the online employment forms and the hiring process. When all is said and done, we may even get into salary and benefit options, who knows? Let’s not delay this any longer though, because like a Jack in the Box, it could pop open any second. Like now for example.

Why Work Here?

America was built on a lot of things like liberty, apple pie, hot dogs, and Bald Eagles. It was also built on business and commerce. The classic burger joints laid the foundation for the fast food enterprises we see today.

Enter Jack in the Box, an American fast-food restaurant founded by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego California. To this day, the company is still headquartered there. What does that tell us? Well, for starters, it’s stable. You see, the company was founded way back in 1941 and back then it was called Topsy’s Drive-In.

Jack in the BoxEventually as things expanded, it went through some name changes until 1947 when Peterson purchased the rights for an intercom box concept. At this point, the restaurant locations also featured a circus style interior decoration and focused on drawing of a starry-eyed clown. This was before Hollywood ruined clowns forever, back when they were delightful characters. After purchasing the rights, Peterson converted a location in San Diego into the first “Jack in the Box.” The concept focused on a drive-thru which was nothing new, but this one had a spin on the old formula.

While pulling through the drive-thru, customers used a two-way intercom box like we see today, only back then this concept was brand-new and exciting. While one customer was being served at the window, more orders could be taken through the intercom to speed up the service.

The box had a clown’s head on it with the message “pull forward, Jack will speak to you.” This is the part where you throw your hands up in the air and do one of those “Oh, I get it!” moments. Jack was the voice in the box, not the traditional kind that I referred to in the beginning.

Of course, I still haven’t told you why you should work here. Let’s put innovation on the list. These guys came up with the modern drive-thru, that’s something. Speaking of innovation, the restaurant’s menu offers Americanized versions of ethnic food like egg rolls and tacos. There are also burritos and poppers (cream cheese stuffed deep-fried jalapeno peppers). In addition, the menu rotates every few months to include things like Philly cheesesteak, and deli style sandwiches.

Primarily though, this is still a burger joint at heart. With a wide variety of hamburgers, cheeseburgers and all different kinds of crazy combinations, the menu is quite something.

So, why should you work here then? Well, we all want a stable job, and this place isn’t going anywhere. We all love great food and service, also present here, and we love companies that innovate and bring new ideas to the table. Check, check, and check again! Who wouldn’t be convinced at this point? Let’s find how you to apply!

Direct Competitors

Let’s tap the brakes here for a minute folks. It’s always smart to apply for multiple companies in your job search, it’s smart and it increases your odds of being hired. If you like burgers, check out our articles on Burger King and McDonalds. If you would rather diversify with another type of fast food, check out the in-depth descriptions of Subway and Chick-Fil-A. Don’t forget, this same company also owns Qdoba Mexican Grill. Happy hunting on your job search!

Jack in the Box Application Online

This story starts like most do with your trip to the careers page of the Jack in the Box website. Here you find search options for your “areas of talent” and location. This allows you to find and narrow down a job position in no time at all. Whether you have some experience, or none at all, there are plenty of options for you here. As the website states, the company is looking for people who are “ready to work hard and have a good time doing it.” Nice and easy, something we can all wrap our heads around I imagine.

The online employment form is accessed through the job’s landing page. You’ll see some basic information about the position, and you’ll be able to apply using your email or one of several professional social network profiles. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to be someone who brings a lot of energy and passion to the workplace. Jack in the Box is a team oriented company who values people that can work together to provide the best possible service and food to their customers.

A flexible schedule will also go a long way here because team members will typically rotate or switch their shifts on a weekly basis, so you will need to be available to fill in shifts or work during all hours of the restaurant’s operation. Just about any position that you work in will require you to speak and engage with customers, so having a customer-focused attitude is also very important.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow within Jack in the Box as well. For lack of a better term, the company thought outside the box and came up with an advanced training tool called Jack’s University where is an employee advancement program that allows you to learn new skills and pick up valuable experience to move up in the company. This company leads the way in terms of health guidelines and employee safety, making it one of the best food service companies to work for.

Employment Positions and Salary Options

The most common positions are listed below with accompanying salary information:

  1. Team Member – this is an entry-level position where you run the drive-thru window and ensure that all customers have a positive experience. You’ll operate cash registers and food prep stations as well. Everyone in the team works together to keep things clean and organized as well. The starting pay here is minimum wage with potential raises occurring as you gain tenure.
  1. Team Leader – Jack in the Box trains leaders who can create a team dynamic. Your responsibilities here include training new hires, modeling good behaviors, and maintaining the highest level of quality and safety in everything that you, and your team does. This position requires a high school diploma or GED and some experience beforehand. The salary for this position hovers between $8.50 and $10.50 per hour.
  1. Manager – This position has both an assistant, and store manager level. This is a full-time position and represents a major step in your career with the company. You will oversee all the store’s daily operations, and ensure that everyone is doing their part. In addition, you will hire new employees and ensure they are trained to the company standards. Salary for this position hovers between $35,000 and $50,000 per year depending on your manager level.

You’ve got everything you need my friends. Head online and fill out your Jack in the Box application today!