Hollister Online Employment Form

Working in the fashion industry can be equal parts rewarding and exhausting. Trends, fads, and designs change more than the seasons each year and it can be hard to keep up with it.

That being said, if it’s your passion, you’ll always find a way. So, you’ve got your eyes on a Hollister application I see? As a lifestyle brand of Abercrombie & Fitch, I don’t blame you one bit.

The Abercrombie & Fitch legacy is a massive one, and Hollister is just one fold within their many lines of clothing.

What makes it unique though, and how do you get hired? These are the questions we need to be asking and they also happen to be the ones I will answer for you. Read on as we examine the company history and culture, how to apply, and ways you can give yourself an edge over the competition.

The Company’s History and Atmosphere

Sometimes known as Hollister Co or HCo, this company is an American lifestyle brand owned by the Abercrombie & Fitch Company. Originally, this separate line of clothing was intended to target customers between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. The idea was to offer the same value and fashion at a lower price than the main brand.

As time went on the SoCal and NorCal brands brought about the desire to start selling image and casual lines of clothing. In 2008, the company was surveyed in the West Coast amongst teenagers by Piper Jaffray and it came up as the second highest ranking brand in the US.

While your first impression of their fashion may lead you to believe it’s a hardcore surfing line of clothes, that’s actually not the case.

Hollister storefrontAn Abercrombie & Fitch spokesperson by the name of Hampton Carney clarified by saying “We’re not going after the core surfing market. It’s more about the lifestyle and inspiration, rather than the actual activity.”

The company was actually founded recently in 2000, but there is a fictional history behind it that involves the founder, John Hollister senior, emigrating from New York to the Dutch East Indies and starting the company when he returned to the U.S. in 1922.

In reality, the first Hollister location opened in July of the year 2000 at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. Success came fast and furious for the company and it eventually outpaced the A&F brand which is quite shocking.

As I mentioned earlier, they were targeting the 14 to 18 year old demographic. Instead they usually sell to customers aged between 12 and 30.

The company continues to expand to this day. With locations in Canada and London, the clothing line is certainly finding a lot of success.

To increase the beachside feel of the stores, the company also spent ten million dollars in 2007 to install video walls into their U.S. stores. These walls, which are pretty awesome, play a live-feed from Surf City Huntington Beach, California. This gives the stores that beach atmosphere.

In terms of actual merchandise, clothing is sold under names of Southern California, or SoCal, beaches. Prices are marked down 20% in these stores when compared to the A&F counterparts.

This is done to attract the high school demographic. The types of clothing you’ll find here are graphics crew and t-shirts, polos, henleys, cardigans, pullovers, outerwear, slim jeans, cologne, perfume, boxers, and more.

The store’s beach oriented atmosphere is fueled by various elements of the interior and exterior of each location.

The video walls mentioned earlier were implemented in all stores. The exterior is meant to resemble a beach shack which makes it stand out from other stores in shopping malls. Shuttered windows, and use of light and dark brown patterns aid in this effect. There is also a teal boardwalk composed of three steps that leads up to the entrance.

Eventually, the company plans to also include a low-hanging chandelier in the front of every store.

The interior of each store is divided into separate rooms. One is for “Dudes” and the other is for “Bettys.” There is a central area which advertises body care and fragrances. The walls of the store are lined with surfboards, wallpaper, and potted palm trees.

Music wise, the company plays a monthly selection of surfer inspired tunes to round out the ambiance of each location. It may seem odd to know how the store is designed and decorated, but since you’ll be spending a lot of time here working, it’s nice to know what the store is like. Let’s move on to the hiring process, shall we?

Direct Competitors

Clothing is quite the exciting and competitive industry. In this field of fashion, there are no shortages to your options.

I would recommend checking out Forever 21 after you’re done here since they are very similar in culture to this company. Old Navy also rocks the same kind of young and hip feel. If you like your stores big and bright, apply to Macy’s as well.

Hollister Application Online

Trying to apply to Hollister online is like trying to get into a VIP club at a major downtown area. It’s protected by a password/bouncer so you won’t be able to do much without that.

This restricted access is purposeful though, it requires you to start by going into the store and filling out a paper form which I think is better for everyone involved.

If you need help finding a store, you can visit the careers page of the Abercrombie & Fitch website since they own the Hollister brand.

While you won’t be able to apply online as I was saying, you can still find a location and head in to speak with the hiring manager. This webpage also affords you several resources that I have taken the liberty of showing you here.

1. Job Requirements

There is a specific list of requirements for part-time positions with Hollister. These include some basic tenants like having a positive attitude, an awareness of diversity in both your customers and co-workers, and more. Here is a more comprehensive list for your benefit:

  • Integrity
  • Fast learner
  • Passion for fashion and the Hollister brand
  • A strong work ethic
  • Great communication skills

You have all these things, but in the short time you’ll have to introduce yourself and fill out the forms, you’ll need to be strategic about demonstrating them. This means showing up wearing Hollister brand clothing and showcasing an upbeat and positive personality to really put off a great first impression.

2. Job Responsibilities

While Hollister can offer you a lot of different career paths, the best way to start is in an entry-level position unless you have a lot of prior experience. Here are some of the responsibilities you’ll have when you start working here:

  • Multi-tasking skills
  • The ability to adapt quickly
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A focus on great customer service
  • Maintaining company mandated conduct and uniform standards
  • Stocking, merchandising, and cashiering

While You Wait for the Call

The hardest part of applying to any job is the grueling wait for the phone call that tell you it’s time for the interview. While it may take some time, there are still plenty of things you can do while you’re waiting. For example, do you have a LinkedIn profile? If not, you should. It’s like a professional Facebook. Great for networking and building a strong resume.

You should also follow up several days after you’ve turned in your Hollister application. Speak with the manager either in person during slow hours, or on the phone and politely inquire as to the status of your employment.

This isn’t something you should do incessantly or constantly, but a friendly checkup shows that you’re dedicated.

Thanks as always for reading folks and remember to keep the company’s focus and culture in mind when you present yourself. A knowledgeable and passionate candidate if the secret ingredient to any successful job inquiry.