Goodwill Employment Options

Donating just feels good, you know? You have something, and you’d like to sell it, maybe make some money, but then you have to stop and think. Fair warning, I’m about to get real existential here. You think about all the people out there who could use what you have, who have nothing, or they struggle each day just to survive. There’s something fundamental inside all of us that wants to help our fellow man or woman and Goodwill understands that.

By working here, which can happen when you complete a Goodwill application, you can become part of a team of people who care about helping others. For example, I just moved and I donated a bunch of stuff like a table, a couch, some chairs, just stuff that I didn’t need, but things people might need. I even gave away a metric ton of clothes that don’t fit me anymore, because there’s always someone who needs clothes. How do I feel about it? Fantastic actually.

Company Overview & History

Goodwill Industries International or just Goodwill for friends like yourself, is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization that provides job training, employment placement services, and other community based programs for people who have disabilities or veterans looking for jobs. People who don’t have past experience or higher level education are also welcome to find work through the company.

Goodwill itself is funded through a network of retail thrift stores which also operate as a non-profit entity. The company describes their profit status as such:

“A unique hybrid called a social enterprise, we defy traditional distinctions. Instead of a single bottom line of profit, we hold ourselves accountable to a triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance.”

goodwill bookstoreGoodwill has 165 community-based organizations in Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, the United States, Canada, and 8 other countries. 82% of their revenue is used to provide employment, training, and support services to over 4.2 million people. The logo of the company is also a stylized G which looks like a smiling face.

Goodwill started in 1902 when Reverend Edgar J. Helms of the Morgan Methodist Chapel in Boston Massachusetts started it as a mission for his ministry. The people in his congregation assisted him in gathering used household goods, clothing, and other items that were discarded by their owners. The employees repaired the items if need be and redistributed them to those who were in need. Today, the company has some specific donation policies, but the concept still remains the same. They do specify which items they can, and cannot accept. Items that are donated are sold in their retails stores or as bulk lots.

Goodwill typically does not take auto parts, furniture showing damage, large appliances, or exercise equipment. In addition, they cannot accept hazardous materials like paint, medication, doors, wood, nails, or anything like that. Usually the company accepts donations of clothing, shoes, books, accessories, dishes, household decorations, and consumer electronics. In some cases, depending on regional laws, these donations can be used as a tax deduction.

Goodwill Application Online

Goodwill prides itself in providing jobs to anyone and everyone. If you’re interested in working for the company itself, you can visit the careers page of the website to start. Take a moment to explore this page as it has a lot of helpful information about the company and what opportunities are available to you should you apply. When applying for a job with the company, remember these core values as they are displayed on the company page, and therefore would be a great point of conversation when you’re being interviewed.

  • Respect – Treating everyone around you with dignity and respect
  • Stewardship – Honoring our heritage by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible
  • Ethics – striving to meet the highest ethical standards
  • Learning – Challenging each other to strive for excellence and to continuously learn.
  • Innovation – embracing continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change.

Got those down? Good, the next step is to search for a local store near you. I just entered my city, and it automatically found me one. You’ll see a specific website for that location, so click the link to go there. You’ll see a job link front and center where you can browse open positions and apply online through a simple to use form.

When filling out the application mark that you have open availability unless there’s something more pressing that you have going on like school or college classes. Having a variable schedule is a very positive characteristic that the company looks for. Don’t worry if you can’t fill the form with past experience, a positive attitude is the most important thing to show here.

You will usually hear back within a week, and it contacting the hiring manager or visiting them in person is always encouraged. Remember to stop by or call during slow business hours and don’t follow up more than once or twice while waiting to hear back.

Positions and Salary Information

1. Sales Associate

In this position, your primary duties will include organizing and straightening merchandise around the store, directing customer to sections they are looking for, and helping them finalize their purchases. This position begins as a part-time job, but with tenure can grow into a full-time position. Starting pay is around minimum wage, with options as high as $9.00 per hour or more as you gain experience and raises.

2. Cashier

This is a great entry-level position that involves basic customer service duties and mild responsibilities. You’ll be operating cash registers, returning items to shelves, greeting customers, and performing other similar tasks. You’ll need to be able to stand for long periods of time. For this position, no experience is required, but showing a passion for giving back and an understanding of donations and how they benefit those in need would be great things to exemplify. Starting pay starts around minimum wage but can go up to $9.00 per hour or more.

3. Manager

As a manager with Goodwill, you will be expected to further the company’s mission to bring help to those in need and supervise the daily operation of the retail location that you preside over. This title covers multiple positions include shift supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager titles. Besides leading other team members, you will also be hiring news ones which means that a good judge of character is a skill you’ll need. Of course, you can work your way up to this position, or if you have experience, apply online.

As a Goodwill manager you can start earning around $12.00 per hour and eventually earn salaries of up to $45,000 per year. Managers also have access to a wide range of employment benefits.

Benefits When Working with The Company

These are the benefits you can expect to see when working with the company. As always tenure brings with it more options:

  • Paid Training
  • Generous Wages
  • Career Development Tools
  • Paid Time Off
  • Healthcare Coverage
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance Options

There you have it, donating and giving to those in need feels good, but filling out a Goodwill application feels better because you’re joining a team of people dedicated to bettering the lives of those in need. Nothing feels better than working for a company that cares not only about its employees, but also about making the world a better place.

There are many different positions available through Goodwill, be sure to check out the careers page today and apply online. No experience required, and you’ll feel great about your job.