Careers & Employment at Forever 21

They say diamonds are forever, that love is forever. Well, I would have loved to be forever 21, let me tell you. That’s a great year in anyone’s life, and while we haven’t figured out how to make it happen, one company will let you feel like you never left that glorious year of your life (or it may just fast forward time for you).

With a Forever 21 application, you can start working with a company that has never once left the public gaze of fashion. They are making money hand-over-fist, and soon you will too. The best part?

You don’t need tons of experience to work here. The name is young and hip, so are the people working there. Let’s find out where they came from, who they are, and how you can get a career started today.

Forever 21’s History and Culture

Forever 21 is an American chain of fashion retailers. The company’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, California so they’re at the heart of fashion that much is certain. In 2013, this monster of a clothing company made $3.7 billion dollars.

They were also ranked as the 122nd largest private company in America by Forbes Magazine.

Sounds like a pretty tasty pie, doesn’t it? Their stores have been expanding too, along with the company’s sustained growth in recent years. Malls are offering stores as large as 9,000 square feet, and several XXI flagship stores are 24,000 square feet in size! Clearly they’re going to need a lot of people to run those stores.

Andrea Chang, a writer for the Los Angeles Times commented on the success of the company, attributing it to a selection of modern and trendy clothing options for both men and women.

Prices are right where they need to be for people to afford these latest fashions, and the store also sells beauty products and accessories in addition to clothing.

Forever 21The founders of Forever 21 were Don Won Chang, and his wife, Jin Sook Chang. They emigrated from South Korea to America in 1981.

When they arrived, Don took notice of the luxury cars that were currently being manufactured in that time and it inspired him to start a line of clothing that was equally luxurious.

Originally the store was called Fashion 21 but was later renamed to the current title.

Today, Don is still the CEO of the company, and combined with his wife they have a net worth of $5 billion. In September of 2013, they were ranked 264 on Forbes Magazine’s World Billionaires list.

Other portions of the business, specifically the marketing and visuals, are handled by the two daughters of the couple; Linda and Esther.

The first store opened in 1984 in Los Angeles and the designs were meant to be reminiscent of South Korean fashion. The first year saw sales of $700,000. As of 2013 there were 480 stores which brought in $3.7 billion in sales. Before we move into specifics about applying with the company, here are some interesting facts from the website:

  • Forever 21 is the 5th largest retailer in the United States
  • One customer almost had her baby in one of the stores. The child’s name was Tiev Forever Golding.
  • The average store is 38,000 square feet. The largest location is 162,000 sq. ft., and the original store is only 900 sq. ft.
  • The building where the first store is located saw three previous tenants fail, Forever 21 was the first one to succeed in that location.
  • Despite the massive growth, the company is still family owned as mentioned previously.

Direct Competitors

Clothing stores are a dime-a-dozen, but they all bring a unique sense of fashion to the table. If you like the look of this store, check out Old Navy for an equally unique approach.

JCPenney is always looking for great people as well. Finally, I would recommend Ross for style on a budget and a wide range of products to sell.

Forever 21 Application Online

There are two methods of applying for Forever 21. The first option is to head online to the careers page of the company website and apply there. The second option is to stop into the store and fill out the forms by hand.

It’s a tough call in situations like this because both options have their pros and cons. To help you decide, I’ve broken down these characteristics below:

1. Applying Online

Most people will instantly jump at the chance to apply online, and while it is convenient, there are some downsides to this option. On the one hand, this method allows you to have all of your information handy so you can double check for accuracy.

On the other hand, you won’t be able to truly shine and show your personality through an online form. A way around this is to apply online and then stop into the store, but at that point you could also just apply in-person.

The biggest benefit to this option is the ability to easily fact-check yourself and ensure complete accuracy.

2. Applying in-person

Not every company offers paper forms in their stores, but Forever 21 does. This is something you should take advantage of as the job is very heavily weighed on people with personality and fashion knowledge.

When you head to your closest location, wear clothing from the store. That is by far the best way to show your dedication to the company and your knowledge of their fashions.

In addition, applying in-person affords you the opportunity to speak with a hiring manager and introduce yourself.

In a sales oriented job like this one, having a strong personality and great customer service is an absolute must. You can showcase these things in a short conversation with the manager when you stop in to fill out your employment forms.

After you’ve filled out The Forms

You may be wondering what happens when the forms are filled out. You may think that there’s nothing left to be done in that scenario.

While most people will sit around and wait for the call, you’re not most people. Securing your position with the company can be done in a number of ways once the forms are in place. Here are a few tips to take with you on the road ahead:

1. Make a LinkedIn Profile (Or Improve Your Current One)

Ever heard of LinkedIn? Well, you’re about to get really comfortable with it if you haven’t. This is a professional social media site where you can make a profile filled with your educational and business related accomplishments.

Think of it like a business focused Facebook and you’ll be on the right track. This website allows you to have an ever evolving, career oriented page that acts like a super-powered resume. Once you have the profile up, find people in the Forever 21 community and network with them, introducing yourself as someone excited to work with the company.

2. Become Familiar with the Company

Hey wow, you’re already on track to ace this one! Prior to the interview, becoming a Forever 21 guru is going to massively increase your chances of being hired (probably on the spot).

Fashion is an ever shifting and ever changing industry, so being on top of the game is a great way to showcase your dedication and drive.

My recommendation? Bookmark this page, keep the company’s culture and history in the forefront of your mind, and start stocking up on work appropriate attire from the store. Other than that, I wish you the best of luck filling out your Forever 21 application and starting your career with the company.