Career Opportunities at Footaction

Footaction is part of the larger Foot Locker company, but it carves out its own niche in the market by offering more stylized and urban shoes. If we’re comparing these to cars, and honestly, why wouldn’t we, then Footaction shoes are street legal, compared to the sports cars of Foot Locker.

Sound interesting? Read on to find out how you can fill out a Footaction application and what the company is looking for in their potential employees.

The Company’s Culture and History

Footaction is a subsidiary of Foot Locker Inc. which primarily sells American sportswear and footwear. The company’s main headquarters is in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company has a total of 3,921 stores in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

In terms of Footaction, there are about 320 locations in total. A trip to the website describes the culture as a place where “your music is your life’s personal soundtrack.” They are looking for people who  know what’s hip and in style.Footaction-Storefront

As they put it, “you own and want the coolest, rarest sneakers on the market because you know that anyone with style dresses feet first.” The sense of style here in undeniable, and Footaction knows what they want. They are looking for people with swagger inspired by the street.

Customer service, and a dedication to the fashion of footwear are the major requirements for working here. Personalized attention and unique products define the company’s reputation. Fast and straightforward communication are all part of the company’s culture.

They are looking for independent people who like to get things done.

Direct Competitors

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Footaction Application Online

Footaction focuses on stylish shoes and apparel in their stores. The locations are strategically placed to constantly receive high volumes of foot traffic (pun intended) so you should be alright with working in intense business situations.

During a normal work day, you will interact with customers and make recommendations based on the customer’s needs. Customer service and sales focus are the two main things the company is looking for in its employees.

You will be working on the floor and at the register during various parts of the day, so being able to multitask and change roles on the fly is important. You won’t need prior experience to quality for an entry-level position. Manager positions, however, will require some prior experience, or time with the company.

To apply, head over to the career page of the Footaction website. You can complete the online employment forms, but you’ll need to do so in one sitting. If you have to leave and come back, you’ll have to start again. They do this for security and privacy purposes.

All of the data you input on the website is private and secure, so don’t worry about answering all of the questions as they are presented to you. A criminal record check will be required as well, but it’s standard procedure.

Salary and Benefits Information

The minimum age to apply here is 16. This will qualify you for entry-level positions at the sales associate level. You will work on the floor and assist customers with recommending and trying on various products. Minor lifting may be required for stocking the shelves and backroom.

The entry-level position starts at minimum wage and rises over time and with promotions. Management positions come with different responsibilities. Opening and closing the store is one example, but managers will also hire and train new employees, all while making sure the daily operations run smoothly.

Assistant managers will make between $10 and $11 per hour, while full-time managers receive salary options up to $45,000 and higher.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect working here. Keep in mind that many of them will come with time and tenure:

  • Competitive pay
  • Salary options
  • Paid training
  • Career growth opportunities
  • 401(k) Retirement plans
  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Employee discounts

Final Thoughts

Footaction is the kind of company that anyone would want to work for. They have a strong history and a growing company tied to them. Your Footaction application is all you need to join this amazing team of people with style and fashion.

Everything you need to know is right here on this page. Thanks for reading be sure to check out our others pages to give yourself as many opportunities as possible. Best of luck in your career!