Employment & Careers at Food City

To be completely honest, I would visit a place called Food City in a heartbeat. The only place that would be better would be Gold City or maybe Free Money City. As you can probably tell by the name, this is a supermarket chain that specializes in all things food and several more bonus items you wouldn’t expect.

Here’s a bonus for you actually: they are always hiring, so let’s find out how you can fill out a Food City application and start a rewarding career in this industry.

Our mothers used to always tell us that we’ve got to eat and that simple truth has fueled an entire world of grocery stores and supermarkets.

We’ll cover the store’s history, their hiring process, and what benefits you can earn for working there. Let’s dig in!

Who is This Company? Where did They Come From?

Food City is not an actual city, but it is a U.S. supermarket chain with stores located in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. There are a number of house labels available within each store location:

  • Food Club
  • Top Crest
  • ValuTime
  • Food City Fresh
  • Food City Premium
  • Full Circle
  • Domestix
  • Electrix
  • Academix
  • Pet Club

In addition to these labels, many of which enjoy putting the letter “X” in all kinds of odd places, Food City is also the exclusive distributor of several other brands ranging from bread, to snacks, to ice cream and even dog food.

The company is owned by K-VA-T Food Stores which is a family and employee owned corporation.

This parent company owns not only Food City, but also Misty Mountain Spring Water and several other grocery stores and gas stations. If you need it, odds are they probably sell it. The parent company traces its roots back to 1955 when a man named Jack Smith, with the help of his father, uncle, and cousin, opened his first 8,000 square-foot Piggly Wiggly store in Grundy, Virginia.

Things started out strong and the company grew until 1984, at which point they purchased Quality Foods which was a 19-store company founded in 1918. This purchased company operated under a name we would recognize: Food City.

Food CityThey adopted Food City as the main flagship to their company and purchased 43 additional stores in 1989 which doubled the company’s size.

Acquisitions happened left and right and the company grew across Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia like wildfire.

November of 2005 marked the company’s 50th anniversary and to celebrate they opened a 46,500 square-foot store in Vansant, Virginia which is just outside of Grundy.

In October of 2008, they opened their 100th store in Rogersville, Tennessee. Finally, the largest Food City location was opened on February of 2012 in the city of Bristol, Virginia. This location was 58,000 square feet with a second floor that consisted of an additional 8,000 square feet. The company has continued expanding in recent years. They are now including pharmacies and gas stations in their repertoire.

Food City is also very involved with the local communities it serves. They partner with Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee to sell locally grown produce in their stores which helps out the farmers and satisfies the demands of the customers.

The company also sponsors two NASCAR races called the Food City 500 and the Food City 300, both of which are held at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

This has earned them the titles of the second longest running sponsor in NASCAR history. The company also contributes countless dollars to local organizations through their Family Race Night events. What’s nice too is that the company is family and employee owned.

The CEO and president, Steve Smith said recently that “About 14% of the company is owned by our associates, and that continues to grow every year through our profit-sharing plan.”

The company generates almost $2 billion in revenue every year and they are consistently ranked high on the largest supermarket chains lists and 269th on Forbes Magazine’s List of the Largest Privately-Held Companies. This is all making it sound like you want to work here I imagine, so let’s find out how it’s done.

Direct Competitors

Supermarkets are all over the place, but if you look closely they all have something different to offer. Take Wegman’s for example, it’s such a unique structure and level of quality to their selection. Maybe you want to work there, or maybe you’d rather keep things small like Publix, who knows? Try looking into Stop and Shop as well, the instructions are in the name after all. Whichever one you decide to apply to, be sure to read my articles on them for maximum information.

Food City Application Online

Food City has their own smartphone app, so you know they’re on the forefront of technology. That being said, the online employment inquiry process is very streamlined and simple.

You’ll be applying through the parent company’s job portal. There are two ways to apply:

1. Apply to a Location

The default selection allows you to fill out a general employment form for a location near you. You’ll need to provide the state, city, and zip code for the location if you’re applying this way.

In this instance, your information will be used to try and find a job opportunity in that location that meets your qualifications.

This is a good option if your location doesn’t have any positions available that you’re of. If you’re undecided you can use this as a means to get your foot in the door and let them decide where you would do best.

2. Apply to an Open Position

This is more of the traditional route when it comes to applying. You will be able to choose from a number of categories and positions therein.

Once you’ve found one, like cashier for example, you will provide the same information above to find a location where you can apply. There are plenty of job options in this company. Everything from traditional grocery store positions, to pharmacy, fuel, and even the distribution center.

Regardless of how you choose to apply, you’ll need to provide some personal information to complete the process. Be sure to have these things handy when you’re ready to apply:

  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license information
  • Employment history
  • Personal and professional references

Salary Information

Each department of Food City requires multiple personnel to make it function properly. Everything from the front end, to the bakery, deli, seafood, and more has opportunities for you to start your career.

There are numerous locations spread across Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky so if you live in any of those areas, you’re bound to find a location.

The minimum hiring age is 16 and there are plenty of entry-level options for those looking to gain some experience in the industry and work their way up into a successful career. The pay rates aren’t too shabby either.

The average hourly rate working as a grocery clerk is between $8.00 and $9.00.

Cashiers hover around the same rate of pay, more so if they are experienced or have tenure with the company.

When it comes to management in Food City, there are several levels. It begins with department managers who earn between $10.00 and $12.00 hourly. Assistant managers start with a salary around $30,000 yearly. When you reach the level of Store Manager, you can make upwards of $45,000 per year.

Go Start Your Career!

That’s all there is to it folks. This information is key to building up a successful career for yourself when you fill out your Food City application. Best of luck to you in your career!