Jobs in Fast Food Restaurants

You know that craving you get when it’s three in the morning and you realize you’re incredibly hungry? I know it’s not just me, because fast food places exist partially for that reason. The name is self-explanatory, referring to establishments that prepare and serve food with incredible speed.

Cheeseburger from Fast Food

The idea began in the 1950’s for Americans, but the concept stretches all the way back to Ancient Rome, where cities had street stands that sold things like bread, sausage, and wine. The term fast food refers to food sold in a restaurant or store that has preheated or precooked ingredients.

Fast food jobs are very popular amongst entry level applicants. Many locations are looking to fill positions that require very little experience and provide on-site training. Since these places have become so popular, especially after the establishment of take-out and drive-thru options, the rapid growth of various franchises and chains has opened up plenty of potential employment for those seeking it.

Fast Food Jobs: Careers and Employment Forms

The concept of speed here goes past the rate at which food is prepared. A career in fast food offers the ability to climb the company ladder faster than you can say “Quarter Pounder with cheese.” You can move from a basic position, to one of leadership and management in very little time, provided you have the right attitude and determination.

Higher positions will offer lucrative pay, and with so many opportunities to rise up in the ranks, you will have no problem making a career with the company of your choice. Some great places to check out are Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Boston Market, Bojangles, and Chick-fil-A. Here are some potential job positions you can submit your application for:

1. Cashier/Drive-Thru Positions

With some quick training, you can be at the front lines of the business, taking orders and finalizing transactions.

Teenagers and Fast Food Jobs

This would be a fast paced position, but you would be mostly stationary, responsible for handling the money being exchanged and taking orders from customers. Attention to detail is an important quality here as many people will have special requests to go with their orders.

You can also work in a similar capacity as a drive-thru representative. Here you will take orders through an intercom and provide a similar service as the cashier, albeit through a window instead of having the customer standing before you.

2. Cook Positions

Another option is to work in the back end of the establishment. Here, you would take orders as they are placed and prepare the food accordingly. Much of it will be pre-cooked, you will only need to heat it up and apply the individual ingredients. This will require fast hand-eye coordination as you will prepare hundreds of orders a day. Time will fly though, as you prepare food with lightning quick reflexes.

3. Delivery Positions

When working for certain companies, delivery may be within their repertoire. You would of course need a mode of transportation to apply, but this would allow you to get around and receive tips for your travels. Skilled drivers and great customer service skills would be important to nailing a position like this. Still, there’s nothing better than getting paid to deliver food.

There are of course many more options to rise up through the ranks of the various fast food jobs out there. These are just some examples that you may come across. Please visit our various company specific pages for more information about the specific positions available. Thank you for reading and enjoy your career in the fast food industry!