Famous Footwear Online Forms & Careers

Not too many people hate shoes. Actually most love them. Now imagine working in a place full of shoes and getting to help people chose which to buy. Sounds pretty great! This is what you get if you fill out a Famous Footwear application. This company is nationwide and full of great shoes at discount prices. Let us tell you about the company and how to apply to work with all those shoes.

The History and Expansion of the Company

Famous Footwear started in the 1960s as a single shoe store called Neil’s Factory Shoe Outlet in Madison Wisconsin. The owner of the store was Neil Moldenhauer. He was a 29-year-old man who took out a bank loan to open his dream shoe store.

famous footwear-minIn 1979 Brian Cook, who started as a stock boy, became President of Famous Footwear. The store had changed names in 1964, when the second store was opened. It became Famous Footwear. The second store opened in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Today they are known as a champion in shoe trends as well as a forerunner in shoe fashion. They are currently owned by the St. Louis company Brown Shoe Company. In 2010, there were more than 1,125 stores across the country.

The company today is more of a traditional shoe store but they still are a leader in the distribution of closeout branded goods.

In the ensuing decades, Famous gradually moved to a more-traditional markup structure based upon the bulk purchase of current goods, while remaining a leading distributor of closeout branded merchandise. As of 2012 the company had stated that their long-term goal was to add another 400-500 stores.

Direct Competitors

Famous Footwear has two direct competitors, Footlocker and Shoe Carnival. However, they both cater to much more casual shoes whereas Famous Footwear has casual and formal shoes for the entire family.

Famous Footwear Job Opportunities

Known as one the leading shoe stores in North America, their locations are usually inside shopping malls. They have also expanded to suburban shopping centers.

If you are looking for a job you will find that a lot of entry-level positions are available. However, there are also many managerial roles that are for career professionals.

Most of the job opportunities with Famous Footwear require regular interaction with customers as well as minor manual labor, including stocking products and retrieving merchandise from backroom storage areas.

An applicant who can demonstrate their love of footwear as well as interpersonal skills would be the ideal candidate for most positions in the company. The same is true for both entry level and managerial roles.

Employees of Famous Footwear get paid training and ongoing career development to help them be their best selves at their jobs. There are also possibilities of career advancement in the corporate offices and in other avenues in the shoe store industry.

Positions and Salary Information

The majority of the jobs open are for entry-level employment opportunities. However, you can also find positions for in-store managers. Keep in mind that to be eligible for a career in management you must have some previous experience.

Famous Footwear is looking for people who are passionate about customer service and shoes.

Sales Associate: These positions are usually centered around customer service and cashiering.

The main duties of a sale associate are:

  • Greet customers
  • Explain promotions and sales
  • Offer advice on products
  • Complete transactions at store sales counters.

Additionally, sales associate candidates should have great communication skills. They should also be great with computers and have a great deal of knowledge of shoes and fashion. Sales associates can work full-time or part-time it all depends on the scheduling needs of the location.

You will need to be able to work weekends, night and possibly holidays if needed. The wages for this position usually start at $8.00 for the entry-level positions and rise to $9.00 or $10.00 over time.

Stock Associates: This is a manual labor job which is more independent work.

Responsibilities include:

  • stocking out merchandise
  • unloading shipments from delivery trucks
  • visual merchandising
  • some customer interaction

You should be able to stand for long period of time and perform manual labor like lifting and bending. Schedules for this positon are usually erratic. The schedules available often place workers in shifts before, during, and after hours.

A stock associate can earn a similar wage to a sales associate. Starting at $8.00 and rising to $10.00 or so with experience.

Management- There are regional and district managerial career options as well as store-level supervisory jobs.

These positions include assistant managers who act as shift supervisors.

Their duties include:

  • directly handle scheduling
  • training of entry-level workers
  • supervision of entry-level workers

Where as store managers handle more administrative duties ranging from:

  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Reporting sales figures
  • Ordering merchandise
  • Ensuring store growth and prosperity.

If a store is busy managers can also assist sales associates and stock associates. Most managerial jobs are full-time but assistant managers can also be part-time.

The average hourly pay for assistant managers is $11.00 an hour. Store managers earn annual salary options falling between $35,000 and $40,000.

Tips for Applying Online

You can still apply for employment at Famous Footwear in person but you can also do it online. They have an online employment website that is hosted by Brown Shoes. However, it is better to apply for entry-level positions directly with a store manager in the store you want to work in.

You can call or check on your application status, but you should wait at least 2 weeks before doing so. They usually take a week or more to contact people applying for entry-level positions. Remember following up shows dedication and determination but doing so too much could annoy busy managers.

Why Work at Famous Footwear

Working at this shoe store has a lot of great perks.

They offer employees the following based on their level of employment:

  • competitive base pay and salary
  • discounts on merchandise to most individuals regardless of employment status
  • medical, dental, and vision plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • stock purchase plans
  • education assistance
  • paid vacation and holidays
  • sick time
  • disability insurance

Final Thoughts

Famous Footwear understands feet and gives customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Imagine working for a store that is so accommodating to its clients. Filling out a Famous Footwear application can be the first step for you to become a part of the team.

Remember applicants should dress up in appropriate, business-casual attire or wear something purchased at the retailer as conversation pieces and to demonstrate keen fashion sense. This will help you get noticed in your interview.