Dillard’s Careers & Online Employment Forms

With 330 locations across twenty-eight states, Dillard’s is a chain of mid-range department stores located in the United States. The headquarters is in Little Rock, Arkansas. Florida and Texas are where the majority of the locations are found. The company continues to expand and compete with some of the largest department stores in the U.S.

Today I’m going to show you how to fill out the Dillard’s application so you can start a career here. First, though, let’s take a look at the company’s history so you can understand and showcase a strong knowledge of the company.

The Company’s History and Expansion

Dillard’s began as a department store in 1938 when it was founded by William T. Dillard. Since this opening, the corporate headquarters hasn’t moved from its location at the eastern edge of Little Rock’s Riverdale area. Many o the executives and directors of the company are members of the Dillard family.

The original five and dime store that Dillard owned was sold to fund the development of a store in Texarakana. At this point, he was the minority partner in Wooten & Dillard. In 1956 he led an investment group that acquired the Mayer & Schmidt store in Tyler, Texas.

Continued expansion happened until 1969 when the company went public on the American Stock Exchange. After that, the company became an anchor for suburban shopping malls. During the 1970s the company expanded by opening new locations within smaller cities in the state of Texas.

In 1971, five stores were acquired from Fedway which is a division of Federated Department Stores. They were rebranded as Dillard’s in 1972. During the 1980’s, the company purchased a variety of local chains. Over thirty stores were acquired. Expansion continued through acquisition until the late 1990’s. The last acquisition was Mercantile in 2001. dillards-storefront

The company had a credit card operation until 2004 that ran under the name Dillard’s National Bank. It was sold to GE Money Bank. Customer these days can now sign up for Dillard’s/American Express cards as well as the traditional card. You can use these cards at any store that accepts American Express.

In 2005, a new store opened at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia. Dillard’s continues to expand today by adding stores in various locations. The largest store is 365,000 square feet in size. It’s located at the Scottsdale Fashion Square which is an enclosed super-regional mall in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There is also a flagship store at the upscale Northpark Center in the Dallas area, which is 299,000 square feet in size. The East Coast region has a flagship store in the MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia. This location is 260,000 square feet in size.

In some of the upper scale locations where another store existed before the merger, there are two Dillard’s locations in the same mall. One for men, one for women. In these instances, the locations are in distant anchor locations on either side of the mall.

Today’s Dillard’s is one of the largest fashion retailers. The company is all about offering style and value across clothing, cosmetics, and home selections. Next, let’s take a look at the company’s hiring process.

Direct Competitors

Other department stores are easy to come by, but competition among them is fierce. Once you’re finished applying here, the next step is to check out Sears which can also be found in mall locations. From there, head over to our page on Nordstrom. Finally, the best place to go for your next employment form is JCPenney.

Dillard’s Application Online

The two key skills of any Dillard’s employee are an energetic personality and great customer service skills. The most commonly available positions are the ones that involved stocking, customer assistance, and sales associate. Once you start working with Dillard’s the company also has continued education programs to ensure you rise in the ranks.

There are also opportunities for those with additional experience in management positions. The minimum age requirement is 18-years-old. Entry-level positions don’t require any experience, just a willingness to work and abide by the standards of Dillard’s.

To start the process, head online or into the store to fill out the forms. If you wish to do the online employment forms, check out the Dillard’s career page. As always, be sure to fill out everything with complete accuracy. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

A major factor in the process is your availability. If you show an open willingness to work as much as possible, the company will see you as more of an asset and therefore wish to hire you. In short, a flexible schedule makes it far more likely for the company to hire you.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, all you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to work. That, plus a Dillard’s application, is all you need to start a career with this massive and ever-growing company. Thanks for reading, and best of luck in your career!