CVS Careers & Employment Information

The thing that I love about CVS is how you can find just about anything there. They have all the trappings of a typical drug store, plus a pharmacy, a photo development area, chips, snacks, literally everything. I had a location across from where I worked and I shopped there so often that one of the guys working there knew me by name.

It’s one of those places that always comes to mind when you need something odd and random, but you need it quick. Well, lucky for you the process of applying is about as simple as buying a soda from one of their locations. Read on as we explore the history of the company, how you can fill out a CVS application, and what salary and benefits you can expect.

A History and Examination of the Company

A recent addition to the company’s title now has this chain of American retailers labeled as CVS Health. This health care company has over 7,700 locations branded under a pharmacy name, Longs Drug stores, MinuteClinic, and their website. The headquarters are located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, including the other brands that it runs.

In 2014, CVS Health ranked 35th in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies. The same list centered in the US had it place 12th.

In either list, it was the largest company that had its operations entirely in the United States. Originally, the name stood for “Consumer Value Stores” but the former CEO, Thomas Ryan, has said that he considers it to stand for “Convenience, Value, and Service.”

The company opened its first store in 1963. It was founded by two brothers named Stanley and Sidney Goldstein. In addition, another founder by the name of Ralph Hoagland was also involved in the company’s roots.

They began selling health and beauty products, expanding into 17 stores by 1964. In 1969 CVS was sold to the Melville Corporation, but they had 100 stores in New England and the Northeast United States by 1970.

cvsWith the recent brand change to CVS Health, the company released some information on their website about the reasons for the change.

The name is supposed to represent a refocus on the health of their customers. There’s a focus on providing people with items that benefit their health, be it medicine, advice, or anything in between.

In addition, the company announced that it will no longer be carrying cigarettes or tobacco products in their CVS/Pharmacy stores. In addition, the company is also launching a personalized program to help Americans quit smoking across the nation.

I’ll be honest, it gives me chills to write that, knowing that a single company of massive influence has decided to forego millions of dollars in profit for the sake of helping people stop smoking. I’ve always admired CVS Health, but knowing this, I would be proud to work for them.

Direct Competitors

The drug store market has its fair share of players. Once you’ve finished applying to CVS Health, check out our article on Walgreens.

When you’re done with that, you can move on to Rite Aid for another opportunity in this industry. You can also check out something a little different by applying to Dollar General.

CVS Application Online

If you’re at least sixteen years old and you’re interested in working for CVS Health (you should be) the process is quite simple to apply. You have your choice of going online to the company website, or stopping in the store to fill out an employment form by hand. Whether you decide to go into the store or apply online, a few tips will apply:

  • Fill out the form with absolute accuracy
  • When applying in store, use blue or black ink and write slowly to avoid mistakes
  • Bring a resume and cover letter into the store (even if you applied online)

CVS Health responds to applicants quickly, faster than most other companies in fact. The entry-level positions do include training, but having some kind of relevant experience will elevate you above other candidates.

If there is a need for new associates, you may be called or asked to come in for an interview on the same day you apply.

This brings up a good point about stopping into the store. If the location is hiring, the manager is more likely to do a spur of the moment interview if the candidate is standing right in front of them.

If you were the person who applied online, you may lose out because someone else stopped into the store. Show up dressed in professional attire and be ready for anything. That’s the best advice I can give as someone who has been spot-interviewed on numerous occasions.

Job Positions and Salary Information

A major merger in 2007 between CVS Health and Caremark RX made this one of the largest pharmacy/drug store chains in the United States.

There are always new part-time opportunities presenting themselves in the wide variety of locations. Depending on your level of experience, there are several job positions that you can fill.

Below are a few examples with some salary information to go along with each one:

1. Sales Associate

In this entry-level position, you will work on cash registers, stock and organize shelves, and answer customer questions. This position is part-time and requires a flexible schedule to succeed in this career. This position begins at minimum wage with potential to earn upwards of $9.00 per hour.

 2. Pharmacy Careers

A basic level pharmacy technician doesn’t require any advanced schooling. Great customer service skills and computer knowledge will be all that’s required. A high school diploma and possibly a certification is all that’s needed in terms of education. This position is usually

full-time and pays between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour.

3 .Management

In addition to these career opportunities, management positions are available to those who rise the ranks or enter with expanded experience. There are several tiers of management that earn hourly pay and eventually lead into an annual salary. As a store manager, you can expect to earn up to or above $60,000 per year.

Job Benefits and Final Thoughts

For individuals that are interested in working with the company, there are a number of benefits you can look forward to as you grow with the company:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Paid Training
  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Employee Stock Purchase Programs
  • Vacation and Paid time off
  • Education reimbursement

In terms of my final thoughts, I think it’s important to remember that a company’s culture should be something that resonates with you and your beliefs. If you’re someone who firmly believes in helping people quit smoking and bettering the health of all those around you, this company is perfect for you.

The refocused culture that targets personal health is step in the right direction for the company. No longer should drug stores sell cigarettes and tobacco as those things betray the very concepts they stand for. You can be proud to work for a company like this knowing that they have the health of their customers in mind.

Health is a subjective term, and while some people have their preferences on how they conduct their personal health, it’s important to provide healthy options and medicine to those who need it.

CVS Health is a quality company that could benefit greatly from hiring someone like yourself, so head online and fill out the CVS application today.