Cracker Barrel Online Employment Form

For me, Cracker Barrel holds a whole lot of good memories. I know some people might find its southern style, comfort food, old-fashioned general store approach a little off-putting, but to those people I say: whatever. I love this restaurant. Every time we went on vacation my dad would insist that we stop at one on our way to whatever destination was chosen that year. I think about that food and I tear up at the same time that my mouth starts watering, so I just start leaking all over my face.

Sorry, a little much information there. Let’s talk about the Cracker Barrel application and what opportunities await you in this unique and fun restaurant/gift store. One more thing though, you have to try their chicken and dumpling, oh lawd those are something straight from heaven, I tell you what! Alright, let’s get into this before I ditch my computer and run full spring to the nearest location.

Company Overview & History

Cracker Barrel is an American chain of restaurants that also include gift stores, all of which is wrapped in a southern country theme. The company was founded by Dan Evins in 1969 with the first location being in Lebanon, Tennessee which has remained the company’s headquarters to this day. The first stores in the company were located near highway exits in the Southeastern and Midwestern US, but they have since expanded across the country during the 90’s and 2000’s.

The Cracker Barrel menu features southern cuisine and a design to each of the locations that calls to mind the overall theme. The interior when you walk in is designed to look like a classic general store. The front of the buildings always have these rocking chairs on the porch and when you walk inside you’re in a little gift shop that sells everything from vintage candy and soda, to country albums and children’s toys.

cracker barrelCracker Barrel is known for partnering with country music performers and for their charitable activities which include assistance for injured war veterans and aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina when that storm swept through the South. Once the company had been established by Dan Evins in 1969 it was originally focused on a concept of improving gasoline sales. They first restaurant was built near Interstate 40 and served biscuits, grits, country ham, and turnip greens.

Dan Evins incorporated Cracker Barrel in February of 1970 and opened more locations soon after. The early locations all featured gas pumps on-site but during the gasoline shortages in the late 70’s locations started to pop up without the pumps. The company became publicly traded in 1981 to raise money to continue the expansion.

A final note about the menu and the style since these are very important to the company. The menu today consists of southern-themed comfort food and the locations are still built near interstate highway systems, which is probably why my Dad always wanted to stop at one on family trips. Also, each table has this thing called peg solitaire and it’s a little game you can play and buy in the gift shop that I’m horrible at.

My girlfriend however showed me how to win the game in a matter of seconds, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw how simple it was. All those years of playing it as a kid on family trips and she just conquers it like Genghis Khan. No hesitation, no remorse. This place sounds great though, doesn’t it? Let’s see how you can get yourself a job here!

Direct Competitors

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Cracker Barrel Application Online

It all begins on the careers page of the Cracker Barrel website. From here, you can select the type of career you’re looking to start with the company. You can apply online or in-person to begin the process. While having previous restaurant experience helps, the biggest thing that hiring managers will be looking for in a prospective employee is a team-oriented attitude and a friendly personality. Having this traits and expressing them in the interview can easily earn you a position.

Once you’ve submitted your employment form either online or in person, speak with the hiring manager to introduce yourself, or follow-up after a few days over the phone. Within two weeks, you should have some sort of answer if not within a couple of days. Remember not to pester the management, but a nice follow-up in person or over the phone is always appreciated.

Positions and Salary Options

1. Servers

This is a great position to start as it allows you to work in the front-of-the-house and act as a conduit between the company and its guests. Through your skills and your positive attitude, customers will leave with a smile on their faces. Tips are the big draw here, and although you may need to do some light cleaning, this is a customer focused position. With gratuities added in, you can expect to earn anywhere from $8.00 to $12.00 per hour.

2. Host/Hostess

This is the first line of defense, the person who first greets customers and brings them to their tables, a very important position indeed. You will occasionally perform extra duties like pouring coffee writing menu specials, or maintaining a clean environment for guests as well. This will net you minimum wage when you first start, and can earn up to $9.00 per hour once you gain tenure.

3. Retail

This one caught you off guard, didn’t it? Well someone’s got to run the store in the front of the restaurant, so you can have an opportunity to work there as well. This is fully a customer service role, putting you face to face with guests and customers. You will maintain the store floor, restock shelves, and answer questions. This position will start you out around minimum wage, with opportunities to go higher with raises and promotions.

4. Cashier

The cashier aspect of the business has you ringing out customers for both meals and for in-store purchases. For this position, you’ll need to have some solid math skills and quick reflexes as you will be ringing out everyone that comes through the store or the restaurant. This is a great entry-level position though and offers great experience. You’ll start out around minimum wage, but experienced people can earn higher pay.

Benefits When Working with The Company

Here is a comprehensive list of benefits you can expect to see. Some come with tenure, others are instantly available.

  • Weekly Paychecks
  • Flexible Schedule Options
  • Complimentary Uniforms
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Stock Purchase Plans
  • 50% Meal Discounts
  • Opt-in Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Vacation
  • Growth opportunities up to the Corporate Level

I love eating at Cracker Barrel, and with such a strong focus on travelers and regulars, it’s a great place to work as well. If you’re looking for a rewarding career, fill out your Cracker Barrel application today either on the career page of the website, or in person. Best of luck to you with your career!