Careers & Employment at Citi Trends

Clothing stores come in an almost infinite number of varieties. Whether it’s exclusive brands, a specific focus, or a twist on fashion, these stores are all over the place. So, what makes Citi Trends different?

As it turns out, when you look beyond the surface, there’s plenty to notice that isn’t noticeable from a distance. That’s how it is with most clothing stores, you have to dig deeper to see what makes them truly unique.

So, now that I’ve got you interested in a Citi Trends application, let’s find out more about the company, what positions they offer, and what benefits you can expect.

An Overview of Citi Trends

Citi Trends began in 1958 in the city of Savannah, Georgia. It was originally named “Allied Department Stores” but the name was changed in 2000 and became widespread by 2001. As of today, the company operates over 500 stores in 29 states. The types of clothing they sell are discounted and targeted towards urban customers.

In May 2005 the company went public and started trading on the Nasdaq exchange under the CTRN symbol. The company’s headquarters currently resides in Roland, Oklahoma. The chain of stores carries clothing under the following brands:

  • Rocawear
  • Trukfit
  • Akoo
  • Coogi
  • Hustle Gang
  • Akademiks
  • Play Cloths
  • Hudson
  • Nike
  • Jordan
  • Billionare Boys Club
  • Jewel House
  • Born Fly
  • Levis
  • 8732
  • Wichester
  • Pink Dolphin
  • Blvd
  • Reebok
  • Adidas
  • Fila
  • Post game
  • Staple

CititrendsThe goal of the company is to provide value priced fashion apparel in addition to shoes, accessories, and home decor.

The brands that the company carries are discounted up to 70% from their normal prices in a mall or department store. With over 1600 vendors, Citi Trends is also always updating and tweaking their catalogue of options.

All it takes is a quick glance at the website to see the value in the discounts they offer. With shoes for less than $20 and a variety of accessories and outfits for the same or less, selling products when working for this company will be a breeze. Let’s find out how you can apply and what positions to look forward to.

Direct Competitors

There are numerous stores that offer discounted brand name clothing. To increase your chances of being hired try applying to Ross as well.

Once you’re finished there, check out in-depth article on TJ Maxx which is another discount clothing store. Once you’ve finished with these look to Macy’s for unique fashion and great prices.

Citi Trends Application Online

The process of applying to Citi Trends begins with a visit to the careers page of the website. From here you can search for job openings by providing a location and keywords based on what you’re looking for.

Before you start the online forms you’ll need to first create an account with a username and password.

You can use your social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn to fill in the required information for the account.

This is a great opportunity to give yourself an edge, especially if your Google+ or LinkedIn accounts are professionally oriented and up-to-date. LinkedIn is especially a great choice and if you don’t have one already, you can make one for free and essentially have an updated history of your experience and skills.

The online forms are fairly self-explanatory. You will need to be certain that information you provide is accurate as you fill out these forms.

Remember that experience is great, but there are entry-level options as well, so don’t sweat it if this is your first job. In most cases you will also find a number of assessments that are simple questionnaires for you to answer.

It will usually be between one and three weeks before you hear back about your employment. This contact is usually made via phone. You should also check in within a few days of applying though to introduce yourself in person and showcase your interest in the company. Attaching a face to the name is one of the best tactics you can employ as a potential candidate.

Citi Trends gets more submissions that I would care to estimate, so standing out from the crowd is one of the foremost goals you should have in mind after you’ve submitted your online employment forms. Now, let’s examine some of the positions you can expect to be offered and the general salary information they include.

Job Positions and Salary Information

As with any retail position, you need to showcase the ability to provide knowledge and information about the products that Citi Trends carries.

You should also be ready to discuss and show your work ethic and your dedication to quality results and great customer service. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door of the retail industry, this is a great place to start.

Many people walk away from a job with Citi Trends having gained significant amounts of experience that they can use in other retail positions. In other cases, people will rise in the ranks of the company and never leave, only go up the ladder. Here are some of the positions and what they entail:

1. Sales Associate

For this position all you’ll need is a high school diploma or a GED to be considered for employment. Since this is an entry level position, you won’t need to possess any previous work experience, but it will help if you’re someone with a flexible schedule.

In addition, having strong math, computer, and communication skills is a major bonus for anyone seeking this position.

The starting pay for such a position is around minimum wage and can go up to $9.00 per hour with raises and experience. This is the perfect position for someone who is looking to gain valuable experience or possibly rise up in the ranks to a manager position.

2. Manager

The manager positions with Citi Trends are similar to the sales associate ones in the sense that they require all of the basic skills and experience to be in place.

You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for this position. You will also need to showcase strong leadership skills and the ability to delegate tasks to other coworkers and associates.

This position requires you to hire and screen new employees when the need arises. You will process payroll each period and handle the opening/closing procedures of each day. It’s certainly a lot of responsibilities, which is why the salary and benefits are more robust than the entry level position.

When you reach the assistant manager position, you can make up to $12.00 per hour. The store manager position will offer you salary options of up to $50,000 or more each year. Benefits include discounts on products, healthcare coverage, and retirement plans.

Final Thoughts

These stores carry a huge amount of clothing other fashion items in a variety of brands. Ensuring that customers are taken care of and product is displayed in a neat and organized fashion will be the primary focus on your day-to-day work with Citi Trends.

In addition to all of this, you will also be submersed in a fast-paced environment, surrounded by top notch clothing brands that are being sold for a fraction of their usual price.

It’s exciting to work in a place like this because people will be happy to shop there and experience the various deals and discounts. Constant interaction with people of all kinds is also a bonus, allowing you to meet and learn about a wide range of customers. All it takes is a Citi Trends application and you can be on your way to success!