Chase Careers & Online Employment Forms

JPMorgan Chase Bank, more convieniently abbreviated as simply Chase,is a national bank that is a subsidiary of the multinational corporation known as JPMorgan Chase. Prior to merging with the corporation, it was previously known as Chase Manhattan Bank. Today we’re going to look at this bank’s history and hiring process so you can start a rewarding career.

It all begins with the Chase application, which will act as the gateway into your new career. Working in a bank can be an incredibly lucrative job with almost limitless opportunities for growth. Let’s find out how you can start your new career!

The Company’s History

Chase has over 5,100 branches and 16,100 ATMs across the United States. As of 2014 the company had a total of 265,359 employees. The parent company, JPMorgan operates in over 100 countries. In total, the company has assets worth 2.6 trillion dollars!

Even though Chase is a subsidiary, it is still one of the Big Four Banks in the United States. All of this started back on September 1st, 1799 when Aaron Burr founded the company in a house located at 40 Wall Street. Hard to imagine that was once someone’s address, isn’t it?

The bank has a rivalry with Alexander Hamilton’s Bank of New York. After a famous duel where Hamilton lost his life (intense!) the Bank of Manhattan essentially won the feud.

Eventually, this bank would merge with Chase National bank which began in 1877 when it was founded by John Thompson. The name came from a former United States Treasury Secretary named Salmon P. Chase. It immediately started acquiring other banks in the 1920’

The first major acquisition was the Equitable Trust Company of New York in 1930. The largest stock holder here was John D. Rockefeller Jr. As a result, Chase became the largest bank in the world at the time.

Chase and The Manhattan Company merged in 1955 to create the Chase Manhattan Bank. In July of 1996, the Chemical Bank of New York purchased Chase Manhattan Bank and later purchased J.P. Morgan & Co. in the year 2000. This was one of the largest mergers to date in the U.S.

A subsequent merger in 2004 with Bank One made Chase the largest credit card issuer in the United States. Further acquisitions over the years have solidified Chase’s standing as one of the world’s largest banks.

Direct Competitors

Banking jobs offer a lot of upward movement through the company. When you’re finished here, check out our page on Bank of America. If you’d like something a little more retail oriented, try Target for a customer service focused career. Finally, you could always apply to a fast-paced food service company like Chick-Fil-A.

Chase Application Online

The careers page on the Chase website has a phenomenal step-by-step process that outlines their hiring methods. To help you understand it and provide a convenient method of learning about the process, I’ve detailed it below.

Step One – Gather your information regarding education, past employers, addresses, and your LinkedIn information. Don’t have a LinkedIn? I suggest creating one as it can help you with not only this job, but any others you pursue. Find a quiet place and prepare to set up your profile and fill out the online forms.

Step Two – Once you’ve submitted your forms, a representative of the company will contact you if your skills match what they’re looking for. At this point, they may also set up an interview date. At any point you can also log into your account to see the status of your application.

Step Three – This is when an initial interview will take place over the phone. A human resources representative will ask you several questions to determine your eligibility for the position. The Chase website has an interview preparation page with sample questions if you’d like to study.

Step Four – The next step will call for an in-person interview at the branch location where you will potentially work. Depending on the position, you may be asked to do several interviews before an answer is decided.

Step Five – Once the interviews are finished, the internal hiring management will begin deciding on someone to hire for the position. During this phase, you should absolutely reach out and check with the manager of the branch to showcase your enthusiasm.

Step Six – Congratulations, you’ve been chosen to work at Chase! The company does have some pre-employment  things you will need to handle. For starters there will be a background check, followed by fingerprint processing. A Drug screening will be done as well, along with extra items depending on the position.

Final Thoughts

A Chase application is the ticket to a career with one of the largest banks in the world. With a knowledge of the company’s history and its hiring process, you have everything you need to head over and fill out the forms! Best of luck to you in your new career.